Sunday, November 2, 2014

Carnage and byes as we enter Week 9

This morning's bullet points...

Tony Romo is out with back fractures. (hello Brandon Weeden)

Gio Bernard is out. (interested in seeing Jeremy Hill as a feature)

Redskins bus in a wreck this morning.  RG3's career starting to look like a bus crash.

Rams head to SF for another beating.  I look back to all the Brees and Favre comparisons for Davis when he had a couple early good games...yeah whatever! Looking to 2015 draft already. 

Pats have the home field and the weather in their favor today for their match up with the Broncos.  It's all set up for them to win, they have to get it done.  I don't think it matters that much either way for the Broncos at this point in the season. 

Lots of byes today...good luck plugging the holes and getting it done today!   

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