Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Prep - Week 2 - Setting Your Lineup

Last week's Prep was a huge success. Time for a repeat performance in week 2. To cut this down abit I will try to avoid the obvious great starts and bad sits. If you are taking time out of your day to read this you already know how to play the basics of fantasy football. This article will help you polish up your lineups for the weekend. Just don't expect the "Drew Brees is good he is a must start" comment. Or maybe the "start Tom Brady" blurb.... If you don't know that by now...just stop reading and throw on a Justin Bieber cd and day dream baby! Now let’s get to this week's match ups.

Kansas City at Detroit 1:00 PM CBS Ford Field

Must Start - Jahvid Best, Jamaal Charles, D.Bowe (will rebound bigtime), Matt Stafford (get out of the way of this moving train.

Sit - Matt Cassell - looked so bad last week. Not playing this dude till' he gets back on track. Also sit Leonard Pope, don't expect another TD this week. Sit Steve Breaston, signed a contract in KC and hasn't been seen since!

Sneaky Play - Love me some Nate Burleson this week. Also Tony Scheffler, may not catch as many balls as Pettigrew, but is the bigger play maker at TE.

*Don't be afraid of your KC players...PC picked KC to win this game in week 2's Place Your Bets.

Oakland at Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS Ralph Wilson Stadium

Roll them out: Mcfadden (looked good last week with 150 yds on the ground), Ryan Fitzpatrick (not Joe Montana, but in fantasy we just need pts), Stevie Johnson, Fred Jackson (answered the question, who is Buffalo's number 1 RB)

Sit 'Em Down - Jason Campbell, CJ Spiller (scored wk 1, but is not getting the touches), Oakland WR's (waiting for someone to step up)

Sleeper City - Scott Chandler(was a star last week...sneaking suspicion has me thinking this kid may not be a week one fluke). Also put David Nelson on your watch list.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota 1:00 PM FOX Mall of America Field

Roll 'Em Out - Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and of course do not doubt that AP will bounce back this week. Percy Harvin (I forsee inconsistency out of him this year, but I like him this week) K.Winslow(could see K.Win tasting paydirt this weekend)

Hindsight thought of the week. Hmmm maybe I should not have drafted L.Blount as my No.2 since it seems if Tampa is down he is no way in hell getting the rock which means he is at best a 50-50 play to get consistent touches...if he goes big trade him...or you can roll him out in games they are favored because they will grind clock with the big back.

Sit 'Em Down - D.McNabb...somebody go warm up Christian Ponder, no really, PLEASE. B.Berrian (after a decent preseason BB treated us to a nice goose egg week 1). V.Shiancoe.

Sleeper City - None.

Chicago at New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX Superdome

Run 'Em Out - Jay Cutler (Who Dat gonna play some defense for N.O.) M.Forte(scoring will be his forte this week), Start Dr...oh wait you already know that, Robert Meachum (no Colston Meach can play), Jimmy Graham (have been singing him praises since last year) Mark Ingram (the rookie scores this week, low end no.3 rb cuz the yds will be low)

Sit 'Em Down - D.Hester - I hate playing inconsistent WR's...if you have KR yds in your league though this is the week to play him. Deverey Henderson (fresh off his 100 yd game and TD, ya know Dev is gonna disappear like he does every year after a big game) D.Sproles (last week, not gonna happen again vs Chicago)

Sleeper City - Earl Bennett WR Bears.

Baltimore at Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS LP Field

Put 'Em In Your Lineup - Joe Flacco (this is Joe's year), A.Boldin (carrying a great preseason into the regular season), K.Britt (garbage time love for Kenny?)

Sit 'Em - CJ2K(is this guy in game shape...sure didn't look it last week...vs Baltimore in a 10 man league I am sitting his butt...but of course in larger leagues you'd be an idiot not to play him..just don't expect much. Lee Evans - Welcome to Baltimore Lee - thanks for reminding us of your Buffalo days (zero catches week 1, may have a good week, I'm not taking that chance with my team). Matt Hasselbeck (just try to stay upright there Matt).

Sleeper City - Ricky Williams, Ed Dickson.

Cleveland at Indianapolis 1:00 PM CBS Lucas Oil Stadium

Hey Indy the season started last week! Reports out of Indy have K.Collins saying he thought last week's match up with Houston was a scrimmage game. Kerry said to NBC's Dan Patrick "Arian Foster wasn't playing so why the hell should I throw my arm out, it's still preseason right?"

Start 'Em - Not alot to like about this game...I do like P.Hillis and D.Clark in this game...even R.Wayne worries me abit with young stud CB Joe Haden covering him all day.

Sit 'Em - Just sit the rest of them!

