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Week 2 is upon us as the Jets-Jets-Jets are set to bring their underdog show to Foxboro to face the beat up Patriots.  Probably no Amendola and definitely no Gronk means the Jets could conceivably make this a popcorn game rather than the eat your wings fast so I can crash at halftime game this seemed to be when first scheduled.   Going to be interesting to see if Brady and the rookie WR's can get on the same page. 

Opening week was great!  Free NFL Direct TV pass with all the games and the Red Zone channel made my Sunday a great one.  It's almost exhausting having all that action at your fingertips. We all know the highlights of the week from the never ending loop of ESPN's NFL programming so I will not bore you with a repeat of those things.  Let's go ahead and look at the menu for this week's games and see what we want to order and what we want no part of in week 2.

STL @ ATL - Everyone knows I am a huge Rams fan and felt the game vs the Cards was a must win.  They made it interesting, but they did get the win outscoring the Cards 14-0 in the 4th quarter. Jake Cook had a monster game and was a fumble at the 1 from having a 3 TD day.  Cook wasn't exactly a deep sleeper, but he was a sleeper I grabbed for most of my teams because of the chemistry that he and Sam had during the preseason.  Well, for that and because I liked seeing that Yahoo Snickers Sleeper message pop up during the draft.  Bradford seemed much more eat ease with a weapon like JC.  Sure Cook's not going to go off like this every week but he has top 5 TE written all over him.  His emergence will open the gates for Austin and Givens to make explosive plays down the field.  I like the Rams to upset the Falcons this week with Roddy White still nursing a nasty high ankle sprain.  Givens and Austin are interesting WR 3's this week and Cook may not score again, but he'll draw plenty of attention.  Daryl Richardson is taking no ones breath away at the RB position and with Pead back I don't like either of them in this game.  Sam is a decent start for steamers, but most of you have a more highly drafted QB you can go with. 

Taking a look at ATL you gotta love Tony G this week.  The Rams have never been all that good defending the TE and he is one of the greatest of all time.  Ryan is a steady start, but he will throw at least one pick if not two.  Matty Icr rolls at home so he is a start, but I do expect somewhat average number from him facing the Rams pressure and top notch corners.  This game should be more about Stephen Jackson who gave the Rams the bulk of his career with nothing to show for it, but losing seasons.  Rams fans know the sacrifice and class Sjax played with for all those years so if karma is real, you can bank on him scoring in this one, he's a must start.  Julio Jones is a beast and is close to unstoppable, but I would not start Roddy or Douglas.

Cleveland and Baltimore is an interesting matchup.  We are going to see a bunch of Trich in this game as he bounces back from a lackluster week one effort.  I love Trich this week.  Jordan Cameron was a beast week one and should continue to get mad targets with Josh Gordon serving his last game of suspension.  Weeden should be ok this week vs the Ravens defense that Peyton just embarrassed on Thursday, but no way would I start him in any league at any time.  On the other side of the ball Flacco scares me to death this week.  Joe Hayden will give Torrey Smith fits and Marlon Brown is certainly worth a flyer in deep leagues this week he is not going to be enough to carry this offense.  That will be left up to Ray Rice who I expect to have a big game.  This will be a lower scoring game...heavy on the run on both sides.

Panthers @ Bills - We'll give Cam Newton a pass this past week as he faced the monster Seahawk defense.  This week I think Cam has a huge game and is a must start.  Last week I sat Cam for Sam Bradford and Alex Smith and was glad I did.  Look for Cam to run some in this game along with DeAngelo Williams who is a great bet to score.  Steve Smith should score again this week and Greg Olsen will probably get in the scoring as well.  The Bills are headed for 0-2 because the Carolina front 7 is the most underrated in the league.  EJ Maneul holds the ball too long and is going to get smacked in teeth in this game.  Sit EJ and just hope he dumps the ball off to Spiller enough so he can get loose.  I am not as low on Spiller this week as some are.  Roll him out there and he'll his digits.  The rest of the Bills offense I want no part of week 2 outside of maybe Stevie Johnson in pprs.

