Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yahoo Sports Running Back Article....

As much as Yahoo Sports columnists make me laugh out loud with some of the things they post this article on whom should be the number three running back in your 2013 fantasy draft is pretty solid.  I like how they make an argument for several players at the number 3 slot.  Last year the running back water was murkier than I have ever seen it.  This year things are abit more clear and there are less mistakes to be made in the first's all in who you like.  If you have not read it yet here is the link to the article.  One note here...Foster seems to be the consensus pick at no.2, but I think Doug Martin has a legit place there in keeper leagues.  I  know Foster is not old by any stretch, but the guy has taken a beating in his career with his number of carries.  I think he has a couple nice years left in him, but players like him...when they hit the wall they crash and burn and who do you want 2-3 years from now?
Enjoy the article and look for summer NFL Fantasy Football reads coming your way as the 2013 season gets closer.  Rookie Rage, New Faces in New Places and Rankings are all things in the works.
(courtesy Yahoo Sports)

Wes "theShow" Ramsey

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