Monday, March 2, 2015

Break Time...

We are going to take a little break until the NFL draft gets a bit closer then we will begin to break that down.  We have a history of giving you insight on the new kids coming into the league that has paid off during the fantasy football stay tuned.  While everyone talks Winston and Mariota we'll be looking at that 5th round running back that could boost your team to a championship.  This summer we will do our yearly "New Faces In New Places" article.  In this piece we let you in on what we know about how new players on new teams will increase or decrease their fantasy value.  

Many of your are gearing up for Fantasy Baseball.  I may post a mock draft here soon or a link to a trusted source...but that will likely be the only coverage we give to the sport this season unless we have someone step forward wanting to do some baseball writing.  At this point I just don't have the time or resources to get that done.  Until next time...

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