Sunday, October 12, 2014


NFL week six is here and most managers are starting to get a glimpse of what this fantasy season will bring.  In seasonal leagues you have your 4-1 teams and your 3-2 teams where the future looks bright for your squad.  You also have your 2-3 teams where with a win you are back in business.  Then you have a ton of teams at 1-4 where panic may be setting in.  Take advise from Aaron Rodgers and "RELAX".  At 1-4 you are not even close to being out of playoff contention. The simple answer is to start off with a few wins and go from there.  If you are 1-4 you can still conceivably lose 2 more games and still get into the playoffs at 7-6 where 6 or more teams get into the playoff field.  If you finish 7-6 you most likely will need a good point total to help you out with tie breakers so always go for the big number.  If you only lose one more and fiinish 8-5 you have a really good chance of finishing within the top 6 and getting in.  For you late bloomers in this fantasy season don't be afraid to look for upside and take some chances and go for that big number.  For example, this week you would rather play and upside guy like Justin Hunter vs the Jags in your flex spot and hope for the long TD over a goal line running back that may get you that 6 points but not much else.  Take chances...go with your gut and live with the outcome.  Whatever you do go down fighting and with your own calls rather than letting some guy on TV tell you who to play and when to play them.  For those of you in keeper leagues...if your team starts to go down the toilet there is always next season and no it is never too early to be thinking next season because building a keeper or dynasty league team to its potential is a year round endeavor.  Good luck in week 6.

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