Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Quick Slants

With drafts going off like fireworks across the fantasy football landscape there are always those players drafted that I literally yell out loud, Noooooooooooo! Like the manager drafting that player could some how here me and hit...a "do over" button(boy I coulda used that over the years). Draft values will fluctuate plenty this month, but right now as things stand here in early August there are a few players I would not touch in my drafts.

1. Johnny Knox - WR Bears - Not sure what Johnny did to upset the coaching staff, but the rumor is he could be kicked down to the number 4 WR slot (ouch!). For those of you in leagues with KR yards he has a good hold on that role so hold onto him. Maybe this is a message to kick start Johnny this preseason, or maybe it's a big ole sign that reads, "fantasy owners beware".

2. Donovan McNabb QB Vikings - What is it with the Vikes and washed up QB's? Mcnabb should have been in a Vikes uniform a few years ago then maybe we'd be talking some good stuff about Don and his team. Just like last year when I told you that a new face in a new place is not always a good thing...nothings changed...Donovan is pretty much done and with a WR core of deadbeats and a TE surely to disappoint you this season in V.Shiancoe...just stay away. Only way I take Mcnabb is in a very deep league as a backup or possibly a 3rd QB in a 2 QB league.

3. DeAngelo Williams RB Panthers - Is there anyone out there in their right mind that believes that D.Will is worth 43 million dollars!? Why spend that kind of coin on a running back when you are in full on building mode? Why not spend that money on offensive lineman and weapons for your two young QB's. Why not let Stewart and Goodson run the show for a hell of alot less money? The Panthers are an organization that just makes me shake my head. DeAngelo is quite an athlete and could make me eat these words...good running backs can do well in a fantasy sense regardless of how bad their teams are...but I am betting that by mid season DeAngelo will either be hurt or splitting evenly with Stewart and the exciting Mike Goodson.
3b.Steve Smith WR Panthers - This guy is a bum being toted as a possible draft steal falling to somewhere around the 10th round in many drafts. You go ahead and take that steal and I will take someone that's gonna stay healthy and contribute to my team.

Honorable mentions: Mark Sanchez QB Jets (fantasy backup, will probably never be more than a game manager), Beanie Wells RB Cards - Here it comes...this is Beanie's year! I have seen enough to know that he will never be more than a role player and probably a backup for Arizona by years end. Hines Ward WR Pittsburgh - The guy is tough as nails but his days of fantasy relevance are over...too much good young talent at the WR position in Pittsburgh. I think Hines and guys like Driver will contribute early on but be non-factors by years end. Possibly early spot starts vs. bad teams, but that is about it.

Remember when you think you are about to click on one of the above names and hit the "DRAFT" button ...DON'T DO IT! You can thank me later.


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