Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rolling Out Week 10


Reading stupid tabloid news about the Cowboys in London this morning and on top of that about Dez having police called to his house X number of times over the past 6 years.  Number one this is not news!  Cowboys miss curfew while in London.  Ok, you are playing the Jags, you are in London and want to see the sights or even party in the city...what's the problem?!  These are grown men not some group at summer camp.  As far as the news regarding Dez Bryant, big surprise he is not a model citizen, again not news!  I get tired of the ESPN and in this case the NFL Network tabloid machine.  Spare me!  I blast these guys on twitter every chance I get and you should do the same.  They do read the tweets so let them hear it when they come off like irresponsible jerks/TMZ reporters. 

Week 10 actual player and game notes:

Fred Jackson is looking to play today...I hope he does well because God knows we don't want to be considering starting Anthony Dixon again. 

Sammy Watkins will probably play as well and we have every reason to believe his second half will continue to be great when it comes to fantasy numbers.  Orton remains the QB because he simply gets Sammy the ball. 

I think Tre Mason continues his quest to make that Rams RB job his own today at the Cards.  I don't think a lot of people will start him today, but he is a good RB 2 this week with heavy upside.  Think about you actually think they let Austin Davis throw more than about 20 times vs that Cardinals secondary? 

Start your Falcons...Julio and Roddy should be in full effect today along with Matty Ice.  If you have been patient with your Falcons today is the day they pay you back vs a miserable Bucs squad. 

No one knows everything...the question that bugs me the most today.  Russell Wilson or Mark Sanchez?....these are the questions that keep me up at night. Head says Sanchez simply because they will run more plays.  Gut says Wilson is due vs a beat up Giants secondary. 

Charles Sims going to get his first run today with the Bucs, but Rainey makes a nice underrated start vs the Falcons at home.  I will be watching Sims closely, because he has the skills to take that job by the start of next year and make some good spot plays the rest of the way if he has a grip on the playbook.

Did you have Andy Dalton or J.Hill or M.Sanu in your lineups on Thursday.  If so you are already behind the 8 ball so if you can make lineup adjustments today you need to go all upside.  Some upside players I like this week include Percy Harvin, Jordan Matthews, Mike Evans, Martavis Bryant(ride the lightning until it burns out) and my favorite upside play of the day is Justin Hunter.  Hunter is only going to get better with Mettenberger at the helm in Tennessee.  Sure you risk a big fat 2 catch for 30 yard day but it's a heck of a lot better than throwing some RB out there from a bad team that may get you 50 yds and no TD.  Go for the for that long touchdown catch and big day which could overcome that slow start.  A loss is a loss so don't be safe...go out swinging. 

Good Luck today. 
Wes "theShow"

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