Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fantasy Frenzy 2014 - And So It Begins

Eric Decker is a Jet-Jet-Jet 
The Facts -
1. Decker paid like a number one.
2. In line to be the focal point of the Jets passing offense and key factor in the red zone.
3. This is a big upgrade over Santonio Holmes who couldn't stay on the field.
4. 2nd year QB Geno Smith is a happy guy right now after throwing to probably the worst WR corp in the league last season. 

1. Will the Jets stay with Geno or bring in someone like a Mike Vick?
Decker's upside would be better with Vick until Geno is ready for prime time, but being a WVU fan I hope they stick with the kid.

2. Can Decker separate from number one corner backs across the league?  I would say in most instances, no, so I would assume he would be a much better play in 2014 when facing zone oriented teams.

Denver's Defensive Haul
Denver is all in folks...Super Bowl or bust because in a few years they are going to suck and be crushed by the salary cap still paying some of these guys who may or may not even be with the team. For now Broncos fans can rejoice because they are loaded on both sides of the ball.  I wonder if they are happy enough with Montee Ball where they won't bring in a vet back to replace Knowshon Moreno.  If I was them I would bring in MJD on a one year deal, because he could still be a factor on shorter reps and I'd love to see that guy on a winning team. Only negative point on this spending spree is I wonder if the newly acquired Ware still has the juice to impose his will on a game.

The Pats try to keep pace:
Landing Revis was huge for the Pats because they were watching their main competition in the AFC loading up on  defense.  I like Revis better than Talib but it does not equal the overall haul Denver reeled in.  Brandon Browner visits on Friday I believe it is and would bring a physical presence to a weak hitting secondary and match the TJ Ward signing of Denver.  In my opinion the Pats need to get another red zone threat.  I think people are forgetting their offense did nothing in that AFC championship and we all know you can only depend on Gronk so much with his propensity to get hurt.  Bring in a Hakeem Nicks, a big guy that won't have to carry the WR load but can be counted on in the red zone.  

Don't look now but Lovie Smith is doing some work in Tampa.  Tampa has loads of money every year and never spends it outside of the Revis signing last year.  This year they are doing some spending and bringing in some good NFL talent.  I like all their signings so far and I would bet there are more to come.  Look for a number two WR to be brought in soon and Mike Williams to most likely be released. 
Big shout out to the Raiders for screwing up the Roger Safford deal.  Rams fans thank you!  Typical Raiders.

One more thing(or maybe two)
Hey Chip Kelly!  Look at you going after Sproles!...he is going to look great in green and give you even more offensive fire power, but there is this thing called defense that you better address or you won't sniff the the level that the Seahawks and Niners are going to be on next year.  By the way...all you McCoy owners that are freaking about about the addition.  Sure you may lose 20-25 catches at most..but you won't lose much else. Sproles is a 3rd down back and Shady is one of if not the best runner in the relax and don't bump Shady too far down your rankings.  As for Sproles...don't expect a Reggie Bush circa 2013 like season out of him...he's got flex appeal depending on the matchup in 2014.  If you don't play in PPR's I wouldn't give Sproles a second look.

I am hearing Nicks to Carolina...I sure hope they get Cam more than that for the 2014 season...Panthers are on the road to being big time...but they must have some offensive weapons for Newton to take that next step toward the Super Bowl.  They certainly have the defense to make the run.  I would love to see them move up on the draft and snag a Mike Evans or Sammy Watkins, both of whom would become giant red blips on our fantasy radars if that happened.  Maybe they can add Nicks and a dependable slot WR. 

More Free Agent Frenzy 2014 as the offensive side of the ball gets more attention in the coming weeks.
Wes "theShow" Ramsey

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