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Last season we started at the beginning of the NFL season. When I was preparing this article it dawned on me that we have been around for one year. The readership of this blog is not as large as it probably should be, but the readers that we do have are top notch fantasy players that excel in leagues across the country. Thanks for checking us out and for supporting our new program. If you have not checked that out yet a few of the shows can be found in the blog archives...we'd love to hear your feed back on such programs as our Mock Draft 1 & 2 program and our many fantasy baseball programs. Well let's get into the meat of this and start our preparations for week 1....use this weekly to dominate your leagues....and make sure to comment on how you did or shoot me an email at

note - we are going to start with the games that were not covered by radio program and skip the GB vs NO games since it is about to start.Good luck week 1.

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals
I see the Cards rolling in this one. Start their D/ST, Kolb, Fitzgerald and Beanie Wells makes a nice flex play this week. Wait and see before you use their no.2 WR Roberts and T.Heap...see how they work them into the offense. As for the Panthers the only guy I trust this week is DeAngelo Williams as an RB 2 and if you are hurting for a TE you could do worse with TE Greg Olsen. Sleeper WR Armanti Edwards.

Dallas Cowboys at NY Jets
I am abit worried for the Cowboys here as Miles Austin is struggling with a tender hammy and may end up not playing...right now I have him benched across the board. This could make it very tough on Dez Bryant if he draws Darrelle Revis. I'd still start Dez, he is too dynamic to bench, but Romo I am just not sure I could run him out there with any confidence...if you have a competent backup don't be afraid to pull the trigger. I think Felix Jones will have a nice game and catch a few balls and I like him as a RB 2 this week. J.Witten should be a start ...getting Romo checkdowns all night long.

On the Jets side of the ball I wonder if Shonne Green will finally take the reigns as the RB lead dog or will LT steal this thunder again this year. I am not sold on Green nor do I think he will have a great game, but I would start him over LT as a low end RB 2. Santonio Holmes is a good bet to score in this one and I could see Plax having 30-40 yds receiving and a short TD on a fade route. Sanchez will be useable here I could see 250 and 2 td's and if you get that out of him...hey run him out there. I am certainly not high on the Cowboys secondary.

New England at Miami
To quote my good friend DeadHeadBill - START ALL PATS! Monday night lights and Tom terrific make for fantasy gold in this their starters out there and sit back and watch.

Miami - I can see some good garbage time with Henne and B.Marsh and even Bess getting into the ppr act here along with Reggie Bush who will carry good value early on in the year. Sit D.Thomas until his role is more clear.

Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos
Even though this game will probably be on way too late for me to stay up and watch it there are some interesting fantasy players here and there will be alot of fantasy matchups won and lost in this last game of the weekend. I really like the home team. K.Orton showed early last year he can sling the football around to his boys Lloyd and Royal and now super sleeper Eric Decker and one of my favorite deep sleepers TE Daniel Fells. Moreno is a very nice start this week and in more standard leagues I like Willis McGahee as a flex option this can almost bank on a short TD from him. The Raiders are a bit more of a mystery...other than Jacoby Ford as a no. 3 WR, the only guy I have alot of faith in to do damage is McFadden who burst out last year with an explosive first half of the season. Bush is interesting as a short ydge td threat but I cannot recommend him with confidence.

Note- The rest of these matchups are covered in short form in our audio version of THE PREP - WK one which can be found at I realize there is alot to read here so if you are just looking for something to listen to while you surf the some game picks...give us a listen. Also if you have not "friended" us on Facebook go do that asap at We are live on the chat every Sunday 9am to game time answering lineup questions and talking about all the latest news. Now back to The Prep.

ATL at Chicago
Big test for Cutler here under a ton of pressure in front of the home fans...something tells me that Cutler comes out with something to prove and has a pretty nice game. God only knows what WR he will throw too...the most consistent is probably Earl Bennett and the most explosive is J.Knox...hard to recommend either. Forte is a great start here especially in a ppr. Matt Ryan isn't quite as good outside on the road as he is in the Dome..I don't expect more than 225 yds and maybe 2 td's tops. Turner won't have alot of yds , but he should get a short TD. Start R.White as your 1 and Julio as your 3. Tony G is not a great start here, but he does have a history of playing well early in the year.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns
Start Colt McCoy if you have the guts to do it. He should be a top 15 QB this year vs a bad Bengals team. He should be able to hold time of possession and keep the pts coming for a good week 1 for the Browns. Peyton Hillis should be big with a score on the ground and in the air. Wait and see on the Browns WR's...I could see running out Little as maybe a WR 4.

On the Bengals side of things Andy Dalton did show signs of improvement later in the preseason, but don't expect the Browns to sit back and give him any protect him expect to see alot of Cedric Benson...fresh outta the clink Cedric will get a nice workload and is a good RB 3 start this week. I would even take a flyer on AJ Green this week working some magic in garbage time along with on a lower scale Jerome Simpson and J.Shipley. I think Green is a good WR 3 this week. The kid is going to be VERY good real soon. Sit J.Gresham and don't play Simpson and Shipley until you see who Dalton locks onto for the year.

