Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Quick Slants

Reggie Bush to Miami - Good for Reggie and not a huge hit to rookie RB Daniel Thomas' value. They will both be featured this year in the Miami Dolphins running attack.

Ocho-Cinco and Haynesworth to Patriots - The hoodie has spent his career winning without these type of players...both of these moves puzzle me. The Pats locker room has been a united front over their years of AFC east dominance. Makes me wonder if they aren't worried about the J-E-T-S Jets alittle too much and snatching up players that could be a cancer in their sacred system. Both players have potential to really help this team in areas they lack...if all the other stuff does not get in the way...big question mark.

Sidney Rice and Tarvaris Jackson to the Seahawks - So let me get this straight...T-Jack can't get it done with a huge offensive line and in a dome with no wind and rain and now he signs with a bad Seahawk team expecting to be an effective starter for a team that plays in inclement weather more often than not in Seattle. Rice may be ok there, if healthy, but his value goes down in my opinion. Only thing that could be good is the Seahawks defense is dreadful so maybe they will rack it up in garbage time and become usable in a fantasy sense.

Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals - Love this deal for Arizona...the NFC west is theirs this season in my opinion. Larry Fitzgerald is a happy man this evening. The Rams are the future of this division...but this year I like the Cards off of this move.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

2011 Rookie QB Club

Andy Dalton - QB Cincinnati Bengals
Congratulations Andy you have been drafted and are now an NFL QB. Problem is you have been drafted by the Bungals who are determined to start you day one. The Bengals are dead set on letting Carson Palmer sit out the year or possibly trading him away to someone like Arizona who is in desperate need of a signal caller. Dalton is a solid QB, but probably has no business starting year one. In college he threw the ball all over the place against suspect defenses most of the time and put up gaudy numbers. His skill set is very good...he is an accurate passer with the mobility today's NFL QB's need, but mentally he is not ready for this jump. This is the perfect example of a kid that could do very well in the league, but needs a season to sit and watch and learn the way NFL defenses disguise coverages and come at you with the blitz. One of Dalton's weaknesses is he gets happy feet when pressured, which really did not happen all that often in college. Well Andy, welcome to the AFC Central where you will face Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice a year and a Cleveland team that is not afraid to bring the house and hit the QB. Forget about drafting Andy unless you are in a keeper setting and are looking at 2012. One positive note is that the Bengals did draft super freak WR A.J. Green so he does have a prime target to grow up with...but right off the bat expect more growing pains than growing.

Blaine Gabbert - QB Jaguars
I really like Gabbert...this in fact was one of my favorite selections of the 2011 NFL draft. Gabbert is in a great situation in Jags town, because they have an established starter in David Garrard, so Gabbert can sit back and watch David and learn throughout the 2012 season. Blaine Gabbert has the poise, arm, and the professionalism to be an NFL franchise QB and he should start down that road by the 2012 season. The Jags brass is just looking for a reason to get rid of the coaching staff and start over and you can bet that rebuilding project will start with Garrard being traded and the Gabbert era beginning. If you are in a dynasty league don't be afraid to pull the trigger on the former Missouri Tiger and stash him away. With a quick release and ability to make all the NFL will be glad you did.

Jake Locker - QB Titans
Jake Locker is a tough SOB...he is like Tim Tebow without the wins. Jake had a monster Jr season in college and if he would have came out then he would have been the number one pick of the STL Rams (thank God he didn't!). Jake's Sr season was a revealing year to NFL scouts as he faltered and regressed in many areas. Jake Locker is an NFL QB, but he needs a whole lot of seasoning. Here's hoping the Titans let old man Kerry Collins play another year or so and let Jake simmer on the bench...let him learn what it means to be an NFL player. Jake often blew up college db's and seemed to enjoy pounding them rather than running out of bounds or sliding down...that habit must be broken . Locker is a big, strong, beast of an athlete with the will to win, but he must sit or the Titans risk disaster because he is not ready for the league. He is a dynasty league draft pick only.

Cam Newton - QB Panthers
It seems like critics cannot wait for this guy to bust. Sure he is arrogant, sure he is not the most likable player out there, but the NFL is not about being likable. Cam is a winner...all he has ever done is win. Cam is so freakish with his size and ability to run and make plays on the run it's no wonder he carried Auburn to an undefeated record in the SEC. The critics loved Mike Vick when he came into the league fact they were ready to make him the face of the league gracing advertisements and video games across the world...then his character was revealed and all that came crashing down...none of that changes that he was a flawed player during the height of his popularity. That didn't hurt his marketability or the fans going crazy to see him play nor did it prevent Chris Berman's constant "whoop" during his highlight runs. I remember watching him throw 10 yd outs over the players standing on the sidelines...he made horrible throws and only made things happen on the run or with long bombs to his WRs. Cam in fact may not be as bad a passer as Vick was when it came in and could be even more impressive than Vick was coming out of college...and Cam faced much better defenses that Vick did on his way to the NFL. The SEC forced him to play vs speed superior to every conference out there. Did Mike Vick win his National Championship game? (answer is no) Sure he may not be a scholar and the Panthers coordinators are most likely going to have to scale down the playbook early, but the kid can make can't teach that. The kid is a highlight waiting to happen and will eventually be a fantasy player that people are going to want own. I don't think with that Panther O-Line that you can throw him out there early and expose him to the pressure right out of the gate...but the fans are going to want Cam sometimes this can bet on that one. Let's remember Vick sat behind Chris Chandler for a year and a half before being let loose on the NFL. Bust or not, I can't wait to see Cam on the field, Jamarcus Russell he is not. Year one projection has him sitting behind Jimmy Clausen until late in the year when he may get a spot start or two as the Panthers look to 2012. I may be totally wrong on this one...but I don't think so.

