Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dungy Drama

Sports media does not help people understand problems. Sports media is the problem. That is my thesis on the Tony Dungy drama, and just about any other big off-field issue the modern, adolescents who call themselves "sports journalists" care to get worked up about. To illustrate this undeniable truth, let's first look at what Dungy said:
“I wouldn't have taken him,” Dungy said about Michael Sam in an interview Sunday with the Tampa Tribune. “Not because I don't believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn't want to deal with all of it.”
Deal with all of what? That "it" is the big, vague pronoun, but it's not vague to me. To me, the "it" is quite obviously the immature sports media. And who would want to deal with all of their nonsense? Who would want to put up with the inane, immature questions? ("Coach, what effect has Michael Sam had in the locker room?)  What happens when Sam doesn't get enough pre-season plays? What happens if he doesn't start? What happens if he gets cut? What happens if he starts, but he sucks (he is a Ram, after all)? The sports media will be like middle school girls who can't get enough of the target du jour's business.
Forget anyone's feelings about homosexuality in the NFL, blah., blah, blah for a moment. Kudos to Dungy for having the cohones to say what he actually thinks. That makes said cohones bigger than 99% of other NFL authorities. Dungy's statement is an indictment of the modern sports media. They are too stupid to realize it, and they indict themselves further the more hysterical they get over Dungy's statement.

Contributed by Adam Kampia

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