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                2012 Show Fantasy Sports Football Awards

I cannot believe we are already looking to the 2013 NFL draft as far as fantasy purposes go.  Sure we have the Super Bowl and a few lame playoff leagues still to play out, but let's be realistic...we have a long wait until FFB 2013 starts.  While we are waiting and formulating our baseball draft plans let's take a look at some Show Fantasy Sports Football Awards for 2012. 

Fantasy Come Back Player of the Year - Peyton Manning, missed an entire year of football and will most likely win the MVP of the league.
Honorable Mention...Adrian Peterson RB Vikings...incredible recovery, but he did play football last year and the award is comeback player.

MVP and Run For The Money(Best RB Award) Adrian Peterson RB Vikings  -  In a league where finding useful running backs week to week was a chore this guy was cash money all year long.

My Favorite Rookie:  Doug Martin - the RB out of Boise State brought his all around game to the Bucs this year and was better than advertised in PPR's.

Honorable Mention:  RG3...this guy was maybe the top fantasy rookie in most peoples eyes but he had the ball in his hands every snap and more opportunity than Martin.  I think what D-mart did was amazing considering the fate of most rookie running backs in recent years. 

Fantasy QB of the year: Drew Brees.....even with the saints struggling this year Brees still went over 5000 yds again with 43 td's.  His year to year numbers are ridiculous.  Drew is well on his way to the hall of fame.

Honorable Mention:  Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers' numbers were sick this year again and he may still be the first QB off the board next year yet again. The award could have also gone to Tom Brady who had more yards than Rodgers and a lower int rate than Brees. 

Fantasy Duds of the Year - so many Duds so little time.....

My fantasy dud of the year was Matt Stafford.  Not that Staff didn't put up viable year in numbers but Matt gets a piece of this award due to the fact many spent a 1st rounder or early 2nd rounder on the Detroit QB with a load of weapons and the green light to throw on most every down...over 5,000 yds in 2011 had us begging for more this season but along with his Lions most weeks Staff was D-Dud-City. 

CJ2K.  never again!...outside of one crazy 3 TD week CJ2K was mostly garbage this season and I will never, and I mean never draft this guy again.  His numbers as a whole never look that bad, but if you chose him in the first round you felt the pain and agree with this "dud" label.

Kenny Britt WR Titans - 1 TD, nuff said.  he was coming off a huge injury so i give him a bit of a break.  Sure Kenny's coming off an injury, but several other players at least gave us some occasional numbers coming off devastating injuries.  The only thing Kenny devastated was his owners.

Larry Fitzgerald WR Cards....4 TD's ...really Larry?!  The other WR's on this list weren't completely healthy, but outside of Megatron who has your skills?  One of the most talented WR's in the league treated us with many weeks where he just disappeared.  I do expect a bounce back season from Fitz next year, but he'll certainly have managers thinking hard about where to draft him for the 2013 season.   Goodluck, Larry!  One of the classiest dudes in the league. 

Hakeem Nicks WR Giants - Nicks could have won this dud of the year award hands down by himself.  I saw this one coming form a mile away once he reported to camp looking like a defensive lineman. Nicks came in heavy unable to train in the off season after foot surgery and not putting him in the pup and playing him right out of the gate grounded his season before it even took off.  Nice work Giants.  You had a young WR in R.Randle you got in the draft and should have featured him while Nicks got back into real playing shape and healed up completely. No doubt this contributed to the Gmen not making the playoffs this season.

2012 Fantasy Surprise Player of the Year - Wow this one is easy!...Russell Wilson QB after thought pick in the draft believed by many to be a project ended up starting week one and drove the Seahawks bandwagon all the way to the playoffs.  What Wilson has done has simply been amazing this season even though he has done it in the shadow of RG3 and Andrew Luck.  People who look QB a little later in drafts will be eyeing Russell in 2013.

Honorable Mention goes to Alfred Morris RB Skins, equally deserving of this award...anyone who would have said Alfred had any chance of posting 1600 plus yards and 13 TD's would have been taken for a fool.  Next year Alfred won't be Batman's butler...he'll be a super hero himself, a sure fire first round pick.

Waiver Wire Plunder of the year...I say it's a tie between two WR's from the same AFC conference. Ty Hilton WR Colts and Cecil Shorts WR Jags both had just under 1,000 yds receiving and 7 touchdowns.  Shorts was a bit more of a surprise than Hilton, but both brought a lot to the table for owners desperate for an impact WR. 

