Monday, September 22, 2014

Views From the Arm Chair - Wk 3

Monday's View from the Arm Chair
They say hindsight is 20/20.  When it comes to fantasy football looking back on decisions you made or didn't make can drive any manager crazy.  I had my own Captain Hindsight moment when I pulled Rashad Jennings from my lineup, who at the time was a talent mired in Giant mediocrity and inserted newly crowned starter Alfred Blue starting in the wake of an Arian Foster hammy pull.  Speaking of that you'd think the Texans would be smart enough to not give Arian Nation such a ridiculous work load the first two weeks of the season.  I blame the coaching staff for his have other backs there to lessen the load and keep your stud on the field yet you can't help but to run the guy into the ground.  Now back to me pulling Rashad Jennings.  Of course, Rashad goes off to the tune of 171 yds and a touch while Alfred may as well have been batman's butler with a pedestrian effort of under 100 yds and no TD.  That singular decision lost me the league this week.  Now that you know I am feeling your pain let's look at a few games and lineup decisions from Week 3 and look forward to how we can prevent this stuff form happening again. I guess before we go on we can address this Jennings thing I pulled.  Rule number one, don't over think these things.  I get texts all the time asking me things about certain players and I preach this to my buddies because I want everyone to have success....but of course I ignore my own rule. Alfred Blue, you are dead to me!
Steelers vs Panthers
What in the Panther blue blazes is going on with Cam Newton?  How does he not torch the Steelers in the air and on the ground?  Against popular opinion I drafted Cam a few times this year as my guy because he has always proved the critics wrong. The kid is a winner and he gets the job done.  This year Cam has been average at best and now I am about to jump off the train or at least hedge my bets.  In leagues I have Cam I am looking at options like Captain Kirk Cousins and in leagues where I do not have him I am about to take a look at players like Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater as well as other options.  Bortles and his Jags offense will be behind a bunch and with an athletic group of WR's he will put up numbers even in defeat this year.  Not saying I am done with Cam, but I am definitely pumping the breaks. One more note from this good is Antonio Brown?  Love the way he plays, so explosive. 
Rams vs Cowboys
Could someone tell me why Stedman Bailey is not playing for the Rams.  He has the best hands on the team and fresh off his two game suspension he doesn't even get a catch in the game vs the Cowpokes.  We won't get into how the Rams blew that game...but it pays to have a good QB.  Sure Davis had the numbers when it comes to yards and TD's but the fact of the matter is he threw that game away with a pick 6 and when the rams had a faint chance of a come back at the end of the game.  Outside of Brian Quick and Zac Stacy this is a Rams team baron of fantasy relevance. 
Eagles vs Redskins
Ok we have already addressed that Cousins is good to go for your lineups.  But I want to ask where in the world is Riley Cooper? He's not at a Jay Z concert that's for sure, but he's not in the sights of Nick Foles either.  The eagles have ignored their WR's like they are the smelly over weight chic at the dance.  Obsessed with tossing the rock to their rb's the redskins forced them to throw the ball to someone other than the backs and Ertz and finally Jordan Matthews was allowed to shine.  After a good preseason they should have been using this kid all along...he is very talented.  He's been dropped in a ton of leagues...I drafted him heavily and gave up on him when Chip seemed to ignore the kid week one and two.  I'd grab him if you need a WR badly and see if this trend continues.  Especially in keeper leagues where he was dropped.  Back to Riley...he is waiver wire fodder at this point.  He is a good red zone weapon, but until something changes he's wasting valuable lineup space. 
Broncos vs Seahawks
Emmanuel Sanders is Peyton's guy now in the slot and Welker will be more of a token inconsistent threat from here on out having an occasional good game here and there.  I think its a smart move to keep Welker out of the middle of the field because one more hit and his brain will be scrambled for good.  Sanders went off against the Seahawks which cements him as an every week start regardless of opponent. 
Green Bay vs Detroit
