Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SFS Early NFL Mock, Rd 2

1. MJD - Probably should have been somewhere in the first round, but I predict a substantial decline in numbers for last years rushing leader. Still can't place him any lower that this.
2. Darren McFadden - Run DMC is a top 5 fantasy talent when healthy but the past two seasons he has teased us with fantastic early numbers only to leave us wondering what happened after missing significant time with injuries.  Yes, Michael Bush is in Chicago so the opportunity is there for a monster season for Darren, but a good backup has never stopped him before...his health is the problem.
3. CJ2K - will have every chance to get back to form and like Darren at #2 is too good to pass up here as a 3 down back.
4. Matt Stafford - this year he joins the elite circle of QB's.
5. Gronkowski - Now I doubt I would ever pick a TE this early, but it's hard to deny his production and his role in what should be an even better offense this year in New England.
6. Jimmy Graham - see Gronk
7. Greg Jennings
8. Roddy White
9. Hakeem Nicks - if he ever plays all 16 games ...look out.
10. Wes Welker - Tom's best buddy is gonna get his 90-100 catches...book it.
11. Andre "3000" Johnson - Some have him late first round...he is the WR equivalent of Darren McFadden...first round ability and situation along with season busting injury risk.  With Schaub coming back he is poised to put up great numbers if his body holds up.  He'll play more games this year than last, but I still can't see him playing 16 games and that's why he is at number 11 in round 2.
12. V.Cruz...the lounge singer can dance his way onto my team any day...the Gmen with less RB depth will pass even more this season.
(this may be a little high for Cruz, but he demands the targets and is in a great position to build on his breakout season in 2011)

3rd round coming soon!....comments?

Wes "theShow"

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