Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Early NFL Mock Draft Round 3

1(25). Julio Jones, WR - Falcons - has all the tools.

2(26) Cam Newton, QB - Panthers - don't be fooled into believing he will repeat his 2011 rushing TD numbers.

3(27) Mike Wallace WR - Pittsburgh - Not sure Mike will ever have the route running skills to make him elite, but it's hard to pass up a guy that can make your fantasy day with one big catch.

4(28) A.J. Green WR Bengals - Here is another player that I was extremely high on coming out as a rookie last year and he did not disappoint.  In keepers I'd take him even earlier than this.

5(29) Demarco Murray RB Cowboys - This cowboy has a short resume, but big upside so I am all over him mid 3rd round this year coming off an injury ankle injury. Cowboys report he is cleared for a full return to action.  

*in this years draft you are going to really have to think and maybe even gamble on your no.2 and 3 running backs because there are so many good and possibly great options coming off of major injuries along with many platoon situations.

6(30) Michael Turner RB Falcons - The little engine that could is no longer "burner" Turner, but it's hard to go much later on a player that still demands carries and goal line looks.

7(31) Stephen Jackson RB Rams - See Turner...a more modest yardage total with solid TD output is what I expect as younger backs are finally brought in to help shoulder the load.

8(32) Now here comes the risk - Jamal Charles, RB Chiefs - last year many owners wasted a first round pick on him and saw him go down early in the year...lost for the season.  Charles is coming off torn knee ligaments.  RBs will come back from these injuries differently.  Charles being a lighter speed back has a good shot at coming back and putting fear in defenses and will be able to avoid the hard hits of the short yardage carries with last years Mr.Madden Peyton Hillis in town. Risk vs. Reward.

9(33) Fred Jackson, RB Buffalo Bills - Fred Jackson came out like a monster last year putting up great fantasy numbers carrying many fantasy teams at the position then injury struck in late November when FreddieJack suffered a stress fracture in his lower right leg.  I think Fred will be back good as knew this year. The big question will be is how much of Fred's workload will C.J. Spiller take after proving himself in Fred's absence down the stretch last season.  I think here at number 9 in the 3rd round is as high as I would consider FJax.

10(34)Vincent Jackson WR Tampa Bay - The new number one guy in Bucland is VJack.  I doubt VJacks mental make up to lead and carry a squad, but I do not doubt his play making ability and therefore cannot let him drop below this point in the 3rd round of our early...early...early mock draft.

11(35) Brandon Marshall WR Bears - Reunited with Jay Cutler...a recipe for big time fantasy numbers.  Marsh and VJack are virtually interchangeable at 10 & 11.

12(36) Roy Helu RB Skins - if Shanny has any sense at all he will let Helu do his thing and be the feature guy and his value will end up being much higher than his draft position.  It's a shame that a coaching trend of wrecking running back stats is the reason why Helu probably should not be taken before this point in the draft. 

4th round coming soon...players like Steve Smith and Jordy Nelson are on deck...comments?

Wes "theShow"

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