Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waiting All Day for Thursday Night...

One team will be looking smack dab at a 1-3 record in a loaded NFC with questions about a season possibly lost and the other will be back on track and right there in the division behind Seattle.  Huge question marks for both teams coming in.  Will the real Colin Kaepernick please stand up?!  Uhm, weren't the Rams suppose to be a top 10 defense?  If the Rams have all these new weapons how do they manage to gain only 18 yds in the first half vs the Cowboys?  How will the Niners deal with not having some of their biggest stars?  I've been waiting all day til' Thursday night (Sorry NBC had to copy that, though I'd rather watch Carrie Underwood sing it, mmmm).  The return of Vernon Davis in this game could be huge for the 49ers vs a struggling Rams defense looking for answers. My gut tells me niners by 7, hope I am wrong.  Rams need Tavon Austin to do something special in his introduction to a national tv audience for the Rams to win.  Shortly we'll have our answers.

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