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NFL DRAFT 2014 - DAY 1

Cannot remember a draft that I have looked forward to more than this one.  So much talent and a bevy of underclassmen make this draft one of the deepest in recent memory.  Maybe we don't have a Luck or RG3 or even an Adrian Peterson available, but that only adds to the intrigue and indecision that all the teams are feeling right now as I type this at 7:23pm on draft night.  Not sure I will be able to comment on every pick, but I will comment on those picks and players that could have a fantasy impact in 2014 as well as some real life football breakdowns as our evening unfolds.  As always give me some thoughts on what you think of the picks.  Can't wait to see where Johnny Football, Watkins, Evans and some of the other skilled position players get drafted.  By the way....why is Boomer on ESPN hosting this show?  Months of draft talk and he is no where to be seen now the big night comes and he's gotta have his face time?  I am over Boomer...time to retire.  Let's get to it! 

1. Houston Texans select - DE Jadeveon Clowney.  Had to do it...Clowney and Watt...look out!
*not loving the snap back draft hats. 
2. STL Rams - OL Greg Robinson - the next Orlando Pace for the Rams...great ability and strength.  
3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Wow! QB Blake Bortles!!!  A face for the franchise...Balzy and I like it.  I may have taken Sammy Watkins here or Johnny, but I like it!!!  This should sell some tickets.  I love when teams do this kinda thing and shock the draft experts.
4. Cleveland Browns trade pick(move to 9) to the Buffalo Bills who take WR Sammy Watkins.  Well that will help out the young QB EJ Manuel.  Watkins explosive skill set will transfer well to the league and put some points on the board for the Bills who have just sucked for way too long.  I can see him going as early as the fifth round in fantasy and maybe 4th round in keepers.  I don't love Manuel so that is my only worry.
5. Oakland Raiders select - DE Khalil Mack.  Smart pick from the Raiders...kid is a beast.  IDP stud.
6. Atlanta Falcons - I know they are disappointed that Mack and Clowney are gone with their great need at pass rush...gonna be interesting to see what they do here.  Probably going to look at trading down or grabbing an interior lineman.  They take OT Jake Mattews.  Good pick here...keep Matty Ice upright.
7. Tampa Bay Bucs select - WR Mike Evans.  This is such a good pick. Talk about huge wide outs in Tampa.  I like Evans in the 5th-7th round in fantasy drafts.  Lovie Smith emulating what the Bears did for McCown with the giant WR's on the outside.
8. Minnesota Vikings trades it to Cleveland and they take Justin Gilbert CB out of OK ST.  Good player, but geez why didn't they take Johnny???  This one puzzles me.  This is why Cleveland has such a high alcohol consumption rate.  I can hear my buddy Aaron cursing at his television all the way from Ohio.  
9. Minnesota moves down to 9 and they select - LB Anthony Barr - the talented and versatile kid out of UCLA should be a very good pro.  I guess they go QB later.
10. Detroit Lions select - Barry Barry Barry - Barry Sanders selects stud TE Eric Ebron.  Going to be on the fantasy radar immediately as a sleeper TE in Detroit.  Just don't get why Detroit doesn't pick defense when that is their clear need.
11. Tennessee Titans select Taylor Lewan tackle.  Needed a corner, but what do I know.
12. NY Giants select Odell Beckham WR from LSU...need pick.  2nd WR they have taken out of LSU in recent years. Good pick for Eli Manning after a very poor 2013 season.  
13. STL Rams select Aaron Donald the DT out of Pitt.  Best player on the board, but think they needed secondary help.  What a defensive line they have now in STL.  It was already the 3rd best in the league and now they only get better.  Still as a Rams fan woulda loved to have seen HaHa Clinton Dix at this pick.
14. Chicago Bears select DB Kyle Fuller.  A need pick for that secondary.
15. Pittsburgh Steelers select Ryan Shazier LB out of Ohio State.  They love the LB's in steel town.
16. Dallas Cowboys select....  You can hear the Manziel hype beginning, but they resist and take Zack Martin guard out of Notre Dame ... a very good pick as he was the top player left on most boards.
