Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fantasy Playoffs - Week 1

Yeah it's playoff time peeps and if you are an avid fantasy football player chances are you are in the playoffs in some league some where.  If you are in a good league most of the good players are on rosters so in today's article let's look at some players who may be on your wire right now or on your bench that you could plug in and play today in your first round match up or snag off the wire if you have a bye this week.

Carlos Hyde RB Niners - Hyde is the red zone guy for the niners more often than not.  He's a good play this week vs a miserable Oakland team especially in TD heavy leagues.  In keepers Gore is most likely history after this year so Hyde is not a bad keeper going into next season.

Stedman Bailey WR Rams - With 5 catches in the 1st quarter alone last week to go with 100 yards Stedman has gone from being an after thought in the Rams offense to being the number one WR.  I like Bailey in keepers as well.  He has the best hands on the team at WR.

Giovani Bernard RB Bengals won't be found on any waivers wires, but he has been missing in action for weeks now as far as fantasy goes.  I look for Gio to be back in black today and running wild vs the Steelers for at least one score.  Start him.

Ryan Tannehill QB Dolphins - The Dolphins signal caller is a sneaky good start this week.  I know I am rolling with him in more than one league.

Teddy Bridgewater QB Vikings - I am not going to start Teddy over any established NFL talents, but Teddy is at home with a tasty match up vs the Jets this week and I must say I am intrigued and bloody tempted to start him in at least one league where I have a bad match up at QB.

Reggie Bush RB Lions has been all but forgotten due to injuries and the emergence of Theo Riddick catching the football, but how easy does this home match up look vs the Tbay Bucs this week?  I like Reggie to have a nice week.  He's a gutsy play in the flex.

Good luck gentlemen,
Wes "theShow" Ramsey

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Games

This year is flying by.  Another Thanksgiving is here and boy are we thankful to have a whole lotta food and a whole lotta football on our plates.  First of all I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I lost a good friend this year and it kinda puts things in perspective.  Take lots of pictures of you and yours and enjoy every moment like it is your last with them.  I am sure you will have many more years with them, but why not make each one of them great.  Ok, enough of the sappy stuff let's get to our slate of games. 

The first game seems like a mismatch with Detroit hosting a Chicago team that has been mostly terrible for the past month.  Detroit will be angry coming of a drubbing at the hands of the Patriots and will most likely take it out on Cutler and company.  Detroit's defense at home is one of the better defenses in the league and Cutler has been bad so it's hard to recommend him today.  Then again he has such great weapons I would throw him out there over lower end options like Geno Smith or Shaun Hill who just don't have that type of weaponry at their disposal.  You can't exactly sit Brandon Marshall and Jeffrey...just gotta hope for some turnovers, good field position and Cutler plays with confidence.   I think Forte will have a rough go today so don't expect the kind of game he has been putting up lately.  Thanksgiving day games seem to have these lower end players having good games so don't be surprised to see someone out of the ordinary having a big impact.  I like Joique Bell. His angry running style will serve him well vs a soft Bears run defense.  Stafford should play well today with multiple TD's and at least 275 yds.  Megatron and Tate are both looking to feast on more than turkey on this thanksgiving.  

The next game is the one I am interested in the most.  Dallas hosting the Eagles has huge division ramifications.  I like Dallas in this game because I am a huge believer in the Thanksgiving mojo.  I like Dallas to ride Demarco Murray and their other backs to a victory today.  I think Dallas runs well today and does a reasonable job of keeping the Eagles rapid fire offense off the field.  Sanchez will get his numbers and is not a terrible start simply due to the number of plays they run, but I do not love McCoy who did break out last week, but Chip Kelly hasn't exactly leaned on him this season.  Seems like a Sproles game today, yet I am not loving any of the Philly RB's.  I like Jeremy Maclin to get off his recent slide and score  and Jordan Matthews will continue to excel in his new more prevalent role in the Eagle offense.   I think Dallas wins by 10 points or somewhere around there with Murray getting the Turkey leg.  A side dynasty note here...Riley Cooper has stunk it up since receiving his new contract and is losing some snaps to an unheralded rookie WR named Josh Huff.  Huff is explosive so be looking for this kid to make a play in his limited snaps while trying to cement a role in this offense going forward.  

In the night game we have the SF vs Seattle rivalry.  This game is hard to figure and it's hard to like anyone in this game.  Personally I am trying to fade most players from this game from my lineups.  I think you can start Russell Wilson if you need him and hope he keeps running the ball.  You can't leave Beast Mode out of your lineups either but other than these couple guys I am not sure there is much to like here.   Something tells me "mediocre" Crabtree gets up for this match up so if you are in major need of a WR why not run him out there and see if the Karma train doesn't visit Richard Sherman.  I know Crabtree would be thankful for a win and gladly serve Sherman some humble pie rather than pumpkin for dessert.  I am picking the Niners in this one, but I am not touching this game as far as fantasy purposes go.  

