Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yahoo Fantasy Football Girl

Now I officially have a reason to pay attention to Yahoo Fantasy Football.  No, I am not too interested in what Funston and Evans have to say, but I am interested in my new favorite sports girl and her name is Melanie Collins.  The stunning blonde with the girl next door looks is easy on the eyes.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week 5 - Hoyer, Pryor & Let Them Be Giants

Well here it is the eve of the Thursday night fans and NFL network execs have to be thinking that outside of the Buffalo and Cleveland markets that the rating for this weeks match up are going to be dismal.  The match ups have not been bad this year but viewers and fantasy owners alike have taken a blood bath watching poorly executed games probably due to the limited time to game plan.  This week may not look like the juiciest but I for one think this may be the first helping of fantasy goodness we have seen on Thursday night outside of a couple 49er bright spots last week.  I think the Browns key players could do some real damage in this game.  Someone forgot to tell Browns QB Brian Hoyer that the team was suppose to tank some of these game or all of them to go after what is believed to be a very good 2014 NFL draft class.  Hoyer is going to throw the ball often this week and for the rest of the season.  TE Jordan Cameron is becoming the Jimmy Graham of the AFC and Josh Gordon if he can stay away from the weed for long enough is going to be a major down field threat going forward.  The Bills will struggle in this game with Stevie Johnson banged up and possibly facing CB Joe Haden (ask AJ Green how good Haden is) and both Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller both Questionable are in real danger of not playing.  Need a QB for a bye week plug in?  Take a chance on Hoyer and dare I say it start your Browns!  The Browns and the home crowd should be pumped up for this one and that's not a good thing for QB EJ Manuel and his banged up Bills. 

This has been one of the more strange fantasy football seasons that I have ever been a part of.  The death of the consistent running backs and the unpredictability of this season has made fantasy consistency a white rabbit.  Going into week 5 here are some of my thoughts on what may be in store for owners. 

Is it just me or does the waiver wire suck this year?  Do you feel like you are throwing darts while blind folded?  I have been hesitant to make any claims and lose priority status in my leagues of late because of the sparse amount of waiver wire studs.  I figure I'll let others make their claims until there is that one big injury I can take advantage of down the road.  A good example of an obvious claim that many would make is the add of Rashad Jennings, RB Raiders.  His back up M.Reece and  starter RunDmc are both questionable this week and most likely will not play so Jennings will end up getting the start.  Before you click that little plus symbol next to Jenning's name consider last year when MJD went down and he was inserted into the starting lineup. Whether the match up was good or not so good Jennings laid and egg for fantasy owners on multiple occasions.  What does it say about him that the Jags, as bad as they are, made no effort to keep him on their team? 

A few wire adds I do like are Nate Washington WR Titans and Kenny Britt WR Titans (for now).  I like these adds for different reasons.  Nate Washington is like that dependable Kenmore washer your mom has had for 20 years and it just keeps on working.  Old man Nate can still ball even without a ton of explosiveness at his disposal.  The sure handed veteran has begun to flourish as Britt has fallen out of favor with the current Titan admin. Washington should be a healthy source of fantasy points and retain WR3/4 potential for the rest of the season.  Britt on the other hand is a handy add because I believe he will be dealt to an NFC team or team out of Titans division shortly.  Kenny has not been happy for sometime now and I believe it is not only because of the lack of targets, but it is due to the fact that he is in a contract year and the Titans are costing him money not involving him and on top of that they have no intention of resigning him so he feels they are taking money out of his pocket and he is right.  Let's hope for Kenny and for us that he is dealt to a passing team (maybe Detroit) and we'll come off looking really good that we had him stashed on our roster.  If you have short rosters and the byes are killing you at least keep Britt on your watch list. 

I don't have time to highlight all the games this week but I do have some thoughts on some of the most interesting games.  I cannot wait to see the Denver vs Dallas game as the passes will be flying and a lot of fantasy points will be scored by both teams.  Start your Broncos and Cowboys boys and girls and hold on tight!  I would not recommend either DST here though Denver's has been more than serviceable this season.

Giants vs Eagles (or as I like to call it Eli's last stand)
Start Eli Manning. Why?  Because if you cannot use Eli Manning at home vs Eagles then you may as well cut him.  Start RB David Wilson and WR Hakeem Nicks both of whom have been dreadful in recent weeks.  I believe both players are excellent buy low candidates as the Giants made a quiet commitment to Wilson this week by waiving RB Da'rel Scott meaning Wilson will be involved so again if you cannot run him out there at least in your flex this week he may as well not be on your roster.  Nicks has underachieved this season even though it's a big contract year for him.  Randle does not seem close to taking Nick's position at that point so you have to believe that Nicks wants to get his money and he's not going to do that unless he balls out the rest of the way.  I am starting Nicks in every league that I own him this week.  On the Eagles side of the ball Michael Vick and Lesean McCoy having crazy fantasy seasons so far.  Even when Vick plays poorly he puts up the fantasy points because of the running ability.  McCoy looks like Barry Sanders light right now and may be the most valuable RB outside of Adrian Peterson(Yes, despite the points I still like AP).  Problem with the Eagles is teams are wising up and doubling Desean Jackson.  The Eagles scare no one with opposite side WRs Riley Cooper and Jason Avant and Vick has not used Brent Celek enough to draw any safety attention.  As much as Nicks is a buy low I think Jackson could be a sell high.  I realize it would be hard to deal him after the monster games he has put up so far, but you are seeing the stats correct themselves now and I fear for Jackson owners that this is only the beginning.  It's not like you can throw the smaller Jackson jump balls like you can an AJ Green or Julio Jones.  I don't hate Djax, but you cannot expect WR1 numbers going forward so why not test the market?

Carolina at Arizona Breakdown
Can't wait to see the battle between Patrick Peterson and Steve Smith in this one.  How cool would be it be have one of those guys mic'd up all game?  It may be a rated R clip, but it would be old school smack talk you can believe that.  I like Carolina in this game even though the Cards do play pretty well at home.  Carolina with an extra week to prepare and a rested defense featuring one of the more underrated front 7's will hit Palmer plenty in this one opening up plenty of opportunities for Cam and company to do their thing on offense. Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams  had a nice game going into the bye and you can expect another one here including his first TD of the season.  Cam Newton will have a big game running and passing to Smith and Lafell who may be overlooked in this game as the safeties slant to Smiths side.  Olsen should find room in the middle though the Cards LB's are nothing to sneeze at now that Daryl Washington is back from his suspension.  On the Cards side of the ball we can safely say at home Larry Fitzgerald will get his but we can't be sure about anyone else in the Cardinals offense.  I will be watching the workload breakdown between Mendenhall and Ellington.  Ellington has shown glimpses of dynamic ability. 

Bad Team - Good Start:  Dare I say start Raiders QB Terrell Pryor if you need him?  I think you can get a safe start out of Pryor vs a terrible SD secondary and you can also expect more rushing yards than normal with the Raider RB corp decimated by injuries.  What is this world coming to when we are starting Brian Hoyer and Pryor this week? 

Worst of the wost - Blaine Gabbert is averaging under 3 total fantasy points per game in his last few starts going back to last season. Ya know it's bad when we are calling for now second stringer Chad Henne to give us some hope for WR Cecil Shorts and the back from suspension WR Justin Blackmon who was great with Henne under center towards the end of last season.  Blackmon was actually rated in the top 15 of fantasy wide outs during that 5-6 game span.  By the way before you bail on that Rams fantasy bandwagon they play the Jags this week so keep your Rams in, but make it a one night stand because the Rams are what they are on offense. They are not creative, they are conservative to a fault, they cannot run the ball and they are not using their new weapons.  On top of that Sam Breaking Badford has looked lost in the Brian Schottenheimer offense. Ride 'em this week then jump off that bandwagon before the wheels fall off.

Is it me or is there a set of games out there this week that have low scoring fantasy desert written all over them.  Titans vs Chiefs, two really nice defenses and conservative offenses.  Indy and Seattle - two teams content to ram the ball down your throat and eat clock.  Houston vs Frisco - two defenses loaded with dynamic players and two QB's who have had their bad games this year.  Miami and Baltimore - two mediocre QB's facing ticked off defenses coming off rough losses.  Sure one of these will end up being a barn burner because that is the way this season has gone...but sure as that happens another game on the schedule will give us the 16-13 finish.  Could be another week having several teams putting up ugly fantasy numbers.