How in the hell does Detroit ball like a super bowl defense at home but play like crap on the road?...the difference is staggering.  Rodgers didn't look good but he was pressured.  I am starting to worry some about Rodgers being able to carry my fantasy team like he used to.  He's still in his prime but that offense is not quite clicking.  I think they want to run the ball and be balanced, but its not happening.   Lacy is struggling and Rodgers looks like he is rushing and forcing the ball to Nelson.  Sure that is great for Nelson owners but if they don't get that running game going that only hurts Rodgers and his value.  I like Lacy and think he's gonna have a good rest of the season if they simply commit to the run.  Last year sans Rodgers they pounded Lacy and he came through.  He will again when they start using his plays as more than a token run now and then.  Quick shout down(not out) to Matthew Berry.  Mr. ESPN fantasy god has gotten extremely arrogant of late on tv and though I value much of his information he makes his calls with the tone as if we don't follow in his footsteps we are idiots.  Take yesterday when he basically said Joique Bell was a can't miss play.  Bell was average yesterday...he didn't score and Bush was the back to own in that match up.  I actually changed two lineups after listening to him go on and on about Bell.  Part of me thinks I would be better off not listening to any fantasy programming on Sunday morning outside of the active and inactive list.  Mr. Berry is falling out of favor with me because to put it bluntly of late he just has not been very good.  Any idiot knows Knile Davis can ball and is gonna be a good waiver pickup...but the hard stuff...the guy is getting it wrong just as much as he is getting it right. I am not impressed.  I wish he was in one of our leagues so I could put him in his place. Did you call Eddie Royal having any impact for the Chargers yesterday?(check my Deadshow lineup and you'll see I picked him up and played him in the flex)  Did you consider Victor Cruz could be back vs Houston?  Rodgers was going to blow up...Bell as well. I could go on, but it bores me.  Sorry Matt, no dice. 
Bills vs Chargers
If you haven't figured it out by now Fred Jackson is a great flex in pprs.  EJ Manuel checks down like a monster because he is just not all that efficient at reading defenses nor does he have down field confidence in his arm.  Jackson had ten catches yesterday and though he may not have CJ Spiller's electric speed he is the back they count on when it's time to throw the ball or need max pass pro.  When it comes to the Chargers, I am officially worried about a sophomore slump with WR Keenan Allen.  Stay tuned to this situation.  I sat him yesterday in a few leagues and was glad I did.  Hoping it's just the groin slowing him down and not a trend.
Pats vs Raiders
Did anyone see that Mcfadden 50 plus yd run for a TD that was called back that would have sent that game into OT?  Run DMC can still get it done when he is upright and is worth some consideration if you are hurting at rb and MJD continues to sit.  As for the boring and underwhelming is this offense?  Why are they not using all their weapons.  Could be that the oline sucks.  Could be that Tom has some blinders on when it comes to Edelman.  Whatever it is...outside of Ridley and Edelman I am not excited about this team when it comes to fantasy.  By the way Rod Streater broke his foot yesterday so D.Moore will get more work in the Raiders lack luster passing game.
Colts vs Jags
You on the Bradshaw bandwagon yet?  I started him in several leagues this weekend and got another TD from him. Trich didn't look bad but he didn't look spectacular either.  If you can deal it.  For now run with Bradshaw as a great flex option most weeks.  For the Jags it's now the Blake Bortles show.  Now the trick is to find out what WR's he favors.  With a talented group including Allen Robinson, Marquis Lee, Allen Hurns and Cecil Shorts someone and possibly two of these guys is gonna get the love from Bortles and become a fantasy must have.  I'd like to see Shorts and Lee on the field the most but Hurns is a viable big play threat along with the super athletic A.Rob....keep tabs on this situation.  If they can protect Blake the points are going to be there.  They will at least be worth watching.  One more note - Toby Gerhart sucks.
That's it for much more to go over, but a brotha has to work and pay them bills.  As always u can hit me up on twitter @westheshow or email me at if you want to talk lineups or anything else NFL fantasy. 
Wes "theShow"

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