Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick Slants

1. Injuries - you are now seeing what not having a full NFL training camp does to these guys. There are always some injuries, but all these injuries to star players is unreal.

2. Circle the come the Buffalo Bills - Great story here with Harvard's Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB, a crew of young exciting WR's which includes a guy I have been touting for some time David Nelson plus an underrated RB in Fred Jackson. They have found a way to make this weeks home match up with the Pats a big game.

3. Cam Newton - I told you guys in my Rookie Rage that this guy was going to be a star player despite many giving him the Tim Tebow treatment post draft. This kid is a winner. Like I said, if Mike Vick can play this kid can be every bit as good or better than Vick. More yards than any rookie in his first two games EVER...and the coolest thing is this is only the beginning.

4. Rams and Chiefs - two teams looking to build on better than expected 2010 seasons...both teams will be lucky to win 2 games combined by mid season with the schedules they are playing.

5. Tom Brady - Three Letters M-V-P

6. Mike Williams, WR Tampa - Sophomore Slump?

7. Hottest Wire Pickup - Eric Decker - WR Broncos...E.Royal is out so even if B.Lloyd gets back in week 3 Decker is a nice play right now.

8. Best Backup turned starter - Willis McGahee - He may be the best back in Denver right now.

9. Backup who proved he was a backup - Caddy Williams - RB Rams - faltered on the big MNF stage ...hurry back SJax.

10. Andrew Luck reportedly looking at homes in Seattle and Indianapolis. There is also a duplex in Kansas City that interests him.

Look for THE PREP for week 3 and Place Your Bets coming soon!

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