Sunday, September 4, 2011

Almost Time To Sort This Updated

Throughout this preseason we have been looking at player performance, handcuffs, and positional battles in order to get you ready for the 2011 season. On Monday many teams will be releasing updated depth charts. The plan is to look through the fallout of the preseason and update you on changes in the NFL landscape. For example, being a Rams fan the WR situation there looks to be an impossible situation for the Rams staff as they have a bunch of WRs that they simply cannot keep. Danario Alexander, Donnie Avery, Greg Salas(rookie), Mardy Gilyard and Austin Pettis (rookie) are all in danger of being cut. My gut tells me that with the surprising resigning of Mark Clayton(coming off another knee injury) that someone on this list that we may not expect to get cut will be sent packing. The Rams website points to Sims-Walker, D.Amendola and B.Gibson as having locked up spots, though many think B.Gibson is not safe. I expect for Gilyard, Pettis and maybe even Danario Alexander (and or Gibson) to be released or put on the practice squad...but again this is only a guess. I cannot see them cutting both rookies. It's these kind of situations that will need to be addressed as we go through our fantasy squads prior to opening day in order to shape our teams for a run at glory. Look for the article...coming this week here at


Ok after I wrote this alot of NFL news hit the is your update

1. Rashad Jennings out for the year (Dej Karim now your MJD handcuff though I expect a RB signing in Jags land)
2. Rams cut Donnie Avery! didn't see that one coming. Mary Gilyard also got the axe. Clayton put on PUP.
3. Justin Gage was cut by the Titans
4. Tony Moeki out for the season for KC, enter Leonard Pope.
5. B.Jackson looks to be hurt or out for now in Cleveland, Hardesty is your main Hillis handcuff.
6. Brandon tate ousted by the Pats, the Price could be right for your sleeper picking in NE. T.Price has some nice upside in Patsland...I was singing his praises earlier this preseason.
7. D.Fells is now the no.1 TE in there is a sneaky late TE pick in deep leagues.
8. Buehler?....Buehler?...Ferris Beuhler??? In Dallas Beuhler looks like he is now the KO specialist and D.Bailey is the actual FG kicker (this according to ESPN).
***more to come***

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