Have a good day today and enjoy the weekend.  Always be thankful for your friends and all that God has given you.
Wes "theShow"  

Sunday, November 9, 2014


                              Optimus Grimes vs. Megatron

Rolling Out Week 10


Reading stupid tabloid news about the Cowboys in London this morning and on top of that about Dez having police called to his house X number of times over the past 6 years.  Number one this is not news!  Cowboys miss curfew while in London.  Ok, you are playing the Jags, you are in London and want to see the sights or even party in the city...what's the problem?!  These are grown men not some group at summer camp.  As far as the news regarding Dez Bryant, big surprise he is not a model citizen, again not news!  I get tired of the ESPN and in this case the NFL Network tabloid machine.  Spare me!  I blast these guys on twitter every chance I get and you should do the same.  They do read the tweets so let them hear it when they come off like irresponsible jerks/TMZ reporters. 

Week 10 actual player and game notes:

Fred Jackson is looking to play today...I hope he does well because God knows we don't want to be considering starting Anthony Dixon again. 

Sammy Watkins will probably play as well and we have every reason to believe his second half will continue to be great when it comes to fantasy numbers.  Orton remains the QB because he simply gets Sammy the ball. 

I think Tre Mason continues his quest to make that Rams RB job his own today at the Cards.  I don't think a lot of people will start him today, but he is a good RB 2 this week with heavy upside.  Think about you actually think they let Austin Davis throw more than about 20 times vs that Cardinals secondary? 

Start your Falcons...Julio and Roddy should be in full effect today along with Matty Ice.  If you have been patient with your Falcons today is the day they pay you back vs a miserable Bucs squad. 

No one knows everything...the question that bugs me the most today.  Russell Wilson or Mark Sanchez?....these are the questions that keep me up at night. Head says Sanchez simply because they will run more plays.  Gut says Wilson is due vs a beat up Giants secondary. 

Charles Sims going to get his first run today with the Bucs, but Rainey makes a nice underrated start vs the Falcons at home.  I will be watching Sims closely, because he has the skills to take that job by the start of next year and make some good spot plays the rest of the way if he has a grip on the playbook.

Did you have Andy Dalton or J.Hill or M.Sanu in your lineups on Thursday.  If so you are already behind the 8 ball so if you can make lineup adjustments today you need to go all upside.  Some upside players I like this week include Percy Harvin, Jordan Matthews, Mike Evans, Martavis Bryant(ride the lightning until it burns out) and my favorite upside play of the day is Justin Hunter.  Hunter is only going to get better with Mettenberger at the helm in Tennessee.  Sure you risk a big fat 2 catch for 30 yard day but it's a heck of a lot better than throwing some RB out there from a bad team that may get you 50 yds and no TD.  Go for the for that long touchdown catch and big day which could overcome that slow start.  A loss is a loss so don't be safe...go out swinging. 

Good Luck today. 
Wes "theShow"

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 9

Carnage and byes as we enter Week 9

This morning's bullet points...

Tony Romo is out with back fractures. (hello Brandon Weeden)

Gio Bernard is out. (interested in seeing Jeremy Hill as a feature)

Redskins bus in a wreck this morning.  RG3's career starting to look like a bus crash.

Rams head to SF for another beating.  I look back to all the Brees and Favre comparisons for Davis when he had a couple early good games...yeah whatever! Looking to 2015 draft already. 

Pats have the home field and the weather in their favor today for their match up with the Broncos.  It's all set up for them to win, they have to get it done.  I don't think it matters that much either way for the Broncos at this point in the season. 

Lots of byes today...good luck plugging the holes and getting it done today!   

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Here we are at the half way point of the season and we are already rolling this morning in London with the Falcons and Lions game.  Falcons looking good early vs the leagues top defense.  Big names on the shelf this week likely include Jimmy Graham, A.J. Green and Megatron.  It's been a crazy season so far and it's not likely to get normal any time soon.  Good luck this week.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Harvin Jettisoned

The Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the Jets today for a six pack of Red Bull and a bag of magic beans.  Details are sketchy at best right now but Percy must have been a handful in the locker room to cause this kinda\ of deal to go down amidst the Hawks drive to repeat.  Percy is not having a great year after his incredible game in the Super Bowl. This is Russell Wilsons team, but Percy is an X-factor and will be missed.  I am sure we will hear all the gory details in the coming days about why this happened mid season.  I actually like this for his fantasy value and think he could be more valuable with the Jets.  Geno needs weapons outside of Decker.  Russell Wilson uses the entire field and spreads the ball around.  In NY Percy may find more footballs coming his way and with the Jets giving up more points than the Seahawks he should see more return opportunities as well.  For fantasy purposes I like the deal, but as for real football, it doesn't make a lot of sense right now.  Percy is only 26 and has some good years left.  Whatever he did, it must have been hurting chemistry.  Hawks loss is Geno and the Jets gain. 
Wes "theShow"

