Friday, October 17, 2014

Harvin Jettisoned

The Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the Jets today for a six pack of Red Bull and a bag of magic beans.  Details are sketchy at best right now but Percy must have been a handful in the locker room to cause this kinda\ of deal to go down amidst the Hawks drive to repeat.  Percy is not having a great year after his incredible game in the Super Bowl. This is Russell Wilsons team, but Percy is an X-factor and will be missed.  I am sure we will hear all the gory details in the coming days about why this happened mid season.  I actually like this for his fantasy value and think he could be more valuable with the Jets.  Geno needs weapons outside of Decker.  Russell Wilson uses the entire field and spreads the ball around.  In NY Percy may find more footballs coming his way and with the Jets giving up more points than the Seahawks he should see more return opportunities as well.  For fantasy purposes I like the deal, but as for real football, it doesn't make a lot of sense right now.  Percy is only 26 and has some good years left.  Whatever he did, it must have been hurting chemistry.  Hawks loss is Geno and the Jets gain. 
Wes "theShow"

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