Sleeper City - Garcon' is a good athlete and should find some open space in this one, hard to start this guy with no Peyton, but don't be surprised if he hits on a big one (this is not referencing his after hours dating preferences)

Jacksonville at NY Jets 1:00 PM CBS MetLife Stadium

Really enjoyed Luke McCown's interview after their game last week...classy QB there in Jagsland.

Roll 'Em Out - Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, MJD, Mike Thomas (garbage time gold this week?)

Sit Em - Jags offense outside of MJD and Thomas, Dustin Keller(never had any luck with this player), D.Mason (not enough looks) S.Green (a player that has absolutely showed me nothing, again). Jags shut down CJ2K last week).

Sleeper City - Dej Karim

Seattle at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM FOX Heinz Field

Women and Children of Seattle...please turn away from your television sets for this program may be unsuitable for some viewers due to graphic violence, loss of dignity and disgusting QB performance.

Start 'Em - Big Ben and the Pitt offense beat some Seahag tail this week. Love Mike Wallace and Mendenhall (book it, he's scoring this week)

Sit 'Em- Marshawn Lynch - was anything but beast mode last week. Tavaris Jackson...uhm, NO! Sidney Rice may not play...if he does play he could be a great source of garbage time ppr stats. Sit all other Seattle WR's.

Sleeper - TE Zach Miller and WR Emmanuel Sanders (scored last week, could go 2 for 2)

Arizona at Washington 1:00 PM FOX FedEx Field

Start ;Em - for the second week in a row I say it - Start R.Grossman. I told you last week I liked sexy Rexy and he broke off a nice game and proved me right vs the Gmen. This week his team hosts the defense that made Cam Newton look like Mike Vick. Santana Moss is a must play this week along with Tim Hightower who is showing surprising burst. Start K.Kolb and Larry Fitz and Beanie in a flex only RB 3 situation.

Sit 'Em - R.Helu and R.Torain (for now this is the Timmy HT show), sit J.Gaffney (doubt he scores again this week)

Sleeper City - mentioned him as a sleeper last week and will again...Skins WR Anthony Armstrong - get's better each time I watch him play.

Green Bay at Carolina 1:00 PM FOX Bank of America Stadium

Hmmm, this could get ugly! Hope this game is on TV so I can watch Rodgers rip into Carolina's weak secondary and to see how Cam deals with the GB pass rush. I am a big fan of Cam and as I noted in our Rookie Rage article in the preseason has big time star qualities...but in this game he is going to struggle. Biggest problem here is figuring out which Gbay WR is gonna get the love from Rodgers. I'd look for J.Finley to get into the end zone this week and of course G.Jennings is a good bet to score again along with the sure handed Jordy Nelson. Play James Starks, could be a nice breakout game for him if they get up early and crush the running game.
Carolina starts...Steve Smith looked great last week, but can ya trust him...ya have to run him out there after week 1's numbers. The Panthers have to run, they have to this week so I would risk it and play DeAngelo Williams and hope the coaching staff is not so enamored with Cam that they abandon the run. Go with Williams as a low end RB 2 this week and hold your breath.

Sit - James Jones - resigned with the team, but will he be a factor this year...maybe, but wait and see. Sit Cam, trust me on this, and sit Ryan Grant who I think could take a back seat this week to Starks.

Sleeper - Brandon Lafell - quick exciting WR there in Carolina.

Dallas at San Francisco 4:05 PM FOX Candlestick Park

Panic Game! Dallas better not lose this one or Jerry may make them peel the stars off their helmets.

Starts - Romo(should go big this week, of course, no pressure vs a bad team) Dez is banged up but a must start if he plays and M.Austin. F.Jones looks good so far. Starts for SF include V.Davis and F.Gore who is just too good of a fantasy player to sit. Keep watching to see who is F.Jones backup...I think they want Murray to be that guy over Choice.

Sit - Alex Smith (Dallas front 7 too much), 49er WR's abysmal wk 1.

Sleeper - None

San Diego at New England 4:15 PM CBS Gillette Stadium

Oh yeah, this could be a fantasy fiesta. After the obvious starts at QB for both teams and the obvious start at TE in Gates ...then the questions are plentiful. It's hard not to like both New England TE's who look like their best WR's. I do like BJGE "the Law Firm" to get some run in order to slow down the SD pass rush. Woodhead takes some carries, but I cannot recommend him. Branch is an ok deeper league start, but it's hard to imagine him scoring this week. Vjack should be huge this week after a slacker week 1. At RB I think Tolbert's injury is a huge thing to of right now he is going to play and is a great flex start if he does, but if not I also like R.Matthews as a flex guy in this fast break game at Gillette this Sunday.

