Thursday, May 31, 2012

Early NFL Mock - Round 4


In the last round of our early mock for the 2012 NFL Fantasy season we look at a new face in a new place...a primed and ready veteran and a perennial first round pick coming back from a horrific knee injury.  

Round 4
1. Steve Smith WR Panthers - For much of last year Steve Smith was fantasy's number 1 WR then Cam Newton hit the rookie wall and his numbers down the stretch suffered.  Cam may not put up those ridiculous rushing TD numbers again this season, but his passing should improve and Steve Smith should again be a very valuable fantasy WR.
2. Jordy Nelson WR, G.Bay Packers - Jordy can be frustrating to own because he can be an all or nothing fantasy commodity.  At this point in the draft you can't pass on a guy that has so much big play ability and considering the offense he plays in. 
3. Peyton Manning QB Broncos - Unless you have been living under a rock watching 1980's Superfriend's Cartoons on your BetaMax then you along with us here at SFS are looking forward to watching Peyton do his thing in Denver.  I am rooting for a big come back here and my heart has him at number 3 in our fourth round (with huge upside) though I suspect some will gamble and pick him a bit higher. 
4. Tony Romo QB Cowboys - Say what you will about the Cowboys failures to reach a Super Bowl for Jerry Jones in recent years, but there has been no shortage of good fantasy performances for Mr.Romo along with several very hot girl friends along the way.  I'll take Tony and his smokin' hot chics all day at this point in the draft. 
5. Mike Vick QB Eagles - It's hard not to like Vick this year.  It all comes down to health with Vick like it always does, but my gut tells me he runs a lot less this year and slings that ball around to his many weapons.
6. About now people see the QB run and jump on board knowing this tier of players is coming to an end with Philip Rivers, QB San Diego Chargers.  I don't like Rivers near as much as I did going into last year when he had his inconsistencies while still putting up large fantasy numbers.  Vjack is gone, his star TE is aging so I must downgrade Rivers some this year.  He's still a premier QB and those of your who went RB and WR heavy early on will gladly take Rivers here with his propensity for big time fantasy numbers.
7. Willis McGahee RB Denver - His value takes a nice jump this season with more opportunities to work that goal line with Peyton Manning running the show.
8. Reggie Bush RB Miami Dolphins - Miami figured out how to use Reggie at the end of last year and he ran off a big string of fantasy fiestas for owners.  Look for a nice season from Reggie if he can stay healthy. 
9. Jeremy Maclin WR Eagles - I think Mac is in for a big year.
10. Desean Jackson WR Eagles - The dynamic duo of Mac and Jack will make fantasy owners mighty happy this season as long as Vick stays locked and loaded. 
11. Ahmad Bradshaw RB Super Bowl Champion N.Y. Giants - No Brandon Jacobs could mean a big year for Bradshaw who will share the load with rookie David Wilson. 
12. We round out the last pick of our early mock with the beast...All Day A.P.  Adrian Peterson RB Vikings is coming off a devastating knee injury suffered toward the end of last season.  Prognosis has him coming back in September-October.  For those cautious drafters this is way too early to pick A.P. and some will shy away all together, but for those of you expecting to be in contention and love to take chances why not take a chance on the super freak.  I can't say I would for sure pull the trigger here, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wouldn't be thinking about it.

This rounds out our coverage of the Show Fantasy Sports early mock draft for 2012....hope you enjoyed the read.  I know I am always thinking about fantasy football.  Preseason rankings will be up later this summer and we will see how much things on this list change between now and then. Till then....

Wes "theShow"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Early NFL Mock Draft Round 3

1(25). Julio Jones, WR - Falcons - has all the tools.

2(26) Cam Newton, QB - Panthers - don't be fooled into believing he will repeat his 2011 rushing TD numbers.

3(27) Mike Wallace WR - Pittsburgh - Not sure Mike will ever have the route running skills to make him elite, but it's hard to pass up a guy that can make your fantasy day with one big catch.

