Monday, October 3, 2016

It's All About Me

Hmmmm....Let me save you some time and tell you how this one is going to go.  Steve Young is great.  Coaches and former players say how great Steve Young is.  Steve Young tells us how great Steve Young is because after all this is what he does.  Steve has a good story of how he went from the USFL to the NFL and eventually toiled behind Joe Montana before winning his own Super Bowl.  Steve Young was a really really good QB in one of the best systems of all time, but he was also extremely overrated.  His gaudy Super Bowl numbers came against possibly worst AFC Champion of all time in that San Diego Chargers team.  This guy is just hard to root for or support because of his hall of fame ego.  Watch Steve break down QB's on television and just for kicks see if you can find a segment where he does not insert a "back when I played" statement into his analysis.  Nobody outside of die hard 49er fans care Steve.  Go ahead and tell the public how great you could have been if not sitting behind the Greatest QB of all time for those years.  You were lucky to be in that organization at the time when they were one of the leagues premier franchises or you would be lucky to get a commercial selling used cars in a small town.  So be sure to tune in Friday at 9pm because Steve Young is great...if you don't believe it just ask him.
Wes "theShow"