Sits - I'd sit Woodhead and Ocho Cinco (until we see him consistently integrated into what the Pats are running)

Sleeper - M.Floyd (risky play, but it could be high reward with McCourty guaranteed to mark Vjack)

Houston at Miami 4:15 PM CBS Sun Life Stadium

Starts - M.Schaub, Andre3000 and Owen Daniels
Dolphins starts include Bush(9 catches wk 1) and B.Marshall.

Sits - D.Ward (team leaning toward running out Foster this week) check your injury reports this weekend. D.Thomas, team not happy with him so far...but eventually his time will come. Sit Henne....big fantasy numbers will not be the norm despite decent showing vs the Pats.

Sleeper City - B.Tate(a flex option even if Foster plays) J.Jones(Walter out, opportunity knocks)
D.Bess (tends to show up more often than not)

Cincinnati at Denver 4:15 PM CBS Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Orton will play well this week and temporarily squash the Tebow talk. Funny how ESPN wants to constantly hate on Tebow...last time I looked this was the fans game so why not give him some run once the team is out of contention.
Start - Orton, B.Lloyd (he is hurt, but should play, check on this before you permanently set your lineups), AJ Green - may not catch alot of balls but he is way too good to leave on your a TD waiting to happen, like him more if Gradkowski Starts at QB for Cincy.
Start Cedric Benson simply because he is going to get the rock and more often than not is not half bad.

Sit - Dalton (banged up) J.Simpson, J.Shipley, E.Royal, J.Gresham(a better play if Dalton is in)

Sleeper City - E.Decker (a good start if no Lloyd), and D.Fells TE Denver (was in my article last week, sticking with him.

Philadelphia at Atlanta 8:20 PM NBC Georgia Dome

Vick goes back to where it all began. I remember watching Vick in his rookie year come into a game for Chris Chandler. I was at the Georgia Dome watching my rams (the Greatest Show on Turf at the time) flat destroy the falcons. The great Marshall Faulk had just caught his 3rd receiving td of the game on a fly pattern down the right sideline and Vick was inserted into the game. He did not play great, but what amazed me was the way the ball left his hand...I have never seen a ball thrown with that kinda zip sideline to sideline with a simple flick of the wrist. After becoming a star in the ATL, a jail sentence and career comeback in Philly later and here we are. People are picking ATL like crazy in this game and I just don't see it. Take Vick and the Eagles attack vs a less than stellar ATL defense. DJax is a money start and so is L.McCoy and Vick. Ryan will play better along with Roddy White who should score in this one and best of all I love Turner to have a huge game and keep the game close with his wrecking crew style of running.

Sit - J.Jones (this stage is too big), R.Brown, did not look good week 1. J.Maclin...once he gets to full strength watch out for him and my other sit, Steve Smith.

Sleeper - J.Avant (was targeted alot last wk vs the Rams) Tony G. hard to call the old man a sleeper but vs the Eagles young LB's he could have a nice ppr day.

Monday Night Football (not sure if Ryan is going to write this one up but I gotta say a few things about it because after all it is my boys on Monday night!

St. Louis at NY Giants 8:30 PM MetLife Stadium

Go ahead pick against them...they are on the road at NY. The Gmen front seven will look to feast on the 2nd year Rams QB Sam Bradford, but the Giants secondary will be tested with alot of quick hitting passes to a young fast group of underrated WR' Amendola will open up playing time for Hawaii rookie Greg Salas and make B.Gibson's performance more important. Will we see Danario Alexander who starred in a few games last year. We do know there will be no Stephen Jackson so the waiver wire darling after week one Cadillac Williams will be on display spelled by J.Norwood. I am not as excited about Caddy as some are. Do you know how many 100 yd games Caddy has had in the last 4 years? The answer is one. Fantasy owners are hitting the wire for Caddy because of his massive 25 touches vs the Eagles.

Start Sam Bradford - Trust me he will show up and out perform Eli. If I had to go with a Rams WR I would go with Gibson, but I am not confident any Rams WR will be targeted like a number one anytime this season. Start Caddy just don't expect too much.

For the Gmen Start Nicks if he is a go (dealing with swelling in the knee) I like Manningham alot this week and think he is money to get a score vs the smaller rams corners.

Sit - Eli Manning - The Rams front seven is going to be all over Eli, mark it down and print it! If the giants are smart they will run on the smaller Rams and pound Bradshaw and Jacobs who both make good flex plays this week...I lean toward Bradshaw this week.

Sleeper: Sad when you have to list Mike Sims Walker as a sleeper, but he is just that this week as he has not shown up yet for the Rams. He is a high risk high reward play here. We have seen him in the past get a zero one week and 110 and 2 td's the next...thus the sleeper tag. Also Lance Kendricks, if he can catch the dang ball this week. He dropped a few nice passes from Sam last week. D.Hixon is a nice sleeper for the Giants this week if Nicks doesn't play.

Good luck this week.

Wes theShow

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