Monday, October 31, 2011

NFL Costumes for Halloween!!!

Ahh it's the time of year when we can dress up and pretend to be someone else. As a big fan of the NFL I say we should all dress up as some of our favorite NFL players or former players and support the league. Below are some ideas for you as you prepare to go out and get some candy.

Invited to a big party tonight and don't wanna go? Dress up like Chris Johnson so you don't have to show up.

Wanna go as John Beck...slip on a Grossman jersey. (you'll get that tomorrow)

Gotta Ocho-Cinco jersey, u can go as the Invisible Man.

Grab a clip board and a golf club and go as Peyton Manning

Dress up as the Colts or Dolphins and go as a prostitute (you don't accept cash or credit cards...just QB's from Stanford)

Dress up like Rex Ryan an go as Jabba the Hut or stick with the Star Wars theme and dress up like Rob Ryan and go as Chewbacca.

Try throwing on some World League Football gear and go as the St.Louis Rams

Well I hope you guys get a chance to try some of these out...I would sit here and think of some more for you with the help of my good friends Deadheadbill and Adam K. but I have my own party to get to...I found a cool Fat Albert costume at Walmart...I'm going as Jamarcus Russell. My wife is dressing as two huge tatas....she is going as Jamarcus Russell as well...BUST!!!

Good Evening (said in my best Vincent Price voice)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Slants Week 8

In week 8 we again have several teams on the bye leaving us with some gaping holes in our lineups. In more than one league I have hit the wire to fill these spots because my bench did not have enough bodies to fill up the spots. If you have this same issue going into week 8 then never fear theShow is here and this is what I would be looking for.

1. If you are in a league where Pierre Thomas is on the wire go snag him right now as he will most likely get the start vs the hapless Rams as Ingram will probably sit due to an injury.

2. I snapped up Knowshon Moreno in a bunch of leagues when Willis Magahee went down with a broken hand. The new Tebow led Broncos will be ultra conservative meaning lots of work for Moreno on the ground and catching short passes.

3. I see alot of teams picking up Antonio Brown with Hines Ward likely to sit Sunday. Emmanuel Sanders is going to start the game over Brown so take that into consideration.

4. If you have Sam Bradford for your bye week QB...look elsewhere because this week it's going to be A.J. Feeley unless Sam has a miraculous recovery from his high ankle sprain this weekend.
It really sucks to be a Rams fan right now...I pitty myself.

5. You Matt Stafford owners can put Shaun Hill back on the wire now...Matt should be ready to roll barring a setback.

6. Andre3000 is a game time decision this Sunday so check your injury reports Sunday morning. If he plays he is a must start.

7. Beanie Wells is wanting to play vs the Ravens despite the banged up knee. I don't think he will play and I don't like his matchup this week anyway. Alphonzo Smith will probably start and be the main ball carrier if Beanie sits. In ppr's Stephens-Howling could be the play as the Cards would most likely be playing from behind.

8. No word on J.Addai yet so you Delone Carter owners stand pat for now.

Finding alot of decent WR plays on the wire this week such as Steve Breaston, David Nelson, Greg Little and Lance Moore. Moore only has one td but the Rams have given up 11 WR tds this season...that leads the league. Also Brandon Lafell continues to make plays and can be found on most waiver wires...he is always someone I look to when in desperate need of a WR filler. The word with these type of plays is upside and matchups...if you have one or the other or both...roll 'em out, you could do worse on your bye week.

As for RB's Kendell Hunter was dropped by many teams when SF had it's bye...he is always going to get some run for the conservative niners so snap him up if you are in desperate need of upside at that position. Others to looks at are R.Helu who should be the man in Washington by the end of this year, Bernard Scott (one week play while Benson is suspended), and the aforementioned Knowshon favorite wire grab of the week.

If you need a TE give Delanie Walker and Jared Cook a look and consider Evan Moore if Ben "it's elementary" Watson sits due to a concussion.

Spot play DST's I like this week are Buffalo, Cincy, and the NY Giants.