4(28) A.J. Green WR Bengals - Here is another player that I was extremely high on coming out as a rookie last year and he did not disappoint.  In keepers I'd take him even earlier than this.

5(29) Demarco Murray RB Cowboys - This cowboy has a short resume, but big upside so I am all over him mid 3rd round this year coming off an injury ankle injury. Cowboys report he is cleared for a full return to action.  

*in this years draft you are going to really have to think and maybe even gamble on your no.2 and 3 running backs because there are so many good and possibly great options coming off of major injuries along with many platoon situations.

6(30) Michael Turner RB Falcons - The little engine that could is no longer "burner" Turner, but it's hard to go much later on a player that still demands carries and goal line looks.

7(31) Stephen Jackson RB Rams - See Turner...a more modest yardage total with solid TD output is what I expect as younger backs are finally brought in to help shoulder the load.

8(32) Now here comes the risk - Jamal Charles, RB Chiefs - last year many owners wasted a first round pick on him and saw him go down early in the year...lost for the season.  Charles is coming off torn knee ligaments.  RBs will come back from these injuries differently.  Charles being a lighter speed back has a good shot at coming back and putting fear in defenses and will be able to avoid the hard hits of the short yardage carries with last years Mr.Madden Peyton Hillis in town. Risk vs. Reward.

9(33) Fred Jackson, RB Buffalo Bills - Fred Jackson came out like a monster last year putting up great fantasy numbers carrying many fantasy teams at the position then injury struck in late November when FreddieJack suffered a stress fracture in his lower right leg.  I think Fred will be back good as knew this year. The big question will be is how much of Fred's workload will C.J. Spiller take after proving himself in Fred's absence down the stretch last season.  I think here at number 9 in the 3rd round is as high as I would consider FJax.

10(34)Vincent Jackson WR Tampa Bay - The new number one guy in Bucland is VJack.  I doubt VJacks mental make up to lead and carry a squad, but I do not doubt his play making ability and therefore cannot let him drop below this point in the 3rd round of our early...early...early mock draft.

11(35) Brandon Marshall WR Bears - Reunited with Jay Cutler...a recipe for big time fantasy numbers.  Marsh and VJack are virtually interchangeable at 10 & 11.

12(36) Roy Helu RB Skins - if Shanny has any sense at all he will let Helu do his thing and be the feature guy and his value will end up being much higher than his draft position.  It's a shame that a coaching trend of wrecking running back stats is the reason why Helu probably should not be taken before this point in the draft. 

4th round coming soon...players like Steve Smith and Jordy Nelson are on deck...comments?

Wes "theShow"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SFS Early NFL Mock, Rd 2

1. MJD - Probably should have been somewhere in the first round, but I predict a substantial decline in numbers for last years rushing leader. Still can't place him any lower that this.
2. Darren McFadden - Run DMC is a top 5 fantasy talent when healthy but the past two seasons he has teased us with fantastic early numbers only to leave us wondering what happened after missing significant time with injuries.  Yes, Michael Bush is in Chicago so the opportunity is there for a monster season for Darren, but a good backup has never stopped him before...his health is the problem.
3. CJ2K - will have every chance to get back to form and like Darren at #2 is too good to pass up here as a 3 down back.
4. Matt Stafford - this year he joins the elite circle of QB's.
5. Gronkowski - Now I doubt I would ever pick a TE this early, but it's hard to deny his production and his role in what should be an even better offense this year in New England.
6. Jimmy Graham - see Gronk
7. Greg Jennings
8. Roddy White
9. Hakeem Nicks - if he ever plays all 16 games ...look out.
10. Wes Welker - Tom's best buddy is gonna get his 90-100 it.
11. Andre "3000" Johnson - Some have him late first round...he is the WR equivalent of Darren McFadden...first round ability and situation along with season busting injury risk.  With Schaub coming back he is poised to put up great numbers if his body holds up.  He'll play more games this year than last, but I still can't see him playing 16 games and that's why he is at number 11 in round 2.
12. V.Cruz...the lounge singer can dance his way onto my team any day...the Gmen with less RB depth will pass even more this season.
(this may be a little high for Cruz, but he demands the targets and is in a great position to build on his breakout season in 2011)

3rd round coming soon!....comments?

