Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Quick Slants

Reggie Bush to Miami - Good for Reggie and not a huge hit to rookie RB Daniel Thomas' value. They will both be featured this year in the Miami Dolphins running attack.

Ocho-Cinco and Haynesworth to Patriots - The hoodie has spent his career winning without these type of players...both of these moves puzzle me. The Pats locker room has been a united front over their years of AFC east dominance. Makes me wonder if they aren't worried about the J-E-T-S Jets alittle too much and snatching up players that could be a cancer in their sacred system. Both players have potential to really help this team in areas they lack...if all the other stuff does not get in the way...big question mark.

Sidney Rice and Tarvaris Jackson to the Seahawks - So let me get this straight...T-Jack can't get it done with a huge offensive line and in a dome with no wind and rain and now he signs with a bad Seahawk team expecting to be an effective starter for a team that plays in inclement weather more often than not in Seattle. Rice may be ok there, if healthy, but his value goes down in my opinion. Only thing that could be good is the Seahawks defense is dreadful so maybe they will rack it up in garbage time and become usable in a fantasy sense.

Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals - Love this deal for Arizona...the NFC west is theirs this season in my opinion. Larry Fitzgerald is a happy man this evening. The Rams are the future of this division...but this year I like the Cards off of this move.

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