Vikings @ Chicago - This game is pretty easy to call.  AP gets his and Ponder gives the ball away a few times and costs them the game...simple!  Cutler is a start and so is Bmarsh and Forte and the Bears DST.

Skins at Gbay - Washington headed to 0-2...cue the Shanny haters.  This game is a fantasy feast which should have both teams scoring into the 30's or close to it.  Start Rusty3 and A-rod and let the good times roll for the Gbay WR's.  James Jones will reappear this week...thanks for the goose egg last week bro! Not sure what is up with Fred Davis but this guy seems to be a non factor.  I say if he doesn't show up this week he should be dropped.  I have already canned him in a few leagues.  Eddie Lacy is an intriguing player..look for 75 and a TD in this one and I expect 2 TD's and 110 yards out of Alfred Morris as Shanny attempts to slow the pace with the running game.

Tennessee at Houston - In a closer than expected match the Texans will eek out a win vs the steady Titans.  CJ2K proved me right again last week for not drafting him in any leagues as he did not reach pay dirt after a stellar preseason.  Yes, he was vultured at the stripe, but with him it's always something.  Kenny Britt draws a struggling J.Joseph this week. Kenny gets WR3 status from me this week. Looking for a sleeper in this one - a deep sleeper? Nate Washington.  I'd sit Locker.
For Houston Schaub is a decent start here if you roll with a streaming QB strategy.  I like the rook Hopkins and think he is a good bet to score this week as well as Andre3000.  Foster and Tate splitting carries is a nightmare.  Foster is no more than a flex play this week.   Owen Daniels continues to get it done at the TE position though a score this week may be asking abit much 5 catches for 60 yards should be a given.

Miami @ Indy
Is the Miami offense really this bad?  I was never buying the Tannehill hype and how bad was that running game this past week?  Lamar Miller (10 carries for 3 freakin' yds week 1) should bounce back and Mike Wallace as well.  I think Mike could have a really big gave after his wine-fest early in the week.  Just shut your pie hole and play already.  Luck and the Colts were too conservative for my taste last week vs Oakland.  Luck is so efficient it is scary and can put up monster numbers vs just about any defense. Miami's defense is no joke, but I am starting Luck all day especially at home.  B-double-O-TY Hilton really let his owners down last week and this week I am almost afraid to start him.  I like Wayne to roll at home just like he has been doing his whole career. Forget Indy's TE's they are a non factor.  As for the RB's go with Ballard over Bradshaw again this week. Sleeper is DHB.

Dallas @ KC
Reid is very familiar with Dallas which should make this a really interesting game.  In another lower scoring game I like the Chiefs to upset the Boys after pressuring Romo into several bad throws.  KC can defend the pass and can put up just enough pts to win...something like 21-20 KC.  No really outstanding starts here with Dez Bryant banged up and facing a great CB in Brandon Flowers.  Both running backs will find the end zone so roll out Charles and Murray and take your chances with Alex Smith and Romo.  D.Bowe did nothing last week so he owes fantasy owners so there's something to watch in somewhat of a boring match up.

Chargers at Philly
This has wipe out written all over it.  I drafted Vick where ever I could this year as a QB2 and praised his name at drafts and to friends and after week 1 he has held up his end of the deal.  San Diego is a bad defense traveling across the country.  Vick and McCoy have become fantasy must starts in the Chip Kelly offense and DJax the same at WR.  Don't forget Bryce Brown is looking pretty good as a flex play in these juicy matchups.  Rivers looked good last week and so did Vincent brown.  Sure, Matthews scored, but if he hadn't his line would have been a tragedy so I am not touching anyone in that backfield.  Gates looks to be done, but I don't hate him or the aforementioned Brown in a garbage time role.  Rivers is an interesting start because he will have to throw to keep up.