Sunday, October 12, 2014


NFL week six is here and most managers are starting to get a glimpse of what this fantasy season will bring.  In seasonal leagues you have your 4-1 teams and your 3-2 teams where the future looks bright for your squad.  You also have your 2-3 teams where with a win you are back in business.  Then you have a ton of teams at 1-4 where panic may be setting in.  Take advise from Aaron Rodgers and "RELAX".  At 1-4 you are not even close to being out of playoff contention. The simple answer is to start off with a few wins and go from there.  If you are 1-4 you can still conceivably lose 2 more games and still get into the playoffs at 7-6 where 6 or more teams get into the playoff field.  If you finish 7-6 you most likely will need a good point total to help you out with tie breakers so always go for the big number.  If you only lose one more and fiinish 8-5 you have a really good chance of finishing within the top 6 and getting in.  For you late bloomers in this fantasy season don't be afraid to look for upside and take some chances and go for that big number.  For example, this week you would rather play and upside guy like Justin Hunter vs the Jags in your flex spot and hope for the long TD over a goal line running back that may get you that 6 points but not much else.  Take chances...go with your gut and live with the outcome.  Whatever you do go down fighting and with your own calls rather than letting some guy on TV tell you who to play and when to play them.  For those of you in keeper leagues...if your team starts to go down the toilet there is always next season and no it is never too early to be thinking next season because building a keeper or dynasty league team to its potential is a year round endeavor.  Good luck in week 6.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Already week 5 and here we go with owners wondering if Lesean McCoy will get going vs the Rams.  Here I am a Rams fan rooting heavily for McCoy who I need to play well to start winning games in one of my money leagues.  Strange how fantasy changes the way you watch football.  In this case it's a negative having to root for McCoy to do well, but overall it enhances the NFL experience for me.   

Too late for me to write a Start Sit article this week. Been slacking on that this season, but with all the information out there and radio and TV dedicated to this fantasy game that we love I am not sure there is a huge need for it other than to compare my stuff to those of the so called experts. Still taking emails and texts for those of you who have asked and taken my number for help with lineups.   Good luck this week. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Views From the Arm Chair - Wk 3

