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NBA DRAFT LOTTERY 2013 BREAKDOWN as it went down....

This draft has been disrespected more than any I can remember.  There is no Lebron James or guys like Andrew Wiggins aor Jabari Parker and a few others who will be coming out in 2014 and making that possible superstar type of splash in the league.  I like this draft because there are some solid players through the first two rounds.   It is full of players that can play in the league for years and play effectively.  As this draft goes along tonight I will look at how these picks could affect the teams, the league and for this blog's purpose their fantasy hoops impact. 

1. Cleveland Cavs selects - Anthony Bennett UNLV - I  love draft shockers!  This kid has mad real life and fantasy potential in a league devoid of good young big men.  I like this upside pick. Kyrie Irving will enjoy playing with this young, do it all PF as Cleveland continues to build a very nice looking squad.  If he can get the minutes at the 3 his fantasy value will be in the 7-10 round range.  Definitely a solid keeper league pick.

2. Orlando Magic selects - Victor Oladipo, Indiana.  This is a great pick for the Magic who are in desperate need of a high character, high motor player that the fans can rally around and support.  With one of, if not the best Arena in the league, the Magic need someone to put butts in the seats for years and this kid with the crazy work ethic should be that type of player.  The Magic need so many pieces amidst this rebuilding project and this is a nice start. I can imagine Aaron Affalo will now be dealth so that Victor can start and allow the magic to use Affalo to acquire a PG.  I thought they coulda went Trey Burke here as well, but I love the Oladipo pick.   Oladipo is more of a project player when it comes to fantasy because the questions about his shooting, but I would not be afraid to take him in dynasty leagues due to the fact that he will get huge minutes and he will no doubt improve quickly.  When the name Dwayne Wade is being thrown around in comparisons...ya can't ignore that.

3. Washington Wizards selects - Otto Porter Jr, from Geogetown University.  Otto is a stud wing...S-T-U-D. This kid will immediately be on the fantasy radar in the middle rounds of most drafts.  He can contribute to the Wiz and to your fantasy teams right away.  The Wiz need something..maybe this dynamic player is it. 

4. Charlotte Bobcats selects - Another surprise, Cody Zeller the center out of Indiana (over Noel?)  Another interesting pick for Michael Jordan and his consistently awful Bobcats.  The Indiana big man will get some minutes and is a supreme athlete.  He came into the college season as the favorite for the player of the year so it's not like this pick is crazy.  He'll be available late in your drafts and if he plays the 4 and 5 he'll certainly have late upside value in both season and keeper formats. 

5. Phoenix Suns selects - Alex Len C our of Maryland.  This is a talented player that is only 21 years old with a wide variety of skills.  He won't be on the fantasy radar in most leagues.  Going to be interesting to see how the Suns develop this player and what kind of minutes he plays.

6. New Orleans Pelicans selects - Nerlons Noel from Kentucky who most thought was going to be the top pick in this years draft.   Word is this pick will be dealt.  Pelicans do not really need another block happy center since they got Davis with the No.1 pick out of Kentucky last year. Noel probably going to be a Sixer.

7. Sacremento Kings selects - Ben McLemore guard out of Kansas.  Jay Bilas says this is the best player in the draft.  This guy can shoot the lights out and has the potential to be very explosive in the league.  One of my favorite keeper players in the draft and a guy that will help the Kings right away.  I think this guy will be much better in the league than he was in college play.  A guy you can reach for and not feel too bad about it in dynasty formats.

8. Detroit Pistons selects - Kent. Caldwell-Pope guard out of Georgia.
Pistons need guards...this fills the need and is a possible late flyer in leagues with a 3pt stat and he won' t kill you in the %'s.  Ugliest draft hats in years...never liked tall hats.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves selects - Trey Burke - yeah, I love this kid!!!  A monster for UM this year, won the Wooden Award and almost took the team to the National Championship win vs Louisville.  He can do it all...will be a real real nice guard in the league with nice court vision and great shot making ability.  If the Magic hadn't taken Oladipo at #2 they would have taken Burke. He'll be 10-12th round pick in your fantasy drafts.  Stay tuned he may be traded because Minnesota already has a young PG in Ricky Rubio.  Update - Trey Burke to Utah for the 14th and 21st picks they hold in this years draft.

10. Portland Trailblazers selects - 2nd PG in two years...a year after Damien Lillard they take C.J McCollum G from Lehigh.   Man this kid can fill it up....give him the rock and he will get his shot up!  When he gets heated up the net will be looking like the old NBA Jam game.  Not a bad defender. A four year player who should provide immediate value and is another good late flyer in your fantasy drafts to contribute to the 3 and scoring categories. 

11. Philadelphia 76ers selects - Michael Carter-Williams tall G out of Syracuse goes to Philly where he will have plenty of time to develop his shot and try to replace Jrue Holiday who I believe was dealt to the Pelicans tonight in the Nerlons Noel deal.  The peeps are calling him MCW.  I don't think he has much initial fantasy value.  The best thing he has going for him is he will get minutes as Philly goes young this year. Put him on your watch list.

12. Oklahoma City selects - Steven Adams C Pittsburgh.  Don't know much about this guy other than what I heard on the draft show. From New Zealand he stands at 7 feet tall and weighs over 250 pounds.  Project big man...not sure why a team like OKC in the mix for a title isn't picking a player who can play right away.  I don't love the pick. This is the state of the NBA...shortage of big men will have guys like this getting taken way too early.

13. Dallas Mavericks select - word is they do not want this pick in order to save money to chase Dwight Howard in free agency. If they make this pick I bet they deal it or they'll take some project overseas player they do not have to pay right away.  They picked Kelly Olynyk from Gonzaga who is being traded to the Celtics.  The fans will love him there.  Good athletic big man who will be able to play right away for the rebuilding Celtics.  In fantasy leagues with two C's he'll be a good number two guy for you as long as the minutes are there and you can get him real late.

14. Minnesota (from Utah in Burke deal) selects -Shabazz Muhammed F from UCLA.  He has the potential to be one of the better players in this draft, but he could bust just as easily.  I am not real thrilled about the way he played in college where he should have dominated.  It's a huge wait and see on this guy.  Don't draft.
(end of the lottery picks)

The lottery picks end with pick 14. We'll wrap up the leftovers in a summary article at a later time.  Hope you enjoyed the lottery breakdown.  
Wes "theShow"

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