Good Luck this weekend.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Your Byes for week 7 are Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, NY Giants, Philadelphia,
and San Francisco

San Diego at NY Jets 1:00 PM CBS MetLife Stadium
Start: Ryan Matthews, Rivers, Gates(he's back)
cautious play: Vjack - B.Marsh did just fine on Revis Island and so should Vincent.
Sit - Mike Tolbert and M.Floyd

Start - LT - he is my sleeper in this game...first time out vs old team.
Start - Santonio Holmes - getting in a groove of late.
Sit - M.Sanchez, D.Keller (hasn't done much of late) and Burress(see Keller)

Chicago at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX Wembley Stadium
Kinda cracks me up that the owner of Tampa gives up a home game to parade
his other team, the Bucs over in Soccer country, the home of the team that he
really cares about - Manchester United.
Start - Josh Freeman (looking more like a fantasy QB of late)
also run out the cracker man Earnest Graham again will carry the load for TB
Sit - WR Mike Williams and K.Winslow (neither sniffing the end zone this season)
Sleeper - A.Benn was drafted higher and now seems to be the more explosive WR in TB

Start - Matt Forte, D.Hester and Cautiously run out Jay Cutler who is not a bad fantasy QB.
Sit - The rest of the Bears offense.

Washington at Carolina 1:00 PM FOX Bank of America Stadium
Start - Ryan Torain - consider last week a hiccup. Panthers are bad defending the run and
RT redeems himself this week. S.Moss is due this week so play him.
Sit - Skins TE's (stay off that merri-go-round), T.Hightower
Sleeper: J.Gaffney is not a bad bye week filler this week.

Start: Cam and Steve Smith and G.Olsen
Sit: Carolina RB's....who can figure out why these good backs are being under utilized.
Sleeper for Carolina continues to be B.Lafell - this kid is a home run hitter.

Atlanta at Detroit 1:00 PM FOX Ford Field

The ATL looked alot better last week and I think they will go into the dome and give the Lions
all they can handle in Detriot especially with the Dtown running game without Jahvid Best.

Maurice Morris is the fill in for now for Best who will not play this week and K.Williams is
someone to put on your radar. I still think this team goes out and deals for someone that can
run inside...if they don't they won't go far come playoff time.

Start the usual suspects from the Dtown offense. Keep an eye on Nate Burleson to see if
he can have a 2nd good week...he's a risky play but it really depends on your bye week
troubles. Start Brandon Pettigrew with Scheffler out BP is getting it done with all the looks.
Sit Titus Young.

For the ATL run out Roddy White and expect Roddy White numbers. If Roddy struggles again
this week then there is something up and he may not be healthy. J.Jones could be a scratch again this week...if he plays he is a good wr 3 or flex play...doubt he will go with the bad hammy. Always check your injury reports! Turner has been great so keep playing him.
Sit Tony Gonzalez this week - he has not been doing much.

Seattle at Cleveland 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Cleveland Browns Stadium
Only two people in the Seattle offense are worthy in my opinion of starting this week and they
are Sidney Rice and Marshawn Lynch who I expect to have a solid game and is a good flex
play in week 7. Sit Charlie Whitehurst and the rest of the Seattle offensive players.

Colt McCoy has got it done from a fantasy perspective and is a popular bye week filler QB
this week. I like Colt and his new no1 WR Greg Little vs the Seahags. I do not expect Peyton
Hillis to play this week so if you must start a Cleveland RB Monterio Hardesty can be used as
a low end no.2 - flex starter. TE Ben Watson is a low end start as well. Sit other Cleveland WR's
and the aforementioned P.Hillis even if he plays...I don't trust him at all this week.

Denver at Miami 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Sun Life Stadium
Tim Tebag finally gets his start and hopfully will roll this week and shut up all the ESPN idiots whohave buried him before he's even began his NFL career...lay off the kid! People want to see that desire and heart Tebow brings to a game where alot of people are simply collecting pay checks. Of course if he does succeed you will hear "well it's only Miami", you can bet on that.

Start Tim and I would not be afraid to use McGahee and Knowshon Moreno this week. If you held onto Knowshon all this time you are finally going to see an uptick in his value with Tebow running things for Denver. The passes may be shorter and less frequent, but the offense should move along fine. Now other than Eric Decker I am not sure if I would start any other Denver WR's. I know it's tempting to run out Demaryius Thomas or Eddie Royal now that they seem to be healthy for the first time all year, but if it's me I wait and see and take a look at the targets as we find out who Timmy's favorite WRs are going to be (TIMMAY!)

On the Dolphins side of things - I don't hate Matt Moore here and think he is going to have a nice game along with B.Marsh. Start D.Thomas and stay away from R.Bush unless you are desperate in a ppr format. Sleeper in this one is D.Bess..a decent bye week fill in.

