Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Bird's For You

Oh my Lord the world is coming to an end and Johnny Football is a terrible person and he sucks and ESPN is having a field day because Johnny Heisman flipped the Skins bench the bird.  Well let's sit back and think about a few things and look at the reasons this may have happened.  My brother N law and I were arguing about why this happened and he kept telling me about the Skins players talking smack to J-Football and how he just lost his composure.  Hmm, I say look at the big picture here. Let's see...do you think this is the first time Johnny has heard smack talk about his play?  What do you think happened in the SEC the entire 2013 season after he won the Heisman award as a freshman?  Do you think Johnny just "flips" out on Monday night football because of a couple nobody Skins players flapping their yap.  Get serious.   Maybe John Football was "flipping" the Texas state bird to his stupid coach for having him split time with journeyman Brian Hoyer.  A kid that threw for a total of 8 touchdowns in college.  Johnny can put that up over two weekends yet Hoyer is being talked about as a possible starter.  Not to protect Johnny from an inferior offensive line or anything like that, but because Johnny can't beat Hoyer out in a man to man competition?  Get over yourself Pettine!  Seriously Coach how frustrating is that to a kid that is used to carrying the weight of his team and always getting it done?!  You draft Johnny Football and all the stuff that comes with him for a reason.  Give the kid the reigns and the freedom to play in our out of the pocket and to do his thing and watch the magic happen!  If you can't manage to do that Coach Pettine...this bird's for you! 
Wes Ramsey

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