Not To Worry -
This week I think you will see WR James Jones do his thing in Green Bay...just when you forget about that dude he throws up some monster numbers.  The aforementioned H.Nicks should show up this week.  Eddie Lacy RB Packers will be back in his starting role and smashing and bashing his way to respectable numbers.  Seahawks WR Sidney Rice is still getting that knee right, but something tells me to play him this week at Indy.  TE Jared Cook went off for STL week one and he'll come rampaging back this week. 

Deal Him - Mike Wallace WR Dolphins.  Check his schedule and the DB's he will be facing over the next 5-6 weeks and tell me it's a bad move if you can get fair market value. 

Target Him -
Tony Romo QB Cowboys is sitting around No.18 in QB points right now in most leagues which is below what Tony usually gives his owners.  If you are one of those guys who waited to take Tony to reap the rewards he gives you when compared to his ADP(average draft position) never fear the points are coming so if you need a QB trade for Romo.  All the weapons are healthy and the schedule is looking like the dessert table down the local buffet. 

Know When to Hold 'Em -
Doug Martin RB Bucs - Yes I know the Bucs are terrible right now because of the QB play.  Thing is where else are you going to find a guy that gets this many touches at the RB position?  He is bound to improve and you could do worse.  Hold on and just hope Glennon can improve along the way and open up some room for Dmart.  If you dealt him right now it would be hard to get fair market value. Sit tight and reap the coming rewards.  

Good Luck this weekend, unless you are playing me.
Wes "theShow"

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waiting All Day for Thursday Night...

One team will be looking smack dab at a 1-3 record in a loaded NFC with questions about a season possibly lost and the other will be back on track and right there in the division behind Seattle.  Huge question marks for both teams coming in.  Will the real Colin Kaepernick please stand up?!  Uhm, weren't the Rams suppose to be a top 10 defense?  If the Rams have all these new weapons how do they manage to gain only 18 yds in the first half vs the Cowboys?  How will the Niners deal with not having some of their biggest stars?  I've been waiting all day til' Thursday night (Sorry NBC had to copy that, though I'd rather watch Carrie Underwood sing it, mmmm).  The return of Vernon Davis in this game could be huge for the 49ers vs a struggling Rams defense looking for answers. My gut tells me niners by 7, hope I am wrong.  Rams need Tavon Austin to do something special in his introduction to a national tv audience for the Rams to win.  Shortly we'll have our answers.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


                  IT'S GAME TIME...GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RB Trent Richardson a Colt...Why?

Why is Trent Richardson smiling?  Because he is getting out of Cleveland. The Browns traded the third overall pick from the 2012 draft to the up and coming Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday.  This is not joke Brown's fans...This is the sad reality of what has become of your franchise.  The Browns seem to think that by constantly starting over they can keep hope alive in their fan base.  Starting over is exactly what Cleveland is doing and this cannot be more obvious.   I fully expect the Browns to go out of their way not to win games the rest of the year and this will be for one of two reasons.  One they are looking to acquire Jadeveon Clowney via draft pick or  two they are looking to try their hand again at drafting another franchise QB.  The list of QB's available in the 2014 draft is interesting including names like Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville), AJ McCarron (Bama) and the man that would put butts in the seats of any NFL stadium, Johnny "Football" Manziel.  Now Show, you are saying that Cleveland is tanking this season?  Of course they are!  Why else do you deal the third overall pick for Indy's 1st rounder this year when that pick is likely to be a late 1st and not hold the value that Trich does right now? The ultimate goal is to lessen the talent on the field in order to affect the final record giving them the choice of what to do at the top of next years draft.  Clowney is tempting in a world of throwing the football where you have to pressure the passer to defend.  Johnny Manziel is the guy I think they could be looking at and hell maybe they believe they can get both guys with those two picks.  Manziel is polarizing and would put so many people in the stands to behold the magic that this kid brings when he steps onto the field.  Johnny may be arrogant, he may be someone you'd rather punch in the face than talk to, but he is also the most exciting player arguably at any level of football right now.  I know I am not Aggie fan, but if Manziel is playing my son and I are glued to our television with hopes of seeing something great.  Maybe I am way off base and looking too deeply into this trade...maybe Cleveland saw a flaw in Trich's game and wanted to get out before the market crashed. I know Trich is no Adrian Peterson, but who is?  The fact is Trich had better rookie numbers than Jim Brown did his first year in Cleveland.  Trich may not be Jim Brown but he is an impact player. He was the best player in Cleveland and now he is a Colt and somewhere Andrew Luck is smiling.
Wes "theShow"

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee

We interrupt the beginning of this article to report that Eddie Royal has just scored again!  The San Diego WR's best season as a professional he scored 5 TD's and through 2 games this year he has guessed it, 5 TD's.  Can this madness keep up?  Conventional wisdom says no because the guy has been in the league for years and we have not seen this from him, but on the other hand he can be serviceable in an offense that is being forced to throw to make up for San Diego's defensive issues.  Rivers, all but left for dead, is looking like a decent source of fantasy points.  Royal may indeed be a decent pickup for someone in need at WR because of his chemistry with Rivers combined with the injury to Malcolm Floyd (that poor guy cannot catch a break, we wish him well). 

He's Just Not That Good -
Rams RB Daryl Richardson may be the main man in the STL backfield but after watching him run in the preseason and now in the regular season I don't think he is very good at all.  Pead is an undisciplined runner and Stacy runs like he is in cement so the backfield is all Richardson's for now...but it is not a pretty sight.  Expect to see Fisher trying new things like letting Tavon Austin carry the ball some out of the backfield to get some explosiveness in there. 

Where Have You Been All My Life?
Broncos TE Julius Thomas is for real.  Another score this week smack dab in the middle of one of the best offenses in football makes Thomas Denver's version of Aaron Hernandez.  There are no reports leading us to believe that Thomas is in a gang so start him the rest of the season with confidence. 

Hide and Seek -
Who out there was beaten week one by the team that had Jared Cook?  1 catch week 2.  1 catch and that is with Sam Bradford throwing for 352 and 3 TD's.  Not sure how that happened, but I would not bet on that happening again. I am starting him next week vs the Cowboys in a game that Sam is going to have to check down to avoid Demarcus Ware and company.

David Wilson RB Giants - Why are you people so surprised at what David Wilson has given us this year.  Wilson is an unproven commodity with a bunch of upside...that's it.  Anything you get out of him should be gravy as you never should depend on unproven guys.  The same can be said for Eddie Lacy who I actually like and drafted a bunch this year...but it's still the same idea.  Eddie Lacy is unproven until proven otherwise.

Vick over Ryan Week 2
Yes I called it and it won me a very important league this week.  Hope you were paying attention.  Vick drafted this year as a number two QB was a golden pick.  Ride him until he breaks.

RGIII -- For now the G stands for garbage time. His fantasy numbers are good, but they have all came after being blown out early in games.  RG3 is going to be fine.  No one outside of Adrian Peterson recovers from that injury quickly. 
Welcome to the Party

Tavon Austin WR Rams - The kid outta WVU had 2 TD's Sunday and there's more to come from this explosive player.
DeAndre Hopkins WR Houston - Think the Pats wish they had this rookie?  Hopkins is NFL ready and looks great.
Fool's gold?

To Claim or Not to Claim?
James Starks RB Gbay - Unless you are desperate for a running back play next week don't bother wasting a waiver selection on Starks who has had plenty of opportunities before and never gave us any reason to start him before yesterday.  If you have to use him next week as a temp fix then do it and toss him back to the wire because Gbay has their buy and Lacy is sure to be back by the following week. 