Buffalo Bills and KC Chiefs
Matt Cassell is saying he will be a go for KC this week which is great news for Dwayne Bowe who he hooked up with a ton this preseason...Bowe is a huge play this week. Jamal Charles will feast as well. Am interested to see how the Chiefs use S.Breaston in this offense.

Bills outlook in this one could be ok...this game could be real close if they give Fitzpatrick time to throw..he has some good young WR's in Stevie Johnson (a must start this week) and David Nelson and Donald Jones. CJ Spiller is a good ppr option if he can get more playing time than he got a year ago...I would wait and see on CJ and run out F.Jackson just to be safe!

Philly at STL
Oh boy here comes the dream team! Time for the Eagles to put up or shut up if you ask me. Bring the blitz Rams and see what Vickster does with it. Good start here for Vick vs a really young rams LB crew and secondary. D.Jackson and Maclin should have their way along with L.McCoy who is a great play this week in any format. Sam Bradford is a definite sit this week breaking in a new offense vs an always aggressive Eagles defense bolstered by a great secondary. S.Jackson is set for alot of touches in this one and is worth a look as a low end RB 1 or high end RB 2. In pprs roll out Amendola and Kendricks who will both be catching checkdown from Sammy all afternoon. I don't think I would Play Mike Sims Walker or B.Gibson, who should both start at WR....not vs these corners anyway.

Detroit at Tampa Bay
Lions Start - Stafford, Megatron, Burlesson(sleeper city) and J.Best as a mid range RB 2.
Sit - B.Pettigrew
Tampa Start - Mike Williams is a great play this week and I like L.Blount as well as a top RB 2 this week. K.Win is worth a look, but may not find pay dirt. J.Freeman worries me abit after an abysmal preseason, but if you don't have anyone better to start....roll him out and hope he shakes it off at home.

Titans at Jags
Love the Titans offense this week and look for them to roll...Start CJ2K, Matt Hasselbeck, and K.Britt who should be a monster this week. Sleepers are Nate Washington (one of my fav. wk 1 sleepers) and Jared Cook is worth a look. The reason I am actually recommending the start of Hasselbeck is the Jags were one of the worst teams in the league at pressuring the QB last year so of course they added no edge rushers and are set to get purged this entire season...way to go Del Rio.

Jags Offense - Start MJD who Luke McCown will lean heavily on and I can see Marcedes Lewis catching some checkdowns, but even Mike Thomas scares me this week. I would start Thomas because he is a talented WR, but only on teams where you are WR thin...In 14 man leagues or larger he can be rolled out as a WR 2 or 3. Watch the Jags backup RB situation...we may see Dej Karim and Greg Jones who is a horse near the goal line.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Will the Ravens get over the hump this year or continue to be dominated by the Black and Gold.
Start Big Ben and Mike Wallace. Mendenhall is looking more like a high end RB 2 this week rather than the RB one he was drafted to be.
Ravens - Start Flacco(won't sparkle but he may shine), Boldin and Ray Rice.
I think there will be more scoring in this one than you might think.

Indy at Houston
Hated to hear the news about Manning who has been one of if not my favorite player in the league for years now...get well man...we will miss you in the real football world as well as on the fantasy side of things.
The values to A.Collie and P.Garcon(both big ole sits this wk) take monumental hits with this news. R.Wayne may still catch 90 balls even without manning but how motivated will he be without Peyton making the Colts a contender...maybe he will step up and try to carry them early and we will see some big games. Start have to get return from this investment. D.Clark is also a very good start as Kerry Collins will be throwing the ball underneath alot to the sure handed TE.

On the Houston side of the ball...will or won't we see A.Foster? If we do I think it will be in a smaller role and we could see a big fat platoon this week which is terrible news for fantasy owners..wait and see and downgrade Foster across the board. If Foster does not play I still like Ward more than Tate at least early on. Andre3000 and Schaub plus Daniels are all very very good plays this week. Look for Houston to open up the passing game this week and throw up some big tasty numbers.

NY Giants at Washington
Could I actually like Rex Grossman more than Eli this week?...maybe not, but I like him almost as much in what could be a high scoring matchup at Fed Ex Field. Start Rex, S.Moss and Hightower...sleepers are F.Davis and Anthony Armstrong who is a sneaky WR 4-5 this week. On the Giants side of the ball Start B.Jacobs who has a nice recent history vs the skins and also Start Eli, H.Nicks and Manningham. Let the points fly boys...we will take it!

Last and well...actually least is
Seattle Seahawks at the SF 49ers
How bad is this...Tavaris Jackson vs Alex Smith (i know you just threw up in your mouth) grab a mint and lets finish this. Start the Purple Jesus (AP) and that is about it for Minnesota...on the 49er side of the ball run out Gore and V.Davis and Braylon Edwards...if someone puts a gun to your head and says start one of these QB's ...go with smith. Can't recommend S.Rice, but I can see starting him on potential alone...and figuring Jackson surely will complete a few balls to someone.



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