Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee

We interrupt the beginning of this article to report that Eddie Royal has just scored again!  The San Diego WR's best season as a professional he scored 5 TD's and through 2 games this year he has guessed it, 5 TD's.  Can this madness keep up?  Conventional wisdom says no because the guy has been in the league for years and we have not seen this from him, but on the other hand he can be serviceable in an offense that is being forced to throw to make up for San Diego's defensive issues.  Rivers, all but left for dead, is looking like a decent source of fantasy points.  Royal may indeed be a decent pickup for someone in need at WR because of his chemistry with Rivers combined with the injury to Malcolm Floyd (that poor guy cannot catch a break, we wish him well). 

He's Just Not That Good -
Rams RB Daryl Richardson may be the main man in the STL backfield but after watching him run in the preseason and now in the regular season I don't think he is very good at all.  Pead is an undisciplined runner and Stacy runs like he is in cement so the backfield is all Richardson's for now...but it is not a pretty sight.  Expect to see Fisher trying new things like letting Tavon Austin carry the ball some out of the backfield to get some explosiveness in there. 

Where Have You Been All My Life?
Broncos TE Julius Thomas is for real.  Another score this week smack dab in the middle of one of the best offenses in football makes Thomas Denver's version of Aaron Hernandez.  There are no reports leading us to believe that Thomas is in a gang so start him the rest of the season with confidence. 

Hide and Seek -
Who out there was beaten week one by the team that had Jared Cook?  1 catch week 2.  1 catch and that is with Sam Bradford throwing for 352 and 3 TD's.  Not sure how that happened, but I would not bet on that happening again. I am starting him next week vs the Cowboys in a game that Sam is going to have to check down to avoid Demarcus Ware and company.

David Wilson RB Giants - Why are you people so surprised at what David Wilson has given us this year.  Wilson is an unproven commodity with a bunch of upside...that's it.  Anything you get out of him should be gravy as you never should depend on unproven guys.  The same can be said for Eddie Lacy who I actually like and drafted a bunch this year...but it's still the same idea.  Eddie Lacy is unproven until proven otherwise.

Vick over Ryan Week 2
Yes I called it and it won me a very important league this week.  Hope you were paying attention.  Vick drafted this year as a number two QB was a golden pick.  Ride him until he breaks.

RGIII -- For now the G stands for garbage time. His fantasy numbers are good, but they have all came after being blown out early in games.  RG3 is going to be fine.  No one outside of Adrian Peterson recovers from that injury quickly. 
Welcome to the Party

Tavon Austin WR Rams - The kid outta WVU had 2 TD's Sunday and there's more to come from this explosive player.
DeAndre Hopkins WR Houston - Think the Pats wish they had this rookie?  Hopkins is NFL ready and looks great.
Fool's gold?

To Claim or Not to Claim?
James Starks RB Gbay - Unless you are desperate for a running back play next week don't bother wasting a waiver selection on Starks who has had plenty of opportunities before and never gave us any reason to start him before yesterday.  If you have to use him next week as a temp fix then do it and toss him back to the wire because Gbay has their buy and Lacy is sure to be back by the following week. 

The Times They are a Changing
I look around fantasy leagues and I have quite a few teams dealing with RB problems and those teams are still winning.  Gone are the days when you have to have two great RB's and one in your flex to get wins on Sunday.  In today's passing leagues you are in the money if you drafted your stud RB first then came back and drafted two quality WR's like Dez, Bmarsh, Demaryius Thomas. Julio Jones and AJ Green or many more that come to  mind.  True number one WR's are putting up disgusting numbers so far this year and allowing owners with decent QB's and average RB situations to still be a force in their leagues.  Next years draft is going to be very interesting if the RB/WR discrepancy in points does not change as the year goes on.  Stay Tuned.
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