The Times They are a Changing
I look around fantasy leagues and I have quite a few teams dealing with RB problems and those teams are still winning.  Gone are the days when you have to have two great RB's and one in your flex to get wins on Sunday.  In today's passing leagues you are in the money if you drafted your stud RB first then came back and drafted two quality WR's like Dez, Bmarsh, Demaryius Thomas. Julio Jones and AJ Green or many more that come to  mind.  True number one WR's are putting up disgusting numbers so far this year and allowing owners with decent QB's and average RB situations to still be a force in their leagues.  Next years draft is going to be very interesting if the RB/WR discrepancy in points does not change as the year goes on.  Stay Tuned.
Tell your friends about our blog and don't forget to throw your own 2 cents in. Looking forward to hearing from you. Prep for week 3 starts now.  Email me any lineup decisions you may have. 

Wes "theShow"

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 2 coming out of the tunnel....

       Tavon Austin and the Rams ready to roll in the ATL Week 2.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Week 2 is upon us as the Jets-Jets-Jets are set to bring their underdog show to Foxboro to face the beat up Patriots.  Probably no Amendola and definitely no Gronk means the Jets could conceivably make this a popcorn game rather than the eat your wings fast so I can crash at halftime game this seemed to be when first scheduled.   Going to be interesting to see if Brady and the rookie WR's can get on the same page. 

Opening week was great!  Free NFL Direct TV pass with all the games and the Red Zone channel made my Sunday a great one.  It's almost exhausting having all that action at your fingertips. We all know the highlights of the week from the never ending loop of ESPN's NFL programming so I will not bore you with a repeat of those things.  Let's go ahead and look at the menu for this week's games and see what we want to order and what we want no part of in week 2.

STL @ ATL - Everyone knows I am a huge Rams fan and felt the game vs the Cards was a must win.  They made it interesting, but they did get the win outscoring the Cards 14-0 in the 4th quarter. Jake Cook had a monster game and was a fumble at the 1 from having a 3 TD day.  Cook wasn't exactly a deep sleeper, but he was a sleeper I grabbed for most of my teams because of the chemistry that he and Sam had during the preseason.  Well, for that and because I liked seeing that Yahoo Snickers Sleeper message pop up during the draft.  Bradford seemed much more eat ease with a weapon like JC.  Sure Cook's not going to go off like this every week but he has top 5 TE written all over him.  His emergence will open the gates for Austin and Givens to make explosive plays down the field.  I like the Rams to upset the Falcons this week with Roddy White still nursing a nasty high ankle sprain.  Givens and Austin are interesting WR 3's this week and Cook may not score again, but he'll draw plenty of attention.  Daryl Richardson is taking no ones breath away at the RB position and with Pead back I don't like either of them in this game.  Sam is a decent start for steamers, but most of you have a more highly drafted QB you can go with. 

Taking a look at ATL you gotta love Tony G this week.  The Rams have never been all that good defending the TE and he is one of the greatest of all time.  Ryan is a steady start, but he will throw at least one pick if not two.  Matty Icr rolls at home so he is a start, but I do expect somewhat average number from him facing the Rams pressure and top notch corners.  This game should be more about Stephen Jackson who gave the Rams the bulk of his career with nothing to show for it, but losing seasons.  Rams fans know the sacrifice and class Sjax played with for all those years so if karma is real, you can bank on him scoring in this one, he's a must start.  Julio Jones is a beast and is close to unstoppable, but I would not start Roddy or Douglas.

Cleveland and Baltimore is an interesting matchup.  We are going to see a bunch of Trich in this game as he bounces back from a lackluster week one effort.  I love Trich this week.  Jordan Cameron was a beast week one and should continue to get mad targets with Josh Gordon serving his last game of suspension.  Weeden should be ok this week vs the Ravens defense that Peyton just embarrassed on Thursday, but no way would I start him in any league at any time.  On the other side of the ball Flacco scares me to death this week.  Joe Hayden will give Torrey Smith fits and Marlon Brown is certainly worth a flyer in deep leagues this week he is not going to be enough to carry this offense.  That will be left up to Ray Rice who I expect to have a big game.  This will be a lower scoring game...heavy on the run on both sides.

Panthers @ Bills - We'll give Cam Newton a pass this past week as he faced the monster Seahawk defense.  This week I think Cam has a huge game and is a must start.  Last week I sat Cam for Sam Bradford and Alex Smith and was glad I did.  Look for Cam to run some in this game along with DeAngelo Williams who is a great bet to score.  Steve Smith should score again this week and Greg Olsen will probably get in the scoring as well.  The Bills are headed for 0-2 because the Carolina front 7 is the most underrated in the league.  EJ Maneul holds the ball too long and is going to get smacked in teeth in this game.  Sit EJ and just hope he dumps the ball off to Spiller enough so he can get loose.  I am not as low on Spiller this week as some are.  Roll him out there and he'll his digits.  The rest of the Bills offense I want no part of week 2 outside of maybe Stevie Johnson in pprs.

Vikings @ Chicago - This game is pretty easy to call.  AP gets his and Ponder gives the ball away a few times and costs them the game...simple!  Cutler is a start and so is Bmarsh and Forte and the Bears DST.

Skins at Gbay - Washington headed to 0-2...cue the Shanny haters.  This game is a fantasy feast which should have both teams scoring into the 30's or close to it.  Start Rusty3 and A-rod and let the good times roll for the Gbay WR's.  James Jones will reappear this week...thanks for the goose egg last week bro! Not sure what is up with Fred Davis but this guy seems to be a non factor.  I say if he doesn't show up this week he should be dropped.  I have already canned him in a few leagues.  Eddie Lacy is an intriguing player..look for 75 and a TD in this one and I expect 2 TD's and 110 yards out of Alfred Morris as Shanny attempts to slow the pace with the running game.

Tennessee at Houston - In a closer than expected match the Texans will eek out a win vs the steady Titans.  CJ2K proved me right again last week for not drafting him in any leagues as he did not reach pay dirt after a stellar preseason.  Yes, he was vultured at the stripe, but with him it's always something.  Kenny Britt draws a struggling J.Joseph this week. Kenny gets WR3 status from me this week. Looking for a sleeper in this one - a deep sleeper? Nate Washington.  I'd sit Locker.
For Houston Schaub is a decent start here if you roll with a streaming QB strategy.  I like the rook Hopkins and think he is a good bet to score this week as well as Andre3000.  Foster and Tate splitting carries is a nightmare.  Foster is no more than a flex play this week.   Owen Daniels continues to get it done at the TE position though a score this week may be asking abit much 5 catches for 60 yards should be a given.

Miami @ Indy
Is the Miami offense really this bad?  I was never buying the Tannehill hype and how bad was that running game this past week?  Lamar Miller (10 carries for 3 freakin' yds week 1) should bounce back and Mike Wallace as well.  I think Mike could have a really big gave after his wine-fest early in the week.  Just shut your pie hole and play already.  Luck and the Colts were too conservative for my taste last week vs Oakland.  Luck is so efficient it is scary and can put up monster numbers vs just about any defense. Miami's defense is no joke, but I am starting Luck all day especially at home.  B-double-O-TY Hilton really let his owners down last week and this week I am almost afraid to start him.  I like Wayne to roll at home just like he has been doing his whole career. Forget Indy's TE's they are a non factor.  As for the RB's go with Ballard over Bradshaw again this week. Sleeper is DHB.

Dallas @ KC
Reid is very familiar with Dallas which should make this a really interesting game.  In another lower scoring game I like the Chiefs to upset the Boys after pressuring Romo into several bad throws.  KC can defend the pass and can put up just enough pts to win...something like 21-20 KC.  No really outstanding starts here with Dez Bryant banged up and facing a great CB in Brandon Flowers.  Both running backs will find the end zone so roll out Charles and Murray and take your chances with Alex Smith and Romo.  D.Bowe did nothing last week so he owes fantasy owners so there's something to watch in somewhat of a boring match up.

Chargers at Philly
This has wipe out written all over it.  I drafted Vick where ever I could this year as a QB2 and praised his name at drafts and to friends and after week 1 he has held up his end of the deal.  San Diego is a bad defense traveling across the country.  Vick and McCoy have become fantasy must starts in the Chip Kelly offense and DJax the same at WR.  Don't forget Bryce Brown is looking pretty good as a flex play in these juicy matchups.  Rivers looked good last week and so did Vincent brown.  Sure, Matthews scored, but if he hadn't his line would have been a tragedy so I am not touching anyone in that backfield.  Gates looks to be done, but I don't hate him or the aforementioned Brown in a garbage time role.  Rivers is an interesting start because he will have to throw to keep up.

