Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Slants

Yahoo waivers cleared today...hope you got who you wanted. Here are some quick slants on what you could be doing to help your team this week.

Josh Freeman confirmed that Earnest Graham will handle the bulk of tailback duties with LeGarrette Blount (knee) not playing in Week 6. Translation - if you need an RB Graham is certainly serviceable as he can catch the ball and make the tough goal line runs.

Raiders rookie WR Denarius Moore has suddenly got alot more competition in the form of D.Hayward-Bey, Jacoby Ford, Chad Schilins and soon Louis Murphy. Moore is good...a true playmaker, but there may be too many mouths to feed now in Oakland and it could be time to cut bait on the kid and say thanks for the week 1-3 memories. The real problem is not the over abundance of young WR's in's the fact that they are a run team and do not throw enough for us to risk playing a 2nd or 3rd passing option in this offense. WR pecking order in Oaktown looks to be Hayward-Bey, Ford, Moore, and Murphy from here on out but any week could star any of the 4. May want to look at guys like Steve Breaston and even Hayward-Bey if you want to keep it a Raider themed wire move.

Rashard Mendenhall is not listed on the Steeler's Week 6 injury report. Translation: throw back Redman and roll out Mendenhall this week vs the Jags. Don't expect a huge game out of Mendy this week...more on that in the Prep for week 6.

WR Julio Jones is most likely out this week with a hammy injury (it's the year of the hamstring pull) Give Harry Douglas an uptick in value this week as ATL hosts Cam and the Panthers.

Antonio Gates - Still no word on this guy will even be ready for week 7...drafting him was a dream turned nightmare. If I were you and I was in contention in a keeper league I would try to deal him to someone who is looking to next year for someone that you can use now. There will be 0-6 and 1-5 teams in your league after this week. Same goes for Dallas Clark who is virtually I have to Painter you a picture? Deal him if you can anything useful for him. And hey, if you have a bad team Clark is gonna be a top guy again next year with Manning back so maybe go get him on the cheap in keepers.

D.Mason dealt to the Texans -don't go crazy...all this does is increase the team avg. age.

One last note...the league is still dragging it's feet on the Benson thing so if you are like me and have Bernard Scott in several leagues taking up a roster space...well keep on waiting if you must or can him for someone who can help you now....depends on the league and your current needs.

Well Fantasy freaks, The Prep for Week 6 will be posted tomorrow evening or you can listen to it live at at 2pm est.

If you have any week day lineup questions email me at or friend me on facebook (Wes Ramsey) and shoot me the lineup and we'll get you all set for Sunday.

Good luck this week - Show no mercy and get that win!


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