Monday's View from the Arm Chair
They say hindsight is 20/20.  When it comes to fantasy football looking back on decisions you made or didn't make can drive any manager crazy.  I had my own Captain Hindsight moment when I pulled Rashad Jennings from my lineup, who at the time was a talent mired in Giant mediocrity and inserted newly crowned starter Alfred Blue starting in the wake of an Arian Foster hammy pull.  Speaking of that you'd think the Texans would be smart enough to not give Arian Nation such a ridiculous work load the first two weeks of the season.  I blame the coaching staff for his have other backs there to lessen the load and keep your stud on the field yet you can't help but to run the guy into the ground.  Now back to me pulling Rashad Jennings.  Of course, Rashad goes off to the tune of 171 yds and a touch while Alfred may as well have been batman's butler with a pedestrian effort of under 100 yds and no TD.  That singular decision lost me the league this week.  Now that you know I am feeling your pain let's look at a few games and lineup decisions from Week 3 and look forward to how we can prevent this stuff form happening again. I guess before we go on we can address this Jennings thing I pulled.  Rule number one, don't over think these things.  I get texts all the time asking me things about certain players and I preach this to my buddies because I want everyone to have success....but of course I ignore my own rule. Alfred Blue, you are dead to me!
Steelers vs Panthers
What in the Panther blue blazes is going on with Cam Newton?  How does he not torch the Steelers in the air and on the ground?  Against popular opinion I drafted Cam a few times this year as my guy because he has always proved the critics wrong. The kid is a winner and he gets the job done.  This year Cam has been average at best and now I am about to jump off the train or at least hedge my bets.  In leagues I have Cam I am looking at options like Captain Kirk Cousins and in leagues where I do not have him I am about to take a look at players like Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater as well as other options.  Bortles and his Jags offense will be behind a bunch and with an athletic group of WR's he will put up numbers even in defeat this year.  Not saying I am done with Cam, but I am definitely pumping the breaks. One more note from this good is Antonio Brown?  Love the way he plays, so explosive. 
Rams vs Cowboys
Could someone tell me why Stedman Bailey is not playing for the Rams.  He has the best hands on the team and fresh off his two game suspension he doesn't even get a catch in the game vs the Cowpokes.  We won't get into how the Rams blew that game...but it pays to have a good QB.  Sure Davis had the numbers when it comes to yards and TD's but the fact of the matter is he threw that game away with a pick 6 and when the rams had a faint chance of a come back at the end of the game.  Outside of Brian Quick and Zac Stacy this is a Rams team baron of fantasy relevance. 
Eagles vs Redskins
Ok we have already addressed that Cousins is good to go for your lineups.  But I want to ask where in the world is Riley Cooper? He's not at a Jay Z concert that's for sure, but he's not in the sights of Nick Foles either.  The eagles have ignored their WR's like they are the smelly over weight chic at the dance.  Obsessed with tossing the rock to their rb's the redskins forced them to throw the ball to someone other than the backs and Ertz and finally Jordan Matthews was allowed to shine.  After a good preseason they should have been using this kid all along...he is very talented.  He's been dropped in a ton of leagues...I drafted him heavily and gave up on him when Chip seemed to ignore the kid week one and two.  I'd grab him if you need a WR badly and see if this trend continues.  Especially in keeper leagues where he was dropped.  Back to Riley...he is waiver wire fodder at this point.  He is a good red zone weapon, but until something changes he's wasting valuable lineup space. 
Broncos vs Seahawks
Emmanuel Sanders is Peyton's guy now in the slot and Welker will be more of a token inconsistent threat from here on out having an occasional good game here and there.  I think its a smart move to keep Welker out of the middle of the field because one more hit and his brain will be scrambled for good.  Sanders went off against the Seahawks which cements him as an every week start regardless of opponent. 
Green Bay vs Detroit
How in the hell does Detroit ball like a super bowl defense at home but play like crap on the road?...the difference is staggering.  Rodgers didn't look good but he was pressured.  I am starting to worry some about Rodgers being able to carry my fantasy team like he used to.  He's still in his prime but that offense is not quite clicking.  I think they want to run the ball and be balanced, but its not happening.   Lacy is struggling and Rodgers looks like he is rushing and forcing the ball to Nelson.  Sure that is great for Nelson owners but if they don't get that running game going that only hurts Rodgers and his value.  I like Lacy and think he's gonna have a good rest of the season if they simply commit to the run.  Last year sans Rodgers they pounded Lacy and he came through.  He will again when they start using his plays as more than a token run now and then.  Quick shout down(not out) to Matthew Berry.  Mr. ESPN fantasy god has gotten extremely arrogant of late on tv and though I value much of his information he makes his calls with the tone as if we don't follow in his footsteps we are idiots.  Take yesterday when he basically said Joique Bell was a can't miss play.  Bell was average yesterday...he didn't score and Bush was the back to own in that match up.  I actually changed two lineups after listening to him go on and on about Bell.  Part of me thinks I would be better off not listening to any fantasy programming on Sunday morning outside of the active and inactive list.  Mr. Berry is falling out of favor with me because to put it bluntly of late he just has not been very good.  Any idiot knows Knile Davis can ball and is gonna be a good waiver pickup...but the hard stuff...the guy is getting it wrong just as much as he is getting it right. I am not impressed.  I wish he was in one of our leagues so I could put him in his place. Did you call Eddie Royal having any impact for the Chargers yesterday?(check my Deadshow lineup and you'll see I picked him up and played him in the flex)  Did you consider Victor Cruz could be back vs Houston?  Rodgers was going to blow up...Bell as well. I could go on, but it bores me.  Sorry Matt, no dice. 
Bills vs Chargers
If you haven't figured it out by now Fred Jackson is a great flex in pprs.  EJ Manuel checks down like a monster because he is just not all that efficient at reading defenses nor does he have down field confidence in his arm.  Jackson had ten catches yesterday and though he may not have CJ Spiller's electric speed he is the back they count on when it's time to throw the ball or need max pass pro.  When it comes to the Chargers, I am officially worried about a sophomore slump with WR Keenan Allen.  Stay tuned to this situation.  I sat him yesterday in a few leagues and was glad I did.  Hoping it's just the groin slowing him down and not a trend.
Pats vs Raiders
Did anyone see that Mcfadden 50 plus yd run for a TD that was called back that would have sent that game into OT?  Run DMC can still get it done when he is upright and is worth some consideration if you are hurting at rb and MJD continues to sit.  As for the boring and underwhelming is this offense?  Why are they not using all their weapons.  Could be that the oline sucks.  Could be that Tom has some blinders on when it comes to Edelman.  Whatever it is...outside of Ridley and Edelman I am not excited about this team when it comes to fantasy.  By the way Rod Streater broke his foot yesterday so D.Moore will get more work in the Raiders lack luster passing game.
Colts vs Jags
You on the Bradshaw bandwagon yet?  I started him in several leagues this weekend and got another TD from him. Trich didn't look bad but he didn't look spectacular either.  If you can deal it.  For now run with Bradshaw as a great flex option most weeks.  For the Jags it's now the Blake Bortles show.  Now the trick is to find out what WR's he favors.  With a talented group including Allen Robinson, Marquis Lee, Allen Hurns and Cecil Shorts someone and possibly two of these guys is gonna get the love from Bortles and become a fantasy must have.  I'd like to see Shorts and Lee on the field the most but Hurns is a viable big play threat along with the super athletic A.Rob....keep tabs on this situation.  If they can protect Blake the points are going to be there.  They will at least be worth watching.  One more note - Toby Gerhart sucks.
That's it for much more to go over, but a brotha has to work and pay them bills.  As always u can hit me up on twitter @westheshow or email me at if you want to talk lineups or anything else NFL fantasy. 
Wes "theShow"