Lions at Cardinals
I really like the Zona DST this week to do some big things and score at least one TD as they did this week.  They will give up their share of points and yards but they are loaded with play makers like Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson.  On offense stay away from the running game, but looky here we have a Larry Fitzgerald sighting.  One of the best and classiest dudes in the league is again a must start with Carson Palmer at the helm.  Palmer like Schaub is a good start this week if you like to stream your QB's.  On the Lions side we keep expecting the big Megatron game and it's been awhile.  I still love him, but am not sure he's a lock to go off this week. Stafford throws a ton so why not roll with him if you drafted him?  Reggie Bush is looking like fantasy gold right now and is a RB one this week and you could do worse with Joique Bell as a flex.  If Broyles is again a DNP then Nate Burleson is not a terrible start as a WR4.  Sleeper - Detroit TE Joseph Fauria, in TD leagues he's worth a look.  I like Zona in this game for those in pick 'ems.  Detroit throws it around the yard and those DB's are going to make a play, guaranteed.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay
The Saints have a history of torturing Tampa and this week should be more of the same.  I do think Tampa will keep this ball game closer than expected and that Doug Martin is going to get off along with Vjack, but Drew Brees looks dialed in to me and ready to take this team on his back.  Colston a good bet to score here and Graham is a must start as the top TE in fantasy.   In a 3 pt ball game I am taking the Saints to win.  Side note will be that Freeman plays better.  If he doesn't ...go pocket Glennon in deep dynasty leagues because his shot may be closer than you think.  The gigantic kid from NC State looks like a pro to me.  Steady Mike Williams is always a threat to score for Tampa but two weeks in a row may not be playing the odds.  As for the Saints backfield...thank you S.Peyton for making us think you may actually use Mark Ingram's talents this preseason...Sproles is overrated and if we are not talking ppr I am not using him...ever.  Run Ingram in the red zone man!  For now gotta sit Ingram even in deep leagues.  Sleeper - Kenny Stills WR Saints - really nice looking ball player out of Oklahoma can do work down the field. 

Manning vs Manning in East Rutherford, NJ
Oh yeah, there will be some yards thrown for in this game.  Denver doesn't run much and the Giants aren't trusting their one healthy RB Wilson so this should be an air show.  Start your QB's, TE's and WR's baby and let it ride.  Sleeper - Rueben Randle WR3 Giants.  Bring the rain boys!  Running backs can stay home.

Jags head West to Oaktown
Only thing we have here is some questions to be answered.
1. MJD have anything in the tank? I start him as a RB two this week.
2. Can Terrell Pryor run all over the place again and be fantasy relevant?  I am not sure, we'll see.
3. Does either one of these teams want Teddy Bridgewater (current U Louisville QB) guess the answer is whomever loses. Maybe Oakland wants Clowney...who knows.
Run DMC, MJD, Denarius Moore interesting starts I'd consider.

Niners @ Seahawks
Buckle up - some one is about to get hit!  Two great defensive teams with offenses that can roll it up. I think we will see a little of both with Frisco doing what seems near impossible winning in Seattle.
How good is Kaepernick?  Wishing I had him in a whole lot more leagues.  Anquan Boldin making many of us look dumber than a bag of rocks performing at a ridiculous level week one after being drafted in the 5th round and later in most leagues. Vernon Davis looking huge and is a must start.   Frank Gore seems to be more of a sure handed plodder these days, but should have his share of TD's this season as an RB2-3.  I think Marshawn Lynch will bounce back in a big way this week and Russell Wilson will play well but not great. Can't wait to watch this game.

Not "Waiting all day for Monday Night" - Not a great game, but they will play so here's the breakdown.
Pittsburgh is a notoriously good Monday night team so do no underestimate Big Ben who just looked putrid last week.  I do like the Bengals with AJ Green being possibly the best WR in the league right now.  A good mix of BJGE and Bernard should help them move the ball down where they can take advantage of their huge red zone weapons.  Antonio Brown should have a nice bounce back from week one with solid yardage and a end zone trip.  Heath Miller usually does well on Monday nights when healthy.  Sleeper - M.Sanu - Giovani Bernard

It's open season boys......good hunting,
Wes "The Show"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Random Thoughts on the 2013 Draft

Mock'n With a Purpose

Talked to this dude the other day and he was telling me how good his mock draft went.  He went on to tell me a few of his players and how he would love to have that team in a league.  How many times have you said that or heard someone reiterate those same thoughts?  Mock drafts are a useful tool in determining where guys will fall in accordance to the way a particular format ranks players, but on the other hand it is not an exact science either.  90% of mock drafters bail after they pick their starters so there is a reason why your bench looks stacked if you are like me and stay for the entire draft.  I like the customization of Yahoo FFB mocks because you can choose where in the draft you want to pick by grabbing that open slot.  I like to run through enough mock drafts in various sized leagues to see where players fall at least through round 7 where most drafters in the room will bail.  Try picking with different strategies so you will be ready for whatever the draft throws your way. Every draft is a different animal that can be tamed with a bit of preparation. 

Peer Pressure

If you think that there is not peer pressure involved in fantasy football drafting then you are mistaken.  Every manager is to an extent a slave to the rankings.  I like everyone else looks at a draft window and eyes a player or two they'd like to slide to them for their next pick.  There is that risk that someone will take that player and there in lies the thrill of said player falling to you and you hitting that draft button to take him.  Who needs the anxiety?  You are there to build your beast not worry about what others are doing.   You can avoid draft headaches by simply taking the players you want when you want to take them.  Sound too simple?  It's not!  For example if you are a Patriots fan and you are watching Danny Amendola run all over the place catching balls doing his best Wes Welker impression then why not take him a round early, why not two rounds early.  This is particularly effective when picking at one turn or the other.  Do you actually think that player you want so badly 25 picks down the list is going to come back to you?  Unless you just love one of the next few players on the list go get your boy and sleep well that night.  I am not talking about taking a guy in the 4th you can get in the 9th but if you can get a guy two rounds early what is the difference once the draft is done and you are looking at your roster?  Last year I took Randall Cobb way too early in a few you think I was happy with that pick a few weeks into the season?  If you feel a breakout season coming on go get your player and when someone says, "too early" in the smack know they wanted him.  There are indeed trap players that get hot because of a freak preseason game that managers jump on them way too early.  It is up to you to decide what is fools gold and what is a possible freak on a leash stud in the making.  Don't get too caught up in preseason.  With all the coverage now on NFL Network it is very hard not to digest preseason games and let them affect your drafting. Other than checking out how the rookies are looking and checking on camp position battles there is not much else you can take from those games.  You can bet your bottom dollar that no veteran players are putting their bodies on the line for these games so don't put your draft on the line chasing the games results.  Don't do drugs, don't smoke, drink or chew or kiss girls that do and more important than anything don't give in to Peer Pressure. 

5 To Love - 5 to Hate
I do my own hell with what anyone else thinks and you should be the same way.  Rankings across the board are based much more on how players did last year (outside of players who lost seasons to injuries) than on actual projection.  I do 75% of my rankings on projections...teams change, schedules change...this is not baseball where averages and power numbers usually even out as the year goes on...this is football where James Jones had 14 td's last year (what?) and Calvin Johnson while having a great year in yardage and catches had 5 (yes 5!).  Here are a few players that interest me for different reasons.

5 Players I love: hmmm love is a strong word...maybe date for this year is better...
1. Pats Trilogy - Ridley, Amendola & Vareen - you think the Pats dinked and dunked alot before?  Until Tom Terrific trusts these WR's he will throw short passes until the cows come home and have ppr players dancing in the streets.  Slow your roll on least right away, he's a nice player but he is not Randy Moss. 

2. C.Patterson WR Vikes - man this kid just has something that jumps off the TV screen...if Ponder can get out of his own way and get this man the ball he is going to have a nice year...if you are in a keeper league get this guy even if you have to reach. 