Christian Ponder QB Vikings
The only thing that will keep Christian Ponder from being the starting QB week one for the Vikings is maybe the signing of Donovan McNabb after the Skins cut him. My opinion is that Ponder will start the entire year for the Vikings and that he will have a good rookie campaign. Ponder is somewhat prone to getting hurt so the Vikes will need to protect him and get the ball out of his hands quickly. The kid is a PRP(pro ready player) and could be a real real good one down the road providing he can stay upright and be allowed to progress through early growing pains. In keeper leagues snag this kid late as your 3rd QB and maybe fringe QB #2 in deep deep leagues and feel confident you will have him for years to come. Not a big fan of Florida State QB's through the years, but Ponder could be the exception.

Here are some quick notes on a few other signal callers who were drafted this year.
Tyrod Taylor - love watching this kid play in college...great athlete, but won't see the light of day on a veteran laden Ravens squad.
Ryan Mallet QB Pats - Thank goodness this kid is behind Tom Brady so he can learn how to be a professional...character issues and immaturity would have this kid folding like a bad poker player if he were to be thrown in the fire anytime soon. He is not built like a 2011 NFL QB, no movement in the pocket, and would be a huge (6'7")target for today's sack artist defensive ends.
Colin Kaepernick QB Frisco - Maybe he can learn to be a journeyman type of player under QB guru Jim Harbaugh...Andrew Luck he is not!
Greg McElroy QB Jets- Smart player who does exactly what he is asked to do. Should be a solid NFL QB with time to develop. Probably won't see the field for 2 years or so.
Ricky Stanzi QB Chiefs - Journeyman in the making...will be lucky to ever make an NFL start...then again that's what they said about Kurt Warner. Good team player, will not pressure Matt Cassell for playing time any time soon.

Well there ya have it....that's a wrap on QB's. Seems like the theme for this season is "wait til' next year" Next year will bring Andrew Luck out of Stanford...who seems like he is the next Peyton Manning/Tom Brady in the much so I can see teams that really suck tanking the whole second half of the season to get this type of talent.


Thursday, July 21, 2011




1. Mark Ingram - Saints (5'9" 216lbs) Ingram is what we like to call here at SFS a PRP (pro ready player). Featured in a pro style offense in college and having played against the premiere talent, size and speed that the SEC offers there is no back in the draft that is more ready to step into a solid role with an NFL team than Ingram. Look for the Saints to find a reason to get rid of PT Cruiser and allow Ingram and Chris Ivory to run the show this season. Even if PT Cruiser sticks with the team, he is not a tough player and will end up hurt eventually anyway allowing Ingram and Ivory to do their thing. If I can say one negative thing about Ingram it's that he is not a freakish athlete when it comes to one thing that he does...but the kid can flat play football and he gets the job done...these are the kind of players I would want on my team. I think Ingram is worth a late 3rd or early 4th round selection.

2. Mikel Leshoure - Lions (6'0" 227lbs) The kid with a name like an Indy driver is only 21 years old and he has better athletic ability than Ingram. I read somewhere that he beat Ingram at every competition on the day they ran at the combine and he was carrying 10 lbs more body weight. Leshoure has a crazy high ceiling and not many miles on the engine...he only carried the ball 424 times in his 3 year career at Clemson, but the downside of that is we don't know alot about him as a football player other than the fact that he seems to have all the tools to be a great runner in the league. He only caught 37 balls in his college days, but with Jahvid Best on the roster in Detroit they will not need him to play on 3rd downs unless it's short yardage. I think a new version of Thunder and Lightning is brewing in Detroit rock city. He is a must hand-cuff to Best. I look for Leshoure's draft position to be all over the place depending on if fantasy managers that have Best feel it necessary to reach for Leshoure. What will be interesting is watching him in leagues with a 75%-25% td over yardage ratio...will he be drafted before Best? In seasonal leagues I think we could look at Leshoure going in the 6-7th rounds and later in default sized leagues.

