Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Go - Go - USA!!!

In the picture above you see Clint Dempsey...a star on the world stage seconds after putting the USA men's soccer team ahead 1-0 less than 1 minutes into the USA vs Ghana match.  Despite injuries and a history of losing to the Ghana team the USA showed true grit and American blue collar work ethic outlasting their opponents 2-1 finished neatly with a goal in the 86th minute. 

With the goal came a flood of social network love for the national team.  TV networks across the country showed viewing parties and shots of our troops celebrating the win from places like Afghanistan.   With all this joy there were also detractors noting the bandwagon nature of the uprising of support.  What these people fail to realize is this is America on the world stage.  No one outside of the United States really cares about FSU winning a national college football title or the fact that the LA Kings just won the Stanley Cup.  Nor do they care about Seattle and their Legion of Boom defense.  The NBA has a more global following with people rooting for and against Lebron James, but still there is no sport with more global significance than soccer. This is your national team.  If you cannot get on board with this team as you would with our Olympic athletes then stay off the bandwagon.  Go Go USA!!!  Win or lose we ride with you. 

Wes "theShow"

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baseball: The Waiting Game

Baseball is a great game.  They say the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a major league pitch.  They also say baseball is the fastest game when the ball is in play.  Here is a Wall Street Journal article that gives some perspective on how much down time there is during a baseball game.  There's a reason why baseball players are some of the most out of shape professional athletes on the planet.  There's also a reason why more and more kids think the sport is boring due to the fact that if you are not a pitcher or catcher you are more spectator than anything else.  This is not a diss on baseball from me...again just something I ran across and was inspired to post after hearing some negative comments about the World Cup.