3. Chris Givens WR Rams - yeah yeah yeah, I love Tavon Austin and he'll catch more balls than Givens, but do not doubt that Givens is a game breaker.  Givens can haul and as soon as safeties cheat up on Austin, Bradford will hit Givens for the deep ball.  You saw glimpses of this last will see more this year and in standard leagues I would rather have Givens and his more than likely higher TD number than Austin who I'd lean towards in PPR's. 

4. Andrew Luck - I cannot believe the crap I am reading about Luck being in a two tight end pound the ball offense because of the offensive coordinators system and history.  If you have a Ferrari in the garage you don't put cheap unleaded gas in it and drive it 25 mph down to the Quickie Mart and back.  The Colts have weapons all over the field and will let Luck and his monster arm loose and he will be much more valuable than his current ADP.  Lucks ranking probably ticks me off more than any other out there right now.

5. Trent Richardson RB Browns - No duh Show he is a first rounder!!!  I know what you are screaming my friend, but I think this dude is undervalued.  I know Spiller is fast, Charles is in the new Andy Reid pass-a-thon and the muscle hamster is all the rage.  Not saying I don't like these players especially Martin, but outside of AP there is an argument for TRich at #2.  The NFL is a large man's game.  It is a bunch of scary, big and fast defenders with bad intentions so if my money is on the line I want a large borderline scary RB doing the running for my team. It blows my mind that picking 10th this year you can get him at the turn.   Draft TRich in standard leagues at 2 or 3 behind Martin and sleep well. 

5 Players I ...Hate is too strong a word...5 players that worry me, let's go with that.

1. Big Ben QB Steelers - Age catches up with the big man this year and his targets just seem overrated to me.  The Plaxico injury hurt as far as red zone % goes. 

2. Demarco Murray RB Cowpokes - still young, still dangerous, but I am not using a late 2nd or early 3rd rounder on him because he just cannot stay healthy. 

3. Darren McFadden - Da Raiders - been there done that. NEXT!  (Rashad Jennings is the hand-cuff last time I checked)  The incredible Mr. Glass.

4. Colin Kaepernick QB Niners - now don't get me wrong...I really like Kaepernick in keeper leagues and don't mind rostering him, but in standard leagues I am not willing to make the 3rd round projected investment to get him when QB's with similar stats can be had several rounds later.  Drafting Kap is like taking the new hot cheerleader to the try to pick her up just to impress your buddies not because you like her all that much.  Projection: Kap starts slow, finishes strong, but brings some fantasy teams down early.  Think Cam Newton last year.

5. Greg Jennings WR Vikes - Haven't been a big fan of Greg's for a few years now. I would absolutely be shocked if Jennings had a 1,000 yd, 8-10 TD season with his new Vikings team.  Greg played with Brett Favre and A.Rodgers and don't think for :02 that their greatness did not play into Jennings numbers as a pro.  Welcome to mediocrity Greg you won't be sitting on any of my rosters this season.  Projection - 750 yds and 5 td's.

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Happy 4th of July!

                GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

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NBA DRAFT LOTTERY 2013 BREAKDOWN as it went down....

This draft has been disrespected more than any I can remember.  There is no Lebron James or guys like Andrew Wiggins aor Jabari Parker and a few others who will be coming out in 2014 and making that possible superstar type of splash in the league.  I like this draft because there are some solid players through the first two rounds.   It is full of players that can play in the league for years and play effectively.  As this draft goes along tonight I will look at how these picks could affect the teams, the league and for this blog's purpose their fantasy hoops impact. 

1. Cleveland Cavs selects - Anthony Bennett UNLV - I  love draft shockers!  This kid has mad real life and fantasy potential in a league devoid of good young big men.  I like this upside pick. Kyrie Irving will enjoy playing with this young, do it all PF as Cleveland continues to build a very nice looking squad.  If he can get the minutes at the 3 his fantasy value will be in the 7-10 round range.  Definitely a solid keeper league pick.

2. Orlando Magic selects - Victor Oladipo, Indiana.  This is a great pick for the Magic who are in desperate need of a high character, high motor player that the fans can rally around and support.  With one of, if not the best Arena in the league, the Magic need someone to put butts in the seats for years and this kid with the crazy work ethic should be that type of player.  The Magic need so many pieces amidst this rebuilding project and this is a nice start. I can imagine Aaron Affalo will now be dealth so that Victor can start and allow the magic to use Affalo to acquire a PG.  I thought they coulda went Trey Burke here as well, but I love the Oladipo pick.   Oladipo is more of a project player when it comes to fantasy because the questions about his shooting, but I would not be afraid to take him in dynasty leagues due to the fact that he will get huge minutes and he will no doubt improve quickly.  When the name Dwayne Wade is being thrown around in comparisons...ya can't ignore that.

3. Washington Wizards selects - Otto Porter Jr, from Geogetown University.  Otto is a stud wing...S-T-U-D. This kid will immediately be on the fantasy radar in the middle rounds of most drafts.  He can contribute to the Wiz and to your fantasy teams right away.  The Wiz need something..maybe this dynamic player is it. 

4. Charlotte Bobcats selects - Another surprise, Cody Zeller the center out of Indiana (over Noel?)  Another interesting pick for Michael Jordan and his consistently awful Bobcats.  The Indiana big man will get some minutes and is a supreme athlete.  He came into the college season as the favorite for the player of the year so it's not like this pick is crazy.  He'll be available late in your drafts and if he plays the 4 and 5 he'll certainly have late upside value in both season and keeper formats. 

5. Phoenix Suns selects - Alex Len C our of Maryland.  This is a talented player that is only 21 years old with a wide variety of skills.  He won't be on the fantasy radar in most leagues.  Going to be interesting to see how the Suns develop this player and what kind of minutes he plays.

6. New Orleans Pelicans selects - Nerlons Noel from Kentucky who most thought was going to be the top pick in this years draft.   Word is this pick will be dealt.  Pelicans do not really need another block happy center since they got Davis with the No.1 pick out of Kentucky last year. Noel probably going to be a Sixer.

7. Sacremento Kings selects - Ben McLemore guard out of Kansas.  Jay Bilas says this is the best player in the draft.  This guy can shoot the lights out and has the potential to be very explosive in the league.  One of my favorite keeper players in the draft and a guy that will help the Kings right away.  I think this guy will be much better in the league than he was in college play.  A guy you can reach for and not feel too bad about it in dynasty formats.

8. Detroit Pistons selects - Kent. Caldwell-Pope guard out of Georgia.
Pistons need guards...this fills the need and is a possible late flyer in leagues with a 3pt stat and he won' t kill you in the %'s.  Ugliest draft hats in years...never liked tall hats.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves selects - Trey Burke - yeah, I love this kid!!!  A monster for UM this year, won the Wooden Award and almost took the team to the National Championship win vs Louisville.  He can do it all...will be a real real nice guard in the league with nice court vision and great shot making ability.  If the Magic hadn't taken Oladipo at #2 they would have taken Burke. He'll be 10-12th round pick in your fantasy drafts.  Stay tuned he may be traded because Minnesota already has a young PG in Ricky Rubio.  Update - Trey Burke to Utah for the 14th and 21st picks they hold in this years draft.

10. Portland Trailblazers selects - 2nd PG in two years...a year after Damien Lillard they take C.J McCollum G from Lehigh.   Man this kid can fill it up....give him the rock and he will get his shot up!  When he gets heated up the net will be looking like the old NBA Jam game.  Not a bad defender. A four year player who should provide immediate value and is another good late flyer in your fantasy drafts to contribute to the 3 and scoring categories. 

11. Philadelphia 76ers selects - Michael Carter-Williams tall G out of Syracuse goes to Philly where he will have plenty of time to develop his shot and try to replace Jrue Holiday who I believe was dealt to the Pelicans tonight in the Nerlons Noel deal.  The peeps are calling him MCW.  I don't think he has much initial fantasy value.  The best thing he has going for him is he will get minutes as Philly goes young this year. Put him on your watch list.

