Thursday, July 14, 2011

Am I Really Watching This???

I am one of those guys that would probably rather go out and trim the hedges in my yard rather than watch any women's sporting event. I am not saying that I don't enjoy watching a couple of cute tennis players hit a few shots, but I am certainly not watching a whole match. I would not be caught dead watching women's college basketball or WNBA basketball game. Don't even get me started on women's golf ...sorry girls...wearing pink and shorter clothing has kept me from using my video game speed thumb in hitting the channel changer when I see one of your events on tv. Let's face it, on the whole women's sports on tv flat blows.

But something is indeed different about this women's world cup here in 2011. I find myself completely caught up in this women's team's quest for the world cup trophy. I had been paying attention to the scores early on and even watched abit of the matches early on in the tournament, but what got me what when I tuned into the USA vs Brazil match...all of the sudden a Rocky fight broke out...against all odds the USA won the most thrilling soccer match I have ever watched while a mostly german crowd chanted USA-USA-USA ...I found myself yelling out as if WVU had just scored a 90 yd if my Rams had just won a playoff game. I thought to myself afterwards...did I really exert this much emotion on a women's soccer match...I thought I was losing it...I thought the NFL lockout and NBA lockouts and baseball allstar break had driven me mad ...well until I talked to some guys in the gym...dude's that would never be caught watching women's sports...well that is what I thought until more than one of them broke out the, did you see that USA vs Brazil soccer game?...then I knew...what we saw was something special. A win for the ages. If you get a chance...find the match on the internet...find it on ESPN classic and watch it and be proud of this team and that effort. Let's hope the Americans find a way to beat sentimental favorite Japan on will be an uphill battle if they do so...but it won't be a surprise...These chics have mad skillz and monster hearts. Go USA.


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