Monday, August 25, 2014

STL Rams - The Bradford Effect

I don't think I could have written this any better so here is a great take on the STL Rams and the Sam Bradford injury impact on the franchise with a look back at what they probably should have done to prevent the situation. (courtesy  This is a very good and not too lengthy read.    Wes

here is NFL.COM's view of it...a little more doomsday on the outlook.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Bird's For You

Oh my Lord the world is coming to an end and Johnny Football is a terrible person and he sucks and ESPN is having a field day because Johnny Heisman flipped the Skins bench the bird.  Well let's sit back and think about a few things and look at the reasons this may have happened.  My brother N law and I were arguing about why this happened and he kept telling me about the Skins players talking smack to J-Football and how he just lost his composure.  Hmm, I say look at the big picture here. Let's you think this is the first time Johnny has heard smack talk about his play?  What do you think happened in the SEC the entire 2013 season after he won the Heisman award as a freshman?  Do you think Johnny just "flips" out on Monday night football because of a couple nobody Skins players flapping their yap.  Get serious.   Maybe John Football was "flipping" the Texas state bird to his stupid coach for having him split time with journeyman Brian Hoyer.  A kid that threw for a total of 8 touchdowns in college.  Johnny can put that up over two weekends yet Hoyer is being talked about as a possible starter.  Not to protect Johnny from an inferior offensive line or anything like that, but because Johnny can't beat Hoyer out in a man to man competition?  Get over yourself Pettine!  Seriously Coach how frustrating is that to a kid that is used to carrying the weight of his team and always getting it done?!  You draft Johnny Football and all the stuff that comes with him for a reason.  Give the kid the reigns and the freedom to play in our out of the pocket and to do his thing and watch the magic happen!  If you can't manage to do that Coach Pettine...this bird's for you! 
Wes Ramsey

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sam Bradford via Grantland

Wonder if this guy is an impatient Rams fan or just tired of seeing Sam get paid top 5 QB money while producing like a journeyman?  I am as big of a Rams fan as the next guy but this year is a reckoning for Sam Bradford.  One thing is clear, this year means the world to Bradford and the Rams organization.  If things go bad...the Rams draft war room will heat up quickly looking for the next Kurt Warner. 

Wes "theShow" Ramsey

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dungy Drama

Sports media does not help people understand problems. Sports media is the problem. That is my thesis on the Tony Dungy drama, and just about any other big off-field issue the modern, adolescents who call themselves "sports journalists" care to get worked up about. To illustrate this undeniable truth, let's first look at what Dungy said:
“I wouldn't have taken him,” Dungy said about Michael Sam in an interview Sunday with the Tampa Tribune. “Not because I don't believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn't want to deal with all of it.”
Deal with all of what? That "it" is the big, vague pronoun, but it's not vague to me. To me, the "it" is quite obviously the immature sports media. And who would want to deal with all of their nonsense? Who would want to put up with the inane, immature questions? ("Coach, what effect has Michael Sam had in the locker room?)  What happens when Sam doesn't get enough pre-season plays? What happens if he doesn't start? What happens if he gets cut? What happens if he starts, but he sucks (he is a Ram, after all)? The sports media will be like middle school girls who can't get enough of the target du jour's business.
Forget anyone's feelings about homosexuality in the NFL, blah., blah, blah for a moment. Kudos to Dungy for having the cohones to say what he actually thinks. That makes said cohones bigger than 99% of other NFL authorities. Dungy's statement is an indictment of the modern sports media. They are too stupid to realize it, and they indict themselves further the more hysterical they get over Dungy's statement.

Contributed by Adam Kampia

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Go - Go - USA!!!

In the picture above you see Clint Dempsey...a star on the world stage seconds after putting the USA men's soccer team ahead 1-0 less than 1 minutes into the USA vs Ghana match.  Despite injuries and a history of losing to the Ghana team the USA showed true grit and American blue collar work ethic outlasting their opponents 2-1 finished neatly with a goal in the 86th minute. 

With the goal came a flood of social network love for the national team.  TV networks across the country showed viewing parties and shots of our troops celebrating the win from places like Afghanistan.   With all this joy there were also detractors noting the bandwagon nature of the uprising of support.  What these people fail to realize is this is America on the world stage.  No one outside of the United States really cares about FSU winning a national college football title or the fact that the LA Kings just won the Stanley Cup.  Nor do they care about Seattle and their Legion of Boom defense.  The NBA has a more global following with people rooting for and against Lebron James, but still there is no sport with more global significance than soccer. This is your national team.  If you cannot get on board with this team as you would with our Olympic athletes then stay off the bandwagon.  Go Go USA!!!  Win or lose we ride with you. 