Houston at Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS Tickets LP Field
Great game in the home of country music.
Start Matt Hasselbeck, CJ2K and Nate Washington this week.
Sleeper for the week is Damien Williams(not a huge fan, but don't hate this matchup for him.
Wait and see on Jared Cook - I can see good things out him in the 2nd half.

Sit Schaub - Don't like the other Matt this week on the road vs a fresh Tenn. DST.
ya have to run out A.Foster who is just a man amongst boys out there as he carries the Houston offense. Owen Daniels continues to be a good target in this toned down version of the Houston O. It's hard to recommend either K.Walt or Jacoby Jones...if i have to play one for a bye week fill in it's def. gonna be Jones. Sit B.Tate...may scrounge out a few goal lines but is clearly just a hand cuff now. If you are a Foster owner do not drop Tate!

Kansas City at Oakland 4:05 PM CBS Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
KC - Start M.Cassell and D.Bowe
Sleeper is Jackie Battle (flex option)
bye week fill in favorite here is Steve Breaston who I am playing in several leagues wk 7. Hopefully Steve won't burn me like Mike Jenkins did a few weeks back when I went out on a limb and started him in several leagues and got jack for it.

For Oakland this is a tough week to play any of the WRs not knowing what we will get out of Carson Palmer early on. I have to say the smart thing to do is avoid all Oakland WRs this week and if you have to play one use Haywood-Bey who is the most consistent of this crew.
It goes without saying always play Run DMC and sit Bush.
Sleeper is K.Boss - With a better QB you will see the TE utilized more especially early on.

Pittsburgh at Arizona 4:05 PM CBS U of Phoenix Stadium
Big Ben and Mike Wallace and Rashard Mendenhall are all must plays this week.
Hines Ward is not a favorite of mine but it is hard to ignore him as a bye week fill in here.
Sit H.Miller, Redman, Dwyer.
Sleeper here is A.Brown...though I can't see playing him...only if you must.

Sit K.Kolb
Start Beanie Wells and Larry Fitzgerald who due to Kolb has been a massive disappointment, but you can't just sit him...he is too much of a freakish athlete so keep running him out.

Green Bay at Minnesota 4:15 PM FOX Mall of America Field
Rodgers set for a monster many weeks do we say it...start all Packer
WR's and just flip a coin if you want to flex one of the RB's cause they obviously do not need them to put up massive points. J.Jones keeps finding the end zone with few looks, but is risky.

Christian Ponder is a Sit this week as he gets his first start in the Wake of the McNabb benching.
I think we will see some nice stuff out of Ponder going forward and I expect to see a WR or two there in Minn. get off the milk carton (Percy!) thanks to having a QB in there that actually has an arm. Only guy in Minnesota I am playing this week is All Day A.P.

St. Louis at Dallas 4:15 PM FOX Cowboys Stadium
I can't look...someone blind fold me so I don't have to watch Dallas' talented WRs run all over this Rams secondary that has made guys like Torrey Smith look like the second coming of Jerry Rice.
Great week to have Romo and his crew...along with Demarco Murray and T.Choice both really nice flex starts this week with Felix nursing a bad ankle sprain.

On the Rams side S.Jackson is a hard working player that gets it done and is still a solid RB 2 as bad as this offense has been. Sam's high ankle sprain worries me and you really cannot start him, but his WR's have some promise this week with the addition of B.Lloyd which will free up some coverage for guys like G.Salas (ppr player) in the slot and Danario Alexander on the outside and in the redzone. If Sam can make it through the game with the ankle these WRs could get some nice garbage time stats.

Indianapolis at New Orleans 8:20 PM NBC Superdome
The O'fer Colts visit a pissed off Saints team which has this one getting ugly quickly.
Like the previous Rams vs Boyz matchup I say Start your Saints. With the Saints things are much more tricky because Drew Brees is an EWS, but he has so many weapons on that team it makes it tough to figure who will get the love week to week.
Start - M.Ingram in the flex (would be shocked if he did not score this week)
Start - Colston, Jimmy Graham and D.Sproles as well.
The only other guy I like is Moore who is risky but a great bye week filler for team enduring bye week hell. Sit - D.Henderson and R.Meachum who's targets are way down. Also Sit PT Cruiser.