12. Oklahoma City selects - Steven Adams C Pittsburgh.  Don't know much about this guy other than what I heard on the draft show. From New Zealand he stands at 7 feet tall and weighs over 250 pounds.  Project big man...not sure why a team like OKC in the mix for a title isn't picking a player who can play right away.  I don't love the pick. This is the state of the NBA...shortage of big men will have guys like this getting taken way too early.

13. Dallas Mavericks select - word is they do not want this pick in order to save money to chase Dwight Howard in free agency. If they make this pick I bet they deal it or they'll take some project overseas player they do not have to pay right away.  They picked Kelly Olynyk from Gonzaga who is being traded to the Celtics.  The fans will love him there.  Good athletic big man who will be able to play right away for the rebuilding Celtics.  In fantasy leagues with two C's he'll be a good number two guy for you as long as the minutes are there and you can get him real late.

14. Minnesota (from Utah in Burke deal) selects -Shabazz Muhammed F from UCLA.  He has the potential to be one of the better players in this draft, but he could bust just as easily.  I am not real thrilled about the way he played in college where he should have dominated.  It's a huge wait and see on this guy.  Don't draft.
(end of the lottery picks)

The lottery picks end with pick 14. We'll wrap up the leftovers in a summary article at a later time.  Hope you enjoyed the lottery breakdown.  
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R.I.P. Deacon Jones

Head slap someone today in Deacon's honor.  An innovator on defense and one of the most vicious players to ever lace them up.  A part of the Rams 60's Fearsome Foursome he will forever be etched in NFL history.  Go with God Deacon!

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Yahoo Sports Running Back Article....

As much as Yahoo Sports columnists make me laugh out loud with some of the things they post this article on whom should be the number three running back in your 2013 fantasy draft is pretty solid.  I like how they make an argument for several players at the number 3 slot.  Last year the running back water was murkier than I have ever seen it.  This year things are abit more clear and there are less mistakes to be made in the first's all in who you like.  If you have not read it yet here is the link to the article.  One note here...Foster seems to be the consensus pick at no.2, but I think Doug Martin has a legit place there in keeper leagues.  I  know Foster is not old by any stretch, but the guy has taken a beating in his career with his number of carries.  I think he has a couple nice years left in him, but players like him...when they hit the wall they crash and burn and who do you want 2-3 years from now?
Enjoy the article and look for summer NFL Fantasy Football reads coming your way as the 2013 season gets closer.  Rookie Rage, New Faces in New Places and Rankings are all things in the works.
(courtesy Yahoo Sports)

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Flynn to Raider Nation

Raiders acquired QB Matt Flynn from the Seahawks in exchange for a late-round draft pick in 2014 and a "conditional" late-round pick in 2015.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NFL Free Agency

What a whirlwind couple of days already in NFL free agency. Rather than trying to write and comment on each transaction I will keep you updated with Tweets and assess things once all this concludes or slows down at least.  You can follow me as I tweet and retweet the up to the minute action from guys like Adam Schefter and Chris Mortenson as well as some of my peers at and

Follow me @westheshow or just checkout the ever changing feed on the right side of the blog for the avalanche of moves.
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Originally published 030813 Rotoworld online.

(wanted to share this good article with our readers)

Matthew Stafford passed for the sixth most yards in league history in 2011. He threw for the eighth most touchdowns.

On the surface, he followed it up with an equally worthy 2012. His 4,967 yards were second in the league, and yes, seventh in league history. His connection with Calvin Johnson — 122 catches for 1,964 yards — was the most prolific of all time. He averaged over 310 yards per game for the second consecutive year — at the age of 24. 

But there were times in 2012 where Stafford didn’t appear to be quarterbacking as much as fly fishing. Marionetting. Paperboying. Soulja Boying. Whatever you want to call it. Contorting his body in Houdini-like fashion seemed almost as important as completing the pass.

It made for a lot of incompletions. 292 of them to be exact. More of Stafford’s passes hit the ground than Josh Freeman’s (252), Ryan Fitzpatrick’s (199) and Brandon Weeden’s (220), among others. Stafford’s 59.8 completion percentage was off 3.7 percent from his 2011 mark, and 0.2 below the “acceptable” threshold of 60.0.

He turned the ball over 21 times, including 14 times over his final eight games. The Lions, of course, went 0-8 during that stretch, sputtering to a disastrous 4-12 finish one year after going 10-6 and making the playoffs for the first time since Bill Clinton was president.

What Went Wrong

How could a player who appeared on the verge of unheard of greatness as a 23-year-old quarterback stumble so badly in a year where he had the most prolific receiver in the 92-year history of the NFL?

For starters, Stafford had to do too much. Thanks to a disastrous running game and a defense that couldn’t get anybody off the field, Stafford attempted 57 more passes than anybody in the NFL. But that’s not all. His 727 attempts were 36 more than anyone else had ever dialed up in — here’s that phrase again — league history. He seemed to feel the pressure most at the beginning of games. 12 of his 17 interceptions came before halftime, while his QB rating was a full 15.5 points higher after the break (87.0 to 71.5).  

Suddenly, you can see why Stafford didn’t get much bang for his 4,967-yardage buck. His 6.8 yards per attempt — which like his completion percentage was 0.2 below the “acceptable” threshold of 7.0 — was a woeful 21st in the NFL, and nearly an entire yard worse than his 2011 mark. Jake Locker, Andy Dalton and Andrew Luck were among the quarterbacks who averaged more yards every time they dropped back to attempt a pass.

But it wasn’t just his running backs and defense that laid too much on Stafford’s plate, but his pass catchers. That might seem hard to believe considering his yardage total, but it’s equally hard to believe just how much went wrong for Stafford’s receiver corps.

In Week 7, he lost his nominal No. 2 receiver Nate Burleson to a broken leg. Burleson may be old, slow and one-dimensional, but he’s also damn reliable, and averaged 5.2 grabs per contest over Detroit’s first five games.

But Burleson’s injury wasn’t necessarily a death blow. That’s because the Lions had the most productive receiver in NCAA history — Ryan Broyles — available to take his place in the slot. Finally 100 percent recovered from the torn left ACL he suffered his senior year at Oklahoma, Broyles didn’t miss a beat, averaging 3.6 catches between Weeks 8 and 12. Not electric, but enough to cover for Burleson’s loss. Broyles had his best game in Week 12, catching six passes for 126 yards and a touchdown. 

So naturally a week later he tore his right ACL. Like Burleson, he was out for the year. With Burleson and Broyles both down for the count, it was time for mercurial second-year pro Titus Young to step up. There was just one small problem: As of Week 11, he was also out for the season.

Unlike Burleson and Broyles, however, Young wasn’t hurt. Dissatisfied with his role in the offense, Young intentionally lined up in the wrong spot multiple times in the closing moments of Detroit’s devastating Week 11 loss to the Packers.

That would be the same devastating loss where Stafford missed six of his final seven throws as the Lions desperately tried to overcome a one-score deficit. The same devastating loss that dropped the Lions to 4-6 and effectively out of the NFC playoff race. The same devastating loss that left the Lions with no choice but to send home Stafford’s only viable deep threat outside of Calvin Johnson.

Things were so bad for the Lions at receiver that by the next time they played Green Bay in Week 14, they were starting Kris Durham. Signed off the street just five days earlier, Durham ran the wrong route on Stafford’s lone interception of the evening, and committed a costly fourth-quarter drop in a game Detroit went on to lose 27-20. For good measure, Durham was responsible for another wrong route interception — this one of the “pick six” variety — in Arizona one week later.    

Stafford’s lack of weapons at receiver was evidenced in part by how little damage he did outside the red zone. In 2011, he had 12 touchdown throws of 20 yards or longer. In 2012, only five.

Dumb Luck

If the ravages of injury and incompetence weren’t enough for Stafford’s receiver corps, there was some dumb luck thrown in to boot. A big part of both Stafford’s “real life” and fantasy regression was a fluky-bordering-on-comical decline in his touchdown rate.

There’s no arguing the main reason Stafford’s TD total dropped from 41 to 20 was because his play simply slipped. But you know what didn’t help?