Wes "theShow"

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baseball: The Waiting Game

Baseball is a great game.  They say the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a major league pitch.  They also say baseball is the fastest game when the ball is in play.  Here is a Wall Street Journal article that gives some perspective on how much down time there is during a baseball game.  There's a reason why baseball players are some of the most out of shape professional athletes on the planet.  There's also a reason why more and more kids think the sport is boring due to the fact that if you are not a pitcher or catcher you are more spectator than anything else.  This is not a diss on baseball from me...again just something I ran across and was inspired to post after hearing some negative comments about the World Cup.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

NFL DRAFT 2014 - DAY 1

Cannot remember a draft that I have looked forward to more than this one.  So much talent and a bevy of underclassmen make this draft one of the deepest in recent memory.  Maybe we don't have a Luck or RG3 or even an Adrian Peterson available, but that only adds to the intrigue and indecision that all the teams are feeling right now as I type this at 7:23pm on draft night.  Not sure I will be able to comment on every pick, but I will comment on those picks and players that could have a fantasy impact in 2014 as well as some real life football breakdowns as our evening unfolds.  As always give me some thoughts on what you think of the picks.  Can't wait to see where Johnny Football, Watkins, Evans and some of the other skilled position players get drafted.  By the way....why is Boomer on ESPN hosting this show?  Months of draft talk and he is no where to be seen now the big night comes and he's gotta have his face time?  I am over Boomer...time to retire.  Let's get to it! 

1. Houston Texans select - DE Jadeveon Clowney.  Had to do it...Clowney and Watt...look out!
*not loving the snap back draft hats. 
2. STL Rams - OL Greg Robinson - the next Orlando Pace for the Rams...great ability and strength.  
3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Wow! QB Blake Bortles!!!  A face for the franchise...Balzy and I like it.  I may have taken Sammy Watkins here or Johnny, but I like it!!!  This should sell some tickets.  I love when teams do this kinda thing and shock the draft experts.
4. Cleveland Browns trade pick(move to 9) to the Buffalo Bills who take WR Sammy Watkins.  Well that will help out the young QB EJ Manuel.  Watkins explosive skill set will transfer well to the league and put some points on the board for the Bills who have just sucked for way too long.  I can see him going as early as the fifth round in fantasy and maybe 4th round in keepers.  I don't love Manuel so that is my only worry.
5. Oakland Raiders select - DE Khalil Mack.  Smart pick from the Raiders...kid is a beast.  IDP stud.
6. Atlanta Falcons - I know they are disappointed that Mack and Clowney are gone with their great need at pass rush...gonna be interesting to see what they do here.  Probably going to look at trading down or grabbing an interior lineman.  They take OT Jake Mattews.  Good pick here...keep Matty Ice upright.
7. Tampa Bay Bucs select - WR Mike Evans.  This is such a good pick. Talk about huge wide outs in Tampa.  I like Evans in the 5th-7th round in fantasy drafts.  Lovie Smith emulating what the Bears did for McCown with the giant WR's on the outside.
8. Minnesota Vikings trades it to Cleveland and they take Justin Gilbert CB out of OK ST.  Good player, but geez why didn't they take Johnny???  This one puzzles me.  This is why Cleveland has such a high alcohol consumption rate.  I can hear my buddy Aaron cursing at his television all the way from Ohio.  
9. Minnesota moves down to 9 and they select - LB Anthony Barr - the talented and versatile kid out of UCLA should be a very good pro.  I guess they go QB later.
10. Detroit Lions select - Barry Barry Barry - Barry Sanders selects stud TE Eric Ebron.  Going to be on the fantasy radar immediately as a sleeper TE in Detroit.  Just don't get why Detroit doesn't pick defense when that is their clear need.
11. Tennessee Titans select Taylor Lewan tackle.  Needed a corner, but what do I know.
12. NY Giants select Odell Beckham WR from LSU...need pick.  2nd WR they have taken out of LSU in recent years. Good pick for Eli Manning after a very poor 2013 season.  
13. STL Rams select Aaron Donald the DT out of Pitt.  Best player on the board, but think they needed secondary help.  What a defensive line they have now in STL.  It was already the 3rd best in the league and now they only get better.  Still as a Rams fan woulda loved to have seen HaHa Clinton Dix at this pick.
14. Chicago Bears select DB Kyle Fuller.  A need pick for that secondary.
15. Pittsburgh Steelers select Ryan Shazier LB out of Ohio State.  They love the LB's in steel town.
16. Dallas Cowboys select....  You can hear the Manziel hype beginning, but they resist and take Zack Martin guard out of Notre Dame ... a very good pick as he was the top player left on most boards.
17. Baltimore Ravens select CJ Mosley LB from Bama.  A typical hard nosed Raven selection.
18. NY Jets select Calvin Pryor DB out of Louisville...this kid will knock your brains out...head hunter. 
*So far a mostly terrible draft when it comes to fantasy relevance.  There are certainly plenty of good QB's, WR's and RB's on the board headed to late picks and Day 2 selections.  
19. Miami Dolphins select Ja'Wuan James Tackle from Tennessee.  Need pick (Yawn).
20. Arizona Cardinals trade pick to the Saints.  New Orleans selects Brandon Cooks WR Oregon State!  Here we go...a sleeper fantasy WR with Drew Brees throwing him the rock. Target 10th-12th round in keepers and later in redrafts. This kid is going to rock in roll in the slot and out in space.  Will be very inconsistent, yet very explosive...picking the weeks to start him will be the key for his owners.
21. Green Bay Packers select Ha Ha Clinton Dix safety out of Bama.  Steal at this point...thought my Rams would take him at 13.
22. Philadelphia Eagles trades the pick to Cleveland and they take JOHNNY FOOTBALL!!!  I am such a huge Manziel fan and he has to be happy with a stud WR Gordon in house to play with and an up and coming TE.  Don't love the cold weather fit, but I think this guy can play in any weather and for any team because he is just that good...he has the "it" factor.  Nice Cleveland!...and they have all the picks in next years draft from their earlier trade.  Well done Browns.
*As for drafting this kid in fantasy it's going to be hard to figure where to take him.  Managers in keepers will reach for him and even in redrafts he will go earlier than he probably should go, but I will definitely try to get him in a league or two especially in keepers.  I will look for him in the 6th-7th round in those leagues if he is named the starter for week 1 in Cleveland.   
23. Kansas City Chiefs select DE Dee Ford.  Says he's better than Clowney...we'll see.   
24. Cincinnati Bengals selects Darqueze Denard, CB Michigan.  This kid could have went top 10. Steal. 
25. San Diego Chargers select Jason Verrett CB TCU.  Got to have corners when you are in a division with Peyton Manning. 
26. Philadelphia Eagles select Marcus Smith LB Louisville. 
27. Arizona Cardinals selects Deone Bucannon, Safety.
28. Carolina Panthers - They have to go WR here don't they?  QB Cam Newton has no targets with his top two WR's gone via free agency.  If they don't get him someone better than Jericho Cotchery Cam is going to fall some in my rankings for 2014.  Panthers select Kelvim Benjamin - Huge Kid with great upside...needs some work, but he should be a real nice pro and good red zone target.  In fantasy he would normally go undrafted, but with the Panthers scarcity of good targets he could be a very late sleeper in keeper league drafts and larger redrafts.  Keep an eye on him during the preseason.  Not sure why they didn't go with Marquis Lee out of USC with this pick or the kid Jordan out of Vandy. 
*Looking like Houston is going to get very lucky and end up with Bridgewater or Carr with the first pick of the 2nd round to go with Clowney because our last four teams are at the top of their game with no need at the QB position.  Coach O'Brien is smiling somewhere. 
29. New England Patriots select Dominique Easley Defensive Lineman.  This is a reach according to rankings. Coming off ACL injury. But Bill usually knows what he is doing.
30. SF 49ers select Jimmy Ward, Safety.  Northern Illinois.
31. Denver Broncos select Bradley Roby CB Ohio State.  No surprise here, Broncos go defense.  
32. The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks trade the pick to Minnesota who are probably looking at a QB.  Teddy ballgame would be a really nice pick here for the Vikes.  And the pick is... TEDDY BRIDGEWATER QB Louisville.  Great job Minnesota...very very accurate passer, high character and the class and make up of an NFL quarterback.  Forget the pro day...his film says he can play in the league.

