Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Pre-Season Thoughts

After week 1 we went over some ways you can use the preseason as more than just a waste of good television time. The preseason carries alot of weight for fantasy owners if you know where to look. Here are some things I have have been looking at following week 2. Week 3 games begin tonight so more of this kind of information is on the way to you once we get Wk3 in the books.

A. The Houston running game looks dominant so far this preseason regardless of who is carrying the rock so if you have Foster make sure you pay attn to who is no.2 on the depth chart for the Texans...right now I am leaning toward D.Ward but Ben Tate is in the mix.

B. Stephen Jackson looked alittle slow vs the Titans in week close attn to what he does this week and if he struggles again getting Cadillac as a handcuff becomes even more important for owners. Most SJax owners are not drafting Caddy at this point.

C. There may actually be some value in the Skins running game. Tim Hightower is not a great rusher but he is good pro player that brings alittle bit of everything to the table. Helu looks every bit the part of a featured runner...just a matter of time until he is the guy, but early on Timmy will have some good value and you can draft him late. Helu is not being drafted alot of the times and that is a mistake you guys are making. He is 6'2" and runs like a 4.40...that is freakish. He ran for over 100 yds last week!

D. Hey Plaxico can still catch...he is gaining value in TD oriented leagues.

E. Reggie Bush looking more valueable in the ppr format...he looked good running after the catch in the Dolphin's last game. D.Thomas still the player to own in that backfield but Bush will provide early value...well until he gets hurt!

F. Cuts coming in the STL Rams WR corps - MSW, Amendola, Avery, Gilyard, Salas, D.Alexander, Brandon Gibson and Austin Pettis. Not all these guys are making this team...stay tuned because no one outside of Amendola and maybe MSW look safe at this point.

G. Tebow was being drafted in keepers he looks to be a waste of a pick. The Broncos are treating this kid wrongly. Sure he is not ready to lead the team...he's only been in the league one year!!!! Do him a favor and trade him to the Raiders so he can torture you for years to come.

H. Evans looks good in I buying it completely....well no...he is not going to hurt Boldin's numbers but Evans is an upgrade over the rookies they did have vying for the no.2 gig.

I. Pats keep on attn to who emerges as the rook RB to own there...Vareen or Ridley...with those kids in house makes ya wonder why they bothered signing Sammy Morris.

J. Beware of Vick in the first round...3 int's last game...some late season no show's last year...I am just telling you...1st rd is too too high. I like him as my fantasy QB, but not where I have to pull the trigger these days to get him. As my buddy DeadheadBill says about drafting him...don't leave home without your Mike Vick insurance. That means get a better than usual backup QB cause you will most likely need him for a few weeks.

K. I would not worry too much about Peyton Manning...YET...for now maybe use the injury to get him on the cheap in your drafts....just get a good back up just in case he is going all Sterling Sharpe on us.

L. You C.Johnson owners may want to watch Harper and Ringer closely because you could end up having to use one of them...I personally like Harper and what he brings to the table.

M. Players to watch...Evan Moore TE Browns...David Nelson WR Bills, Andre Roberts WR Cards.

Talk to ya some more after week 3. LATER FANTASY FREAKS!


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