Wes "theShow"

Monday, May 14, 2012


SFS Early NFL Mock, Rd. 1

It's never too early to talk fantasy football and here at ShowFantasySports it's what we do best.  As soon as the 2012 NFL draft came to a close I have been running mock drafts through my mind and literally sitting on the edge of my keyboard waiting to type some of this.  What inspired me today is I have been reading over a few early mocks and the short sightedness of some of these websites just boggles the mind.  So many of these guys use last years rankings and basically just make a list or they go by older methods and litmus tests in order to rank a player ignoring an ever changing NFL landscape. No time to waste...lets get to round one of our first 12 man non PPR mock draft of 2012.  Things can and will change along the way, but as of today's date here is where I rank them. 

1. Arian Foster
2. Ray Rice
3. LeSean McCoy
4. Ryan Matthews
Studs at the RB position are hard to find this year as many backs are contending with large time shares and in the case of guys like AP and Jamal Charles are coming off of major injuries. Our top 3 backs here are as close to can't miss players as we have at the position and I add Matthews to this list because he is a dynamic talent that has a clear path with Tolbert being dealt to Carolina.  Many of us have been burned by the bad Ryan Matthews in the past and I can't say I didn't write it over and over since he was a rookie "Do not pick this guy this high".  Well now is the time you make this pick and I see it paying off in 2012.  I have not seen Matthews in a first round mock yet this year...but here he is in our first SFS mock of the year at #4.

5. Calvin Johnson - Megatron - Far and away the best WR in the league in a heavy passing offense...what's not to like?
6. Aaron Rodgers - A-rod is money.
7. Tom Brady - As if he needed more weapons.
8. Drew Brees - Defense won't be any better and again Drew will be leaned upon to throw a ton.
The NFL is a passing league.  To get the big boys at QB this year you are going to have to jump on them early.  I won't do alot of QB picking in the 1st round, but when I do this is the pick range I expect to have to grab the top 3 gunners in the league.  Hard to choose between these 3 yardage and TD hogs so just grab one if that's your play and know you are set at the position.

9. Matt Forte - a possible hold out makes Forte a massive risk reward pick. You'll look like a genius if you get him late 1st early or 2nd and he doesn't hold out.

10. Larry Fitzgerald - Look for Larry to be a monster this season with rookie M.Floyd on the other side drawing some attention.  Most have Andre Johnson at this point in their mocks, but I have grown tired of his injury woes and will not use a 1st round selection on him. 

11. Trent Richardson - OK, don't wet yourself...but I am very high(1st round high) on the Cleveland rookie.  Think about it..he can do it all and he will be the focal point of the franchise.  With Brandon Weedon most likely being brought along slowly Trent will get his share of carries and catches and he has all the tools to be a 3 down back. With a body like this guy has and the skills he possesses him being ranked as a 4th rounder in recent mocks is's mockery!  it's folly!  it's fantasy madness! (not naming names there ESPN)  With all the uncertainty at RB why pass on a shot at what many call the next AP or the next great back? 

12. Marshawn Lynch - No I am not drinking and blogging...Lynch a perennial second rounder in these mocks is still a young buck showed last year in the 2nd half of the season what a true fantasy beast he can be.  With no real contenders to take his carries roll with Lynch, be taunted by other managers, and just take this non-sexy pick.  Sure Lynch isn't going to wow your friends on draft day, but the points will be there and that's what it takes to win. An underrated and improving Seattle defense and improved QB play will place Lynch in a great environment to succeed.

That's a wrap for round one...round two will be posted in the next day or two.  Don't like my picks...I can take it...let me hear where you think I went wrong.

Wes "theShow"