17. Baltimore Ravens select CJ Mosley LB from Bama.  A typical hard nosed Raven selection.
18. NY Jets select Calvin Pryor DB out of Louisville...this kid will knock your brains out...head hunter. 
*So far a mostly terrible draft when it comes to fantasy relevance.  There are certainly plenty of good QB's, WR's and RB's on the board headed to late picks and Day 2 selections.  
19. Miami Dolphins select Ja'Wuan James Tackle from Tennessee.  Need pick (Yawn).
20. Arizona Cardinals trade pick to the Saints.  New Orleans selects Brandon Cooks WR Oregon State!  Here we go...a sleeper fantasy WR with Drew Brees throwing him the rock. Target 10th-12th round in keepers and later in redrafts. This kid is going to rock in roll in the slot and out in space.  Will be very inconsistent, yet very explosive...picking the weeks to start him will be the key for his owners.
21. Green Bay Packers select Ha Ha Clinton Dix safety out of Bama.  Steal at this point...thought my Rams would take him at 13.
22. Philadelphia Eagles trades the pick to Cleveland and they take JOHNNY FOOTBALL!!!  I am such a huge Manziel fan and he has to be happy with a stud WR Gordon in house to play with and an up and coming TE.  Don't love the cold weather fit, but I think this guy can play in any weather and for any team because he is just that good...he has the "it" factor.  Nice Cleveland!...and they have all the picks in next years draft from their earlier trade.  Well done Browns.
*As for drafting this kid in fantasy it's going to be hard to figure where to take him.  Managers in keepers will reach for him and even in redrafts he will go earlier than he probably should go, but I will definitely try to get him in a league or two especially in keepers.  I will look for him in the 6th-7th round in those leagues if he is named the starter for week 1 in Cleveland.   
23. Kansas City Chiefs select DE Dee Ford.  Says he's better than Clowney...we'll see.   
24. Cincinnati Bengals selects Darqueze Denard, CB Michigan.  This kid could have went top 10. Steal. 
25. San Diego Chargers select Jason Verrett CB TCU.  Got to have corners when you are in a division with Peyton Manning. 
26. Philadelphia Eagles select Marcus Smith LB Louisville. 
27. Arizona Cardinals selects Deone Bucannon, Safety.
28. Carolina Panthers - They have to go WR here don't they?  QB Cam Newton has no targets with his top two WR's gone via free agency.  If they don't get him someone better than Jericho Cotchery Cam is going to fall some in my rankings for 2014.  Panthers select Kelvim Benjamin - Huge Kid with great upside...needs some work, but he should be a real nice pro and good red zone target.  In fantasy he would normally go undrafted, but with the Panthers scarcity of good targets he could be a very late sleeper in keeper league drafts and larger redrafts.  Keep an eye on him during the preseason.  Not sure why they didn't go with Marquis Lee out of USC with this pick or the kid Jordan out of Vandy. 
*Looking like Houston is going to get very lucky and end up with Bridgewater or Carr with the first pick of the 2nd round to go with Clowney because our last four teams are at the top of their game with no need at the QB position.  Coach O'Brien is smiling somewhere. 
29. New England Patriots select Dominique Easley Defensive Lineman.  This is a reach according to rankings. Coming off ACL injury. But Bill usually knows what he is doing.
30. SF 49ers select Jimmy Ward, Safety.  Northern Illinois.
31. Denver Broncos select Bradley Roby CB Ohio State.  No surprise here, Broncos go defense.  
32. The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks trade the pick to Minnesota who are probably looking at a QB.  Teddy ballgame would be a really nice pick here for the Vikes.  And the pick is... TEDDY BRIDGEWATER QB Louisville.  Great job Minnesota...very very accurate passer, high character and the class and make up of an NFL quarterback.  Forget the pro day...his film says he can play in the league.

Houston you are on the clock for Friday's Day 2 which should feature our first running back picked in this years draft. 

Here are espn's christopher harris views on the fantasy impact of the first rounders.  They are fairly negative.  There will be breakouts just have to  project who they will be.  check out the link for yourself.

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