Houston you are on the clock for Friday's Day 2 which should feature our first running back picked in this years draft. 

Here are espn's christopher harris views on the fantasy impact of the first rounders.  They are fairly negative.  There will be breakouts just have to  project who they will be.  check out the link for yourself.

Monday, April 21, 2014


What could be the most disappointing back in recent fantasy football memory is on his way to NY...will Chris Johnson and fantasy owners fortunes change with the Jets?  The Jets look like a team worth watching with the addition of Decker and Vick and CJ.  Now they need to address the Oline and they end up a step above miserable. I'd like to see Geno get a run with this supporting cast, but I am thinking that won't happen until Vick goes down with his usual injury. 
Wes"TheShow" Ramsey

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Do yourself a favor and read this article.....

Do yourself a favor and read this article I found on ESPN about Jim Kelly. 


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fantasy Frenzy 2014 - And So It Begins

Eric Decker is a Jet-Jet-Jet 
The Facts -
1. Decker paid like a number one.
2. In line to be the focal point of the Jets passing offense and key factor in the red zone.
3. This is a big upgrade over Santonio Holmes who couldn't stay on the field.
4. 2nd year QB Geno Smith is a happy guy right now after throwing to probably the worst WR corp in the league last season. 

1. Will the Jets stay with Geno or bring in someone like a Mike Vick?
Decker's upside would be better with Vick until Geno is ready for prime time, but being a WVU fan I hope they stick with the kid.

2. Can Decker separate from number one corner backs across the league?  I would say in most instances, no, so I would assume he would be a much better play in 2014 when facing zone oriented teams.