Lions at Cardinals
I really like the Zona DST this week to do some big things and score at least one TD as they did this week.  They will give up their share of points and yards but they are loaded with play makers like Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson.  On offense stay away from the running game, but looky here we have a Larry Fitzgerald sighting.  One of the best and classiest dudes in the league is again a must start with Carson Palmer at the helm.  Palmer like Schaub is a good start this week if you like to stream your QB's.  On the Lions side we keep expecting the big Megatron game and it's been awhile.  I still love him, but am not sure he's a lock to go off this week. Stafford throws a ton so why not roll with him if you drafted him?  Reggie Bush is looking like fantasy gold right now and is a RB one this week and you could do worse with Joique Bell as a flex.  If Broyles is again a DNP then Nate Burleson is not a terrible start as a WR4.  Sleeper - Detroit TE Joseph Fauria, in TD leagues he's worth a look.  I like Zona in this game for those in pick 'ems.  Detroit throws it around the yard and those DB's are going to make a play, guaranteed.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay
The Saints have a history of torturing Tampa and this week should be more of the same.  I do think Tampa will keep this ball game closer than expected and that Doug Martin is going to get off along with Vjack, but Drew Brees looks dialed in to me and ready to take this team on his back.  Colston a good bet to score here and Graham is a must start as the top TE in fantasy.   In a 3 pt ball game I am taking the Saints to win.  Side note will be that Freeman plays better.  If he doesn't ...go pocket Glennon in deep dynasty leagues because his shot may be closer than you think.  The gigantic kid from NC State looks like a pro to me.  Steady Mike Williams is always a threat to score for Tampa but two weeks in a row may not be playing the odds.  As for the Saints backfield...thank you S.Peyton for making us think you may actually use Mark Ingram's talents this preseason...Sproles is overrated and if we are not talking ppr I am not using him...ever.  Run Ingram in the red zone man!  For now gotta sit Ingram even in deep leagues.  Sleeper - Kenny Stills WR Saints - really nice looking ball player out of Oklahoma can do work down the field. 

Manning vs Manning in East Rutherford, NJ
Oh yeah, there will be some yards thrown for in this game.  Denver doesn't run much and the Giants aren't trusting their one healthy RB Wilson so this should be an air show.  Start your QB's, TE's and WR's baby and let it ride.  Sleeper - Rueben Randle WR3 Giants.  Bring the rain boys!  Running backs can stay home.

Jags head West to Oaktown
Only thing we have here is some questions to be answered.
1. MJD have anything in the tank? I start him as a RB two this week.
2. Can Terrell Pryor run all over the place again and be fantasy relevant?  I am not sure, we'll see.
3. Does either one of these teams want Teddy Bridgewater (current U Louisville QB) guess the answer is whomever loses. Maybe Oakland wants Clowney...who knows.
Run DMC, MJD, Denarius Moore interesting starts I'd consider.

Niners @ Seahawks
Buckle up - some one is about to get hit!  Two great defensive teams with offenses that can roll it up. I think we will see a little of both with Frisco doing what seems near impossible winning in Seattle.
How good is Kaepernick?  Wishing I had him in a whole lot more leagues.  Anquan Boldin making many of us look dumber than a bag of rocks performing at a ridiculous level week one after being drafted in the 5th round and later in most leagues. Vernon Davis looking huge and is a must start.   Frank Gore seems to be more of a sure handed plodder these days, but should have his share of TD's this season as an RB2-3.  I think Marshawn Lynch will bounce back in a big way this week and Russell Wilson will play well but not great. Can't wait to watch this game.

Not "Waiting all day for Monday Night" - Not a great game, but they will play so here's the breakdown.
Pittsburgh is a notoriously good Monday night team so do no underestimate Big Ben who just looked putrid last week.  I do like the Bengals with AJ Green being possibly the best WR in the league right now.  A good mix of BJGE and Bernard should help them move the ball down where they can take advantage of their huge red zone weapons.  Antonio Brown should have a nice bounce back from week one with solid yardage and a end zone trip.  Heath Miller usually does well on Monday nights when healthy.  Sleeper - M.Sanu - Giovani Bernard

It's open season boys......good hunting,
Wes "The Show"

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