Honorable Mention goes to Danario Alexander WR San Diego for his crazy last 5-6 weeks of the season.  A late add by the Chargers on waivers from the Rams he blew up the end of the year finishing with 7 td's in less than half a season's work with the club.  The only reason why he cannot win this award or share it is his big fat goose-egg the first week of the fantasy playoffs.  Owners will not forget that in the draft next year. Still DX was a nice surprise.  

One Week Wonder:  Another slam dunk performance claimed this award for Matt Schaub QB Texans who threw for 527 yds in a week 11 match up with the Jags and has pretty much stunk it up ever since.  The plug and play QB community thank you Mr. Schaub for winning many match ups in week 11. 

The Fool Me Once Shame on You, Fool Me Twice Shame on Me and Fool Me Three Times Just Punch Me Right in the Face Award(don't think that's going to fit on the plaque) goes to....Ryan Matthews RB San Diego...this is another one of those, never again!  A grand total of 1 td was yielded by the selection of Ryan Matthews to your fantasy team.  Sure, I could have put Mr. Glass in my "dud" category but I thought after years of torturing and teasing fantasy owners that he deserved his own award.

Biggest Injury Bummer Award:  Again this is an easy one.  when MJD RB Jags went down early this season many owners lost the anchor of their team and one of the dependable fantasy running backs in the game.  Finding RB's is no easy task as you can attest to if you owned any of the Jags handcuffs like Rashad Jennings.  Here's hoping Pocket Hercules comes back with a vengeance next season. 

Now we would like to dish out our Five Minutes of Fame awards for 2012 to Bryce Brown RB Eagles who put up a couple weeks of nasty numbers on the heels of a Lesean Mccoy injury then disappeared, thanks to DeAngelo Williams RB panthers for teasing us again with a nice finish to a season rolling up some huge numbers and to Felix Jones RB Dallas, actually didn't do half bad in the absence of the oft injured Demarco Murray.  David Wilson RB Giants blew up one weekend with 2 td's rushing and another TD on a return then went away.  Andrew Hawkins lit up the waiver wire early on showing serious speed for the Bengals at the slot WR then playing time then an injury ended his run.  Andre Brown, RB Gmen, until he hit the IR he was every one's favorite vulture at the stripe. Nice knowing you guys hope to see you on the wire someday when I need you again. 15 minutes is better than no minutes at all. 

We spent a lot of time here saluting, but also bashing some of the bums that caused us headaches this year.  Now it's time to mention some of my favorite players from 2012 that either did exactly what we thought they may do or exceeded our expectations.  I can't list all of them, but here are a few of my favorite.
Sleepers that worked out just fine;  Randall Cobb WR packers just missed 1,000 yds and totaled caught 8 receiving touchdowns not to mention the bonus return yardage.  I targeted this guy heavily this year and even 2011 in dynasties and came out smelling like a rose.  Stevan Ridley RB Pats was one of those guys I chose earlier than most because he was the only game in town when it came to guys with the strength in the NE backfield to pile up Corey Dillon like TD totals...thank you Mr. Ridley.  I was not one of the guys that heavily targeted RG3 but those who did were hoping for the 3200 yds passing and 800 plus yds rushing to go with the 27 total TD' may not have been Cam Newton circa 2011, but it was tasty stuff.   We knew Peyton Manning would make WR's Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas stars and we weren't disappointed as both WRs notched 13 and 10 TD's respectively with plenty of yards to boot.  AJ Green WR Bengals showed why he is a freak of nature with another great sophomore campaign of 1350 yds and 11 td's and to think the sky is the limit for this kid.  Like Green Atlanta's Julio Jones was also targeted heavily for the breakout and he did not disappoint racking up big plays and scoring 10 td's.  The big surprise here after his miserable start was Cowboys WR Dez Bryant.  Once Dez got going he dominated secondaries and finished with a staggering almost 1300 yds and 12 tds receiving.  Those who banked on Dez and were patient got a major payoff.  And we have to mention All Day Adrian Peterson one more time who fought threw his nasty knee injury and dominated.  I did not believe in All Day AP and payed a major price for it in some leagues.   Remember all the articles..."use a first round pick on him at your own risk"..."no way he can be the same guy".  I bought into all this and did not have him on one team where I didn't already have him and or kept him...this was one of my huge misses this year in an overall very good year for my draft projections. 

Well 2012 FFB is in the books and I already can't wait for the NFL draft where we will go searching for the next Alfred Morris and the next Russell Wilson to put in our fantasy lineups and lead us to glory.


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