Calvin Johnson getting tackled at the one-yard line an unfathomable six times. Those six plays weren’t the difference in either Stafford’s or the Lions’ down year. But they are emblematic of a season in which everything that could go wrong did. A season where Stafford set the single-game record for passing yards without a touchdown (443 in Week 16).

From Titus Young becoming the NFL’s answer to Aldrich Ames, to the best receiver in the NFL not being able to gain three freaking feet six freaking different times, Stafford didn’t catch any breaks. Coupled with his undeniably worse play, it made for the most disappointing 4,967-yard season you’re ever going to see.

On Film

Mechanically, Stafford defined his season on his very first drive, if not his first throw. On his first dropback, Stafford rolled right before sidearming a bullet to Calvin Johnson for a four-yard gain. 11 plays later on a first down from the Rams’ three-yard line, Stafford failed to set his feet on a quick slant, tossing a bullet interception to Janoris Jenkins. His first of 17 picks on the year had been intended for Tony Scheffler.

Stafford’s season went on to be embodied by those three Ss: Sidearm, Sloppy and Scheffler.  

Stafford’s arm talent is considerable. It’s elite. There’s not a single throw he can’t make. If only he wouldn’t insist on trying to make them with all manner of arm slots. At times, Stafford legitimately resembles Byung-Hyun Kim. Stafford’s ability to throw sidearm leads to the occasional breathtaking completion. A bullet through an impossibly tight window. His reliance on it, however, gets him into trouble. As you may have guessed, underhanding a ball through three defenders isn’t a very high percentage throw.

Then there’s the matter of Stafford being able to make any throw. Again, that’s good. The problem is, he believes any receiver can make any catch. The NFL is not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to make daring throws into tight spaces. But for Stafford, it’s a way of life. In 2011, it paid off in making him look like a poor man’s Kurt Warner. In 2012, it made him the NFL’s answer to Landry Jones. Stafford loves throwing high and over the middle of the field. That’s great when he’s throwing to Calvin Johnson. Not so great when he’s throwing to Scheffler and Brandon Pettigrew.

Stafford threw either behind or above his stiff-hipped tight ends an incalculable amount of times. He never missed by much, but Johnson was only his receiver capable of making the spectacular play after Young and Broyles went down. Far too many drives were killed because Stafford had too much faith in his arm, and by extension his unspectacular receiver corps. Jumpballs to Scheffler, Pettigrew and Durham regularly turned into picks.

Then there’s the matter of his horrid footwork. For every time Scheffler didn’t make a play on a catchable ball, there was a time Stafford dialed one up that not even Megatron could catch. Stafford’s overthrows were legion, and almost always a result of failing to set his feet or throwing off his back foot.

Stafford’s unique arm talent means he can sometimes get away with this. But in 2012, he seemed to think “sometimes” was “all the time.” Stafford wouldn’t be Stafford if he started trying to emulate Tom Brady’s perfect motion, but he must be less cavalier, and more patient, with the ball in 2013.

On the bright side, Stafford never misses low. He threw maybe a handful of balls at his receivers’ feet all year. His arm strength is evident on each and every throw. He’s also a better scrambler than he’s given credit for. Stafford is not Aaron Rodgers, but when the pocket collapses, the play is not over.

He’s fearless. Disintegrating pockets don’t bother Stafford. He’s willing to get hit if hanging in one second longer means even a small gain. He never locks onto one receiver. There were times in 2012 when Stafford should have only thrown but Calvin Johnson, but that’s not his M.O. Just like he thinks he can make any play, he thinks he can make them to any receiver. As we just went over, it gets him into trouble with bad personnel, but it moves the chains with good personnel. Defenses can’t ignore a single receiver, even if it’s Stefan Logan or Will Heller. Stafford will throw to them.  

What Could Still Go Right

When assessing the travails, disappointment and divine comedy of Stafford’s 2012, there’s a few things you need to remember. Chiefly, he just turned 25. He’s made only three more career starts than Sam Bradford. He’s made 12 fewer than Josh Freeman. When Stafford breached the 5,000-yard barrier in 2011, he did so in his 29th career game. When Drew Brees first reached the 5,000-yard plateau in 2008, he was playing in his 107th career game.

Stafford is only 19 months older than Andrew Luck. His career is still in its infancy. A lot went wrong in 2012, but we’ve already seen so much go right. He has a building block in Calvin Johnson that’s the envy of the NFL.

But as Stafford proved in painful and prolonged fashion last season, no one can do it alone, and any turnaround is going to start with an improved supporting cast. The Lions have done all they can to surround Stafford with weapons, but their best laid plans have gone awry. Forget the second-round pick they wasted on Young, or the jury still being out on Broyles. Ignore Scheffler’s painful limitations. The issues go beyond the receiver corps. Injuries have knocked Jahvid Best out of the NFL, and made Mikel Leshoure plodding and one-dimensional.     

Former undrafted free agent Joique Bell did his best impression of a playmaker out of the backfield last season, but is not someone who threatens defenses. He maxed out his potential by Week 14, and was phased out down the stretch. The Lions have to get someone who can make plays at running back to take some of the pressure off their quarterback. Maybe it will be through the draft, or maybe it will be through agency. Quite possibly, both. Signing Reggie Bush would be an excellent start, but one back — especially one who’s been known to get nicked — isn’t going to cut it. The Lions need to find two legitimate playmakers to complement, or possibly supplant, Leshoure. Defenses can’t be sitting and waiting on Stafford dropping back like the inevitability it was in 2012. 

Then, of course, the Lions must address receiver. Burleson will be back, and eventually, so will Broyles. But if Calvin Johnson thought he drew a lot of double teams in 2012, wait until we get to 2013. Detroit simply can’t keep propping up the best receiver in the NFL with the likes of Tony Scheffler and Brandon Pettigrew. Another early draft pick must be used on a receiver. Money must be spent. Perhaps an old friend — Greg Jennings — will be willing to come over from Green Bay if the price is right. A possession receiver who still manages to threaten beyond the first level of the defense, Jennings would be a dream bookend for Megatron if he could stay healthy.

If Jennings proves too costly, even someone like Brandon Gibson would be a major improvement over what the Lions have now. Stafford has as much raw ability as any quarterback in the NFL, but we saw how far his raw ability alone could take him in 2012. It’s a given that Stafford can’t be as loose with the ball or as sloppy with his footwork in 2013. 

Our Best Guess For 2013      

Stafford is by no means a lost cause. His good attributes far outweigh the bad. He just needs to do a better job of realizing his teammates’ limits as well as his own. 

Maybe he’s not the next Kurt Warner, but the next Dan Fouts or Warren Moon. A prolific volume passer who can never quite get his team over the hump. Either way, Stafford’s arm is an all-important part of the solution in long-suffering Detroit, not the problem.   

There will be more growing pains. What Stafford did wrong in 2012 can’t be corrected overnight. But it’s absurd to believe the No. 1 pick of the 2009 draft has already peaked, or isn’t capable of piloting a perennially competitive team. He’s only nine months older than Russell Wilson for pete’s sake. With a few more weapons and a lot more diligence about his mechanics next season, Stafford will be back to where he was this time last year: a mid-20s quarterback who’s already proven he can throw for 5,000 yards and 40 touchdowns. 

If you’re ready to give up on that, the joke’s on you.

Again thanks to Rotoworld and Patrick for allowing us to share this with you...
Patrick Daugherty is a football and baseball writer for

Stay tuned for upcoming NFL draft coverage here at ShowFantasySports

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                2012 Show Fantasy Sports Football Awards

I cannot believe we are already looking to the 2013 NFL draft as far as fantasy purposes go.  Sure we have the Super Bowl and a few lame playoff leagues still to play out, but let's be realistic...we have a long wait until FFB 2013 starts.  While we are waiting and formulating our baseball draft plans let's take a look at some Show Fantasy Sports Football Awards for 2012. 

Fantasy Come Back Player of the Year - Peyton Manning, missed an entire year of football and will most likely win the MVP of the league.
Honorable Mention...Adrian Peterson RB Vikings...incredible recovery, but he did play football last year and the award is comeback player.

MVP and Run For The Money(Best RB Award) Adrian Peterson RB Vikings  -  In a league where finding useful running backs week to week was a chore this guy was cash money all year long.

