Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Death of Fantasy Football

A friend of mine pours the last few drops from the pitcher of beer sitting on the table.  Here we are chillin' out at the local establishment drafting our annual fantasy football team.  Sure we play for a few bucks, but in reality we'd play for fun and have no issues with that at all because it is about something bigger than money.  It's about bragging rights...its' about me beating you...head to head, man to man, you are a chump if you think you can take me kinda action.  Well, it used to be that way...now fantasy football is becoming a way to make a living.  It's becoming non stop ads for fan duel and draft kings showing dudes wearing snap back hats and dress shirts holding giant checks like the ones seen in Happy Gilmore and Publishers Clearing House commercials.   No longer can you watch some fantasy football show on Sunday morning without getting your daily fantasy football advice.  When you listen to XM Fantasy Sports radio regardless of the program they are all sponsored by the daily sports companies that promote how "easy" it is to get your piece of the action.  In fact most of the advice now centrals around daily and not towards the game that we started playing so many years ago.  FF has become an industry dominated by professional gamblers.  Money may not be the root of all evil but it is ushering in the death of fantasy football as we know it.  I have researched the names of the guys that win these big tournaments and most of them are gamblers.  One guy getting ready for a million dollar tournament with a $5 buy in per team bragged about the 3 grand he dropped building different teams using different scenarios.  Sure, this does not guarantee that he will win, but it sorta defeats the purpose of putting in an entry to go against these gamblers.  Think about it this way...if he gets money and you don't did he beat you at "fantasy football" or did he manipulate a numbers game...a system that promotes overwhelming statistical probability over simply building a better lineup than your opponent?  In closing I am not saying don't play daily.  There are leagues out there that are harder to find that limits the number of entries.   Just don't be fooled to think that it's a fair process or in the spirit of what we know to be fantasy football.  Gotta run, a new pitcher is on the way over and the wings are coming out.

Wes Ramsey