Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RB Trent Richardson a Colt...Why?

Why is Trent Richardson smiling?  Because he is getting out of Cleveland. The Browns traded the third overall pick from the 2012 draft to the up and coming Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday.  This is not joke Brown's fans...This is the sad reality of what has become of your franchise.  The Browns seem to think that by constantly starting over they can keep hope alive in their fan base.  Starting over is exactly what Cleveland is doing and this cannot be more obvious.   I fully expect the Browns to go out of their way not to win games the rest of the year and this will be for one of two reasons.  One they are looking to acquire Jadeveon Clowney via draft pick or  two they are looking to try their hand again at drafting another franchise QB.  The list of QB's available in the 2014 draft is interesting including names like Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville), AJ McCarron (Bama) and the man that would put butts in the seats of any NFL stadium, Johnny "Football" Manziel.  Now Show, you are saying that Cleveland is tanking this season?  Of course they are!  Why else do you deal the third overall pick for Indy's 1st rounder this year when that pick is likely to be a late 1st and not hold the value that Trich does right now? The ultimate goal is to lessen the talent on the field in order to affect the final record giving them the choice of what to do at the top of next years draft.  Clowney is tempting in a world of throwing the football where you have to pressure the passer to defend.  Johnny Manziel is the guy I think they could be looking at and hell maybe they believe they can get both guys with those two picks.  Manziel is polarizing and would put so many people in the stands to behold the magic that this kid brings when he steps onto the field.  Johnny may be arrogant, he may be someone you'd rather punch in the face than talk to, but he is also the most exciting player arguably at any level of football right now.  I know I am not Aggie fan, but if Manziel is playing my son and I are glued to our television with hopes of seeing something great.  Maybe I am way off base and looking too deeply into this trade...maybe Cleveland saw a flaw in Trich's game and wanted to get out before the market crashed. I know Trich is no Adrian Peterson, but who is?  The fact is Trich had better rookie numbers than Jim Brown did his first year in Cleveland.  Trich may not be Jim Brown but he is an impact player. He was the best player in Cleveland and now he is a Colt and somewhere Andrew Luck is smiling.
Wes "theShow"

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