My Favorite Rookie:  Doug Martin - the RB out of Boise State brought his all around game to the Bucs this year and was better than advertised in PPR's.

Honorable Mention:  RG3...this guy was maybe the top fantasy rookie in most peoples eyes but he had the ball in his hands every snap and more opportunity than Martin.  I think what D-mart did was amazing considering the fate of most rookie running backs in recent years. 

Fantasy QB of the year: Drew Brees.....even with the saints struggling this year Brees still went over 5000 yds again with 43 td's.  His year to year numbers are ridiculous.  Drew is well on his way to the hall of fame.

Honorable Mention:  Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers' numbers were sick this year again and he may still be the first QB off the board next year yet again. The award could have also gone to Tom Brady who had more yards than Rodgers and a lower int rate than Brees. 

Fantasy Duds of the Year - so many Duds so little time.....

My fantasy dud of the year was Matt Stafford.  Not that Staff didn't put up viable year in numbers but Matt gets a piece of this award due to the fact many spent a 1st rounder or early 2nd rounder on the Detroit QB with a load of weapons and the green light to throw on most every down...over 5,000 yds in 2011 had us begging for more this season but along with his Lions most weeks Staff was D-Dud-City. 

CJ2K.  never again!...outside of one crazy 3 TD week CJ2K was mostly garbage this season and I will never, and I mean never draft this guy again.  His numbers as a whole never look that bad, but if you chose him in the first round you felt the pain and agree with this "dud" label.

Kenny Britt WR Titans - 1 TD, nuff said.  he was coming off a huge injury so i give him a bit of a break.  Sure Kenny's coming off an injury, but several other players at least gave us some occasional numbers coming off devastating injuries.  The only thing Kenny devastated was his owners.

Larry Fitzgerald WR Cards....4 TD's ...really Larry?!  The other WR's on this list weren't completely healthy, but outside of Megatron who has your skills?  One of the most talented WR's in the league treated us with many weeks where he just disappeared.  I do expect a bounce back season from Fitz next year, but he'll certainly have managers thinking hard about where to draft him for the 2013 season.   Goodluck, Larry!  One of the classiest dudes in the league. 

Hakeem Nicks WR Giants - Nicks could have won this dud of the year award hands down by himself.  I saw this one coming form a mile away once he reported to camp looking like a defensive lineman. Nicks came in heavy unable to train in the off season after foot surgery and not putting him in the pup and playing him right out of the gate grounded his season before it even took off.  Nice work Giants.  You had a young WR in R.Randle you got in the draft and should have featured him while Nicks got back into real playing shape and healed up completely. No doubt this contributed to the Gmen not making the playoffs this season.

2012 Fantasy Surprise Player of the Year - Wow this one is easy!...Russell Wilson QB after thought pick in the draft believed by many to be a project ended up starting week one and drove the Seahawks bandwagon all the way to the playoffs.  What Wilson has done has simply been amazing this season even though he has done it in the shadow of RG3 and Andrew Luck.  People who look QB a little later in drafts will be eyeing Russell in 2013.

Honorable Mention goes to Alfred Morris RB Skins, equally deserving of this award...anyone who would have said Alfred had any chance of posting 1600 plus yards and 13 TD's would have been taken for a fool.  Next year Alfred won't be Batman's butler...he'll be a super hero himself, a sure fire first round pick.

Waiver Wire Plunder of the year...I say it's a tie between two WR's from the same AFC conference. Ty Hilton WR Colts and Cecil Shorts WR Jags both had just under 1,000 yds receiving and 7 touchdowns.  Shorts was a bit more of a surprise than Hilton, but both brought a lot to the table for owners desperate for an impact WR. 

Honorable Mention goes to Danario Alexander WR San Diego for his crazy last 5-6 weeks of the season.  A late add by the Chargers on waivers from the Rams he blew up the end of the year finishing with 7 td's in less than half a season's work with the club.  The only reason why he cannot win this award or share it is his big fat goose-egg the first week of the fantasy playoffs.  Owners will not forget that in the draft next year. Still DX was a nice surprise.  

One Week Wonder:  Another slam dunk performance claimed this award for Matt Schaub QB Texans who threw for 527 yds in a week 11 match up with the Jags and has pretty much stunk it up ever since.  The plug and play QB community thank you Mr. Schaub for winning many match ups in week 11. 

The Fool Me Once Shame on You, Fool Me Twice Shame on Me and Fool Me Three Times Just Punch Me Right in the Face Award(don't think that's going to fit on the plaque) goes to....Ryan Matthews RB San Diego...this is another one of those, never again!  A grand total of 1 td was yielded by the selection of Ryan Matthews to your fantasy team.  Sure, I could have put Mr. Glass in my "dud" category but I thought after years of torturing and teasing fantasy owners that he deserved his own award.

Biggest Injury Bummer Award:  Again this is an easy one.  when MJD RB Jags went down early this season many owners lost the anchor of their team and one of the dependable fantasy running backs in the game.  Finding RB's is no easy task as you can attest to if you owned any of the Jags handcuffs like Rashad Jennings.  Here's hoping Pocket Hercules comes back with a vengeance next season. 

Now we would like to dish out our Five Minutes of Fame awards for 2012 to Bryce Brown RB Eagles who put up a couple weeks of nasty numbers on the heels of a Lesean Mccoy injury then disappeared, thanks to DeAngelo Williams RB panthers for teasing us again with a nice finish to a season rolling up some huge numbers and to Felix Jones RB Dallas, actually didn't do half bad in the absence of the oft injured Demarco Murray.  David Wilson RB Giants blew up one weekend with 2 td's rushing and another TD on a return then went away.  Andrew Hawkins lit up the waiver wire early on showing serious speed for the Bengals at the slot WR then playing time then an injury ended his run.  Andre Brown, RB Gmen, until he hit the IR he was every one's favorite vulture at the stripe. Nice knowing you guys hope to see you on the wire someday when I need you again. 15 minutes is better than no minutes at all. 

We spent a lot of time here saluting, but also bashing some of the bums that caused us headaches this year.  Now it's time to mention some of my favorite players from 2012 that either did exactly what we thought they may do or exceeded our expectations.  I can't list all of them, but here are a few of my favorite.
Sleepers that worked out just fine;  Randall Cobb WR packers just missed 1,000 yds and totaled caught 8 receiving touchdowns not to mention the bonus return yardage.  I targeted this guy heavily this year and even 2011 in dynasties and came out smelling like a rose.  Stevan Ridley RB Pats was one of those guys I chose earlier than most because he was the only game in town when it came to guys with the strength in the NE backfield to pile up Corey Dillon like TD totals...thank you Mr. Ridley.  I was not one of the guys that heavily targeted RG3 but those who did were hoping for the 3200 yds passing and 800 plus yds rushing to go with the 27 total TD' may not have been Cam Newton circa 2011, but it was tasty stuff.   We knew Peyton Manning would make WR's Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas stars and we weren't disappointed as both WRs notched 13 and 10 TD's respectively with plenty of yards to boot.  AJ Green WR Bengals showed why he is a freak of nature with another great sophomore campaign of 1350 yds and 11 td's and to think the sky is the limit for this kid.  Like Green Atlanta's Julio Jones was also targeted heavily for the breakout and he did not disappoint racking up big plays and scoring 10 td's.  The big surprise here after his miserable start was Cowboys WR Dez Bryant.  Once Dez got going he dominated secondaries and finished with a staggering almost 1300 yds and 12 tds receiving.  Those who banked on Dez and were patient got a major payoff.  And we have to mention All Day Adrian Peterson one more time who fought threw his nasty knee injury and dominated.  I did not believe in All Day AP and payed a major price for it in some leagues.   Remember all the articles..."use a first round pick on him at your own risk"..."no way he can be the same guy".  I bought into all this and did not have him on one team where I didn't already have him and or kept him...this was one of my huge misses this year in an overall very good year for my draft projections. 

Well 2012 FFB is in the books and I already can't wait for the NFL draft where we will go searching for the next Alfred Morris and the next Russell Wilson to put in our fantasy lineups and lead us to glory.