Denver's Defensive Haul
Denver is all in folks...Super Bowl or bust because in a few years they are going to suck and be crushed by the salary cap still paying some of these guys who may or may not even be with the team. For now Broncos fans can rejoice because they are loaded on both sides of the ball.  I wonder if they are happy enough with Montee Ball where they won't bring in a vet back to replace Knowshon Moreno.  If I was them I would bring in MJD on a one year deal, because he could still be a factor on shorter reps and I'd love to see that guy on a winning team. Only negative point on this spending spree is I wonder if the newly acquired Ware still has the juice to impose his will on a game.

The Pats try to keep pace:
Landing Revis was huge for the Pats because they were watching their main competition in the AFC loading up on  defense.  I like Revis better than Talib but it does not equal the overall haul Denver reeled in.  Brandon Browner visits on Friday I believe it is and would bring a physical presence to a weak hitting secondary and match the TJ Ward signing of Denver.  In my opinion the Pats need to get another red zone threat.  I think people are forgetting their offense did nothing in that AFC championship and we all know you can only depend on Gronk so much with his propensity to get hurt.  Bring in a Hakeem Nicks, a big guy that won't have to carry the WR load but can be counted on in the red zone.  

Don't look now but Lovie Smith is doing some work in Tampa.  Tampa has loads of money every year and never spends it outside of the Revis signing last year.  This year they are doing some spending and bringing in some good NFL talent.  I like all their signings so far and I would bet there are more to come.  Look for a number two WR to be brought in soon and Mike Williams to most likely be released. 
Big shout out to the Raiders for screwing up the Roger Safford deal.  Rams fans thank you!  Typical Raiders.

One more thing(or maybe two)
Hey Chip Kelly!  Look at you going after Sproles!...he is going to look great in green and give you even more offensive fire power, but there is this thing called defense that you better address or you won't sniff the the level that the Seahawks and Niners are going to be on next year.  By the way...all you McCoy owners that are freaking about about the addition.  Sure you may lose 20-25 catches at most..but you won't lose much else. Sproles is a 3rd down back and Shady is one of if not the best runner in the relax and don't bump Shady too far down your rankings.  As for Sproles...don't expect a Reggie Bush circa 2013 like season out of him...he's got flex appeal depending on the matchup in 2014.  If you don't play in PPR's I wouldn't give Sproles a second look.

I am hearing Nicks to Carolina...I sure hope they get Cam more than that for the 2014 season...Panthers are on the road to being big time...but they must have some offensive weapons for Newton to take that next step toward the Super Bowl.  They certainly have the defense to make the run.  I would love to see them move up on the draft and snag a Mike Evans or Sammy Watkins, both of whom would become giant red blips on our fantasy radars if that happened.  Maybe they can add Nicks and a dependable slot WR. 

More Free Agent Frenzy 2014 as the offensive side of the ball gets more attention in the coming weeks.
Wes "theShow" Ramsey

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boldin Back in Frisco

49ers re-signed WR Anquan Boldin to a two-year, $12 million contract with $5.5 million guaranteed.
Boldin, 33, capitalized on Michael Crabtree's 11 missed games in 2013 en route to a five-year high in catches (85) and seven-year high in yards (1,179) with seven touchdowns as the 49ers' default No. 1 wideout. Boldin can still physically dominate defensive backs on occasion, but turns 34 in the first half of next season, and last year's opportunity-inflated numbers aren't a reliable indication of what's to come. Boldin's return to San Francisco has more real-life than fantasy impact. He'll be a low-ceiling, borderline WR3 in 2014 re-draft leagues. Look for Crabtree to reemerge as the Niners' No. 1 wideout. If the season began today, the 49ers' top three receivers would be Crabtree, Boldin, and promising sophomore Quinton Patton, with Vernon Davis at tight end.
Mar 3 - 2:20 PM
*My Take - Not a huge surprise that Boldin signed again with the Niners, but his value is more in his intangibles than it is as a fantasy WR.  Sure he is serviceable, but not anyone who you need to look at in the early rounds.  I want him on my real team, but can take him or leave him for fantasy purposes.  Niners should be in the mix for a SB run again in 2014.   

Monday, March 3, 2014

"The Man" - Will Be Back

Peyton Manning has been fully cleared for the 2014 season following a Monday exam on his neck.
Because Manning underwent four neck surgeries in 2011, including a fusion, he has an annual checkup to ensure he's capable of taking the abuse an NFL quarterback absorbs weekly. As expected, doctors found no surprises or complications. Manning will turn 38 later this month and his arm strength leaves a lot to be desired, but he'll be our No. 1 fantasy quarterback in 2014. With an elite supporting cast and healthy Ryan Clady, he shouldn't fall too far short of the mind-blowing 55 touchdowns and 5,477 yards he posted last season. Manning is under contract through the 2016 season.
Source: Denver Post
Mar 3 - 11:58 AM