MNF - Are You Ready For Some Foo....Wait a sec. political correctness has robbed us of our HANK so forget that. Oh well invite your rowdy friends over, put a pig in the ground and watch ya some MNF.
Baltimore at Jacksonville 8:30 PM ESPN EverBank Field
I expect to see both defenses flying around the football field. Ray Rice and Joe Flacco are real nice plays this week. Ray is not scoring the TDs this year and the Jags do defend the run well, but I can't see him not tasting pay dirt Monday night. A.Boldin got back on track last week so he is a strong no.2 wide out this week and our sleeper is Torrey Smith who I like this week even if L.Evans is back...Lee you are dead to me.

Over in Jags land MJD is such a warrior you must start him, but beware of the Jags offense led by the young QB Gabbert who is going to be a good one, but will show his happy feet this week vs a viscious Ravens DST. I just cannot recommend anyone else on the Jags offensive side unless you employ KR yards in your league then Dej Karim could be a sneaky play.

Goodluck Fantasy Freaks, Geeks, and Peeps...may you roll in week 7. Next week check us out for our HallowScream version of The Prep.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Slants for Week 7

In today's quick slants we go over what you need to be looking for on the waiver wire for week 7.

In deeper leagues and 2 QB leagues some of you lost a QB or two this week with the injury to Jason Campbell and with the benching of Sexy Rexy Grossman, Kyle Orton and McNabb. We also saw the Raiders jerk the remote control from Carson Palmer's and give him a golden ticket back into the NFL. The Skins are going to start John Beck and the Vikings look to rookie Christian Ponder and the Broncos look to Tim Tebow(as if you didn't know from the endless sports center coverage). Palmer is obviously the better player of this new group of signal callers, but how long will it take him to get in sync. From a fantasy perspective the guy I would want out of this group is Tebow. Down the line I go with Palmer, Ponder then Beck who I don't expect very much out of at all. In keeper leagues I like Tebow and Ponder. I think Ponder will do well once he shakes the jitters off and he certainly cannot be any worse than McNabb has been. Percy Harvin has no TD's this year receiving...that should tell you enough right there to know it was time for a change.

Now when we look at the running backs we have some tasty waiver wire gems out there. Demarco Murray and Tashard Choice are facing a terrible Rams defense this week and can be found on many a waiver wire. Choice is going to be the least owned of the two but is just as likely to get touchdown's as Murray. I think Murray is the better back of the two, but that is not to say you get the lesser fantasy back if you end up with Choice. You should be able to use these two for a few weeks before Jones gets back from his injury. Another interesting pickup is E.Graham, again subbing for a dinged up L.Blount week 7...Graham is not out there in very many leagues right now, but if you are in the standard Yahoo league, it's worth a look. Over in Kansas city they are going to give Jackie Battle a look and maybe you should too if you are hurting at RB and have a need in your flex spot. The 28 year old back is nothing special, but will get his chance with Thomas Jones showing age and Dexter McCluster just not getting the job done. Looking ahead Cedric Benson has finally been served a one game suspension by the league looking ahead to week 8 you could go grab Bernard Scott now.
I have also noticed Marshawn Lynch out there on a few waiver I have said many times on The Prep programs Seattle has no one else and Marshawn will have a good post bye season I believe. Lynch won't light up the score board but he can get tough yards and should see more TD's as Seattle's schedule lightens up starting with a game at Cleveland giving up the 6th most pts to fantasy RB's this season. In Cleveland, what is up with Peyton Hillis? Look for Hardesty to receive the workload this week while Hillis heals up the hammy or cries more about wanting a the man he is Mr.Madden! He paid me to say that. Lastly, The Ronnie Brown deal has been vetoed so ....if you want a Lions back look at M.Morris or K.Williams.

Looking at the TE if you are in need of a TE D.Walker, a converted WR is showing signs of being a redzone target in SanFran...with Alex Smith having limited arm strength Harbaugh is doing a nice job of implementing a short passing game along with a bruising running game and Walker is seeing his share of looks as a second fiddle to Vernon Davis. Delanie scored in week 6 and dropped another td early in the game. Also in deeper leagues watch Daniel Fells in can bet Tebow will use the TE more than Orton did.

WR's are on and off the wire all year long...many times owners make the mistake of chasing last week's points rather than trying to play the matchups or trends. You saw Jacoby Jones being dropped across the board (gotta admit I canned him in a few leagues) after a 1 catch performance, but last week caught a nice TD and was targeted alot more. This week we saw alot of Raider WRs hitting the wire due to the loss of Jason Campbell and more because of who was his backup(Kyle Boller). Now with Palmer there it is only a matter of time until we see their WR corp putting up nice numbers...they have the speed and game breaking ability...the challenge will be watching to see who Carson latches on to in the coming weeks. Hayward-Bey is the safest bet out there right now, but after it will be your job to keep an eye on targets and trends and land whomever emerges as the 2 and maybe 3 WR in Oaktown.

Players you can find on the wire that can do some work for you this week are Jacoby Jones, Danario Alexander(doesn't play every down but is a redzone threat), L.Robinson(nice matchup here in deep leagues and is now the solid no.3 WR in Dallas), If Greg Little has yet to be taken off the wire in your league go get him now as he thrived in his first start with the Browns and is clearly their best WR. Steve Breaston went into KC's bye with a flourish and is a good play this weekend vs. the Raiders. I still think we will hear from the Raven's Torrey Smith again this year more than once so keep the speedster on your radar. Dane Sanzenbacher scored this past week(that's 3 td's for him), but did not receive alot of looks. Over in Denver with B.Lloyd now a Ram(yeah!) watch Royal, D.Thomas and Decker and pay attention as the next few weeks unfold to whom ole' Timmay targets(TIMMAY!). And lastly in ppr's Greg Salas is the new slot WR for the Rams and he is going to catch alot of balls down the stretch of this season, just don't expect many TDs along the way.

Guys I would not touch - don't get too worked up that Mike Sims Walker is back with the Jags. I would not roster this guy simply because of inconsistency. In most league you cannot afford a goose egg, but that is pretty much what you get from Mike about every other week.

Well this article got alittle longer than I expected...maybe I should rename it post routes for week 7? Good luck this weekend.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Slants

Yahoo waivers cleared today...hope you got who you wanted. Here are some quick slants on what you could be doing to help your team this week.

Josh Freeman confirmed that Earnest Graham will handle the bulk of tailback duties with LeGarrette Blount (knee) not playing in Week 6. Translation - if you need an RB Graham is certainly serviceable as he can catch the ball and make the tough goal line runs.

Raiders rookie WR Denarius Moore has suddenly got alot more competition in the form of D.Hayward-Bey, Jacoby Ford, Chad Schilins and soon Louis Murphy. Moore is good...a true playmaker, but there may be too many mouths to feed now in Oakland and it could be time to cut bait on the kid and say thanks for the week 1-3 memories. The real problem is not the over abundance of young WR's in's the fact that they are a run team and do not throw enough for us to risk playing a 2nd or 3rd passing option in this offense. WR pecking order in Oaktown looks to be Hayward-Bey, Ford, Moore, and Murphy from here on out but any week could star any of the 4. May want to look at guys like Steve Breaston and even Hayward-Bey if you want to keep it a Raider themed wire move.

Rashard Mendenhall is not listed on the Steeler's Week 6 injury report. Translation: throw back Redman and roll out Mendenhall this week vs the Jags. Don't expect a huge game out of Mendy this week...more on that in the Prep for week 6.

WR Julio Jones is most likely out this week with a hammy injury (it's the year of the hamstring pull) Give Harry Douglas an uptick in value this week as ATL hosts Cam and the Panthers.

Antonio Gates - Still no word on this guy will even be ready for week 7...drafting him was a dream turned nightmare. If I were you and I was in contention in a keeper league I would try to deal him to someone who is looking to next year for someone that you can use now. There will be 0-6 and 1-5 teams in your league after this week. Same goes for Dallas Clark who is virtually I have to Painter you a picture? Deal him if you can anything useful for him. And hey, if you have a bad team Clark is gonna be a top guy again next year with Manning back so maybe go get him on the cheap in keepers.

D.Mason dealt to the Texans -don't go crazy...all this does is increase the team avg. age.

One last note...the league is still dragging it's feet on the Benson thing so if you are like me and have Bernard Scott in several leagues taking up a roster space...well keep on waiting if you must or can him for someone who can help you now....depends on the league and your current needs.

Well Fantasy freaks, The Prep for Week 6 will be posted tomorrow evening or you can listen to it live at at 2pm est.

If you have any week day lineup questions email me at or friend me on facebook (Wes Ramsey) and shoot me the lineup and we'll get you all set for Sunday.

Good luck this week - Show no mercy and get that win!


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