3. Ryan Williams - Cardinals (5'9" 212lbs) Williams blew out his hamstring in 2010 and lost most of his season after wrecking the ACC with his vicious running style in his freshmen year. Ryan Williams is a wrecking machine when he hits a hole. He runs like he is pissed off at the world and he breaks tackles along the way. This muscle bound freak is young and is loaded with potential. He is either going to skyrocket out of the gate and do damage early on or he will be an injury riddled disappointment with a short shelf life in the league. The Cards have a log jam at RB with Beanie and Hightower so the year for Ryan is probably going to be next year if Beanie doesn't have a boom of a year. If they move him to backup or possibly move Hightower I would be very intrigued with Williams. In keeper leagues I am taking Ryan toward the end of my 12-14 man draft and doing the wait and see thing with him. In standard drafts he will go undrafted.

4. Roy Helu - Redskins (6'0" 219lbs) Helu is the most interesting RB in this rookie class (in my opinion). He has great size and great speed at his size having run a 4.4 40 yard dash at the combine ...ya don't see combo too often. Then again, if you look at his performance on the weights it's also jaw dropping in the opposite way. Helu benched 11 reps of 225 lbs. There are kids in my gym that look like string beans right outta high school that can do that. Another negative about Helu is that he played behind a dominant line at Nebraska and faced some very sub par defenses. How will he fair not having the gaping holes that he had in college? That said, The Redskins have a poor stable of talent at the RB position. C.Portis needs to be put out to pasture...Ryan Torrain is a straight ahead runner with the talent of a backup at best and K.Williams doesn't exactly turn heads when he carries the ball. Helu could come out of this pack and end up starting for the will he fair vs NFL linebackers and Safeties with his limited upper body strength?...That is going to be the big question. Helu is worth a shot late in drafts though he will probably be taken much sooner than he should be because of his possible opportunity to get some real PT in the Skins backfield. Ryan Williams is being billed as the boom or bust rookie RB, but I think that label is perfect for Helu because he will get his shot. Proceed with caution and make sure to taunt your opponents if you get him and he pays off! Not sure where he will be drafted yet, but he will be taken in most formats and surely reached for by Redskin homers.

5. Daniel Thomas - Dolphins (6'0" 230) Daniel Thomas ran wild in the Big 12 last year and right now has now has an inside track on walking into Dolphins camp and starting week 1 if a veteran RB is not signed. Thomas has a great combo of speed, size and toughness and will get every opportunity to do his thing in Miami. He is not as sexy of a pick as Ryan Matthews was last year for the Chargers simply because the Dolphins offense has been about as exciting as watching paint dry for years now. I don't trust Henne or anyone else they have down there running the show at QB so there is no telling how many TD's a guy like Daniels will get even if he does get the Lions...err Dophins share of the load. Thomas has a ton of great NFL qualities...he can catch the ball, which gives him more value in ppr's because bad teams like the Dolphins are many times throwing alot in 2nd halves and that means check down points for Mr.Thomas. The kid can flat score marching in for 30 td's in his two seasons at K-State. He is very comfortable running between the tackles and picking his spots, the potential is there my friends. I have been suckered in by players like this before and am alittle gun shy when drafting them. I look at these guys and think...hmmm this guy could be a gold mine and then I think about all the rookies I have taken or stayed away from and let others take them and was glad I did after watching them struggle in their rookie's a tough call. I do not think I would take this kid before the 3rd or 4th round even if Miami doesn't get a veteran, but others will surely jump on him no later than the 2nd if a featured role is expected. Proceed with caution...Gamblers...pick the kid early and let it ride!!!

6. Jacquizz Rodgers - Falcons (5'6" 196lbs) The little guy out of Oregon State was a nightmare for opposing defenses in college, but I do not see him having much of an impact in his first year in the NFL. I believe his ceiling is a complimentary back and KR for the Falcons this season. The kid can do magical things in the open field but with such a talented roster I think he will only see spot duty. He is going to make some spectacular plays this year and possibly pull a spot start for you somewhere down the line, but ya can't draft this guy unless you are in a league with high KR yd points and even then make sure he has secured that job.

7. DeMarco Murray - Cowboys (6'0" 213) 4.37 forty - Murray is a great athlete and can run like a deer. Murray is a versatile back that is a perfect fit for today's NFL game. A pass catcher and above avg runner Murray could have a much bigger role on most teams, but him being drafted by the Cowboys have put him squarely behind Felix Jones and Tashard Choice on the depth chart. I personally would like to see the Cowboys use all three of these guys in order to keep them all healthy, but that would mean causing us fantasy owners headaches all season wondering which one to start. I think the Cowboys are dead set on having Felix start and play huge role for them which doesn't leave much room for Murray, because Choice is a very underrated running back in this league and is more than capable of sharing the load with Felix if needed. Let's hope Murray gets and extended run in the preseason where she should do very well and force the coaching staff to get some plays in for him every game. Unless there is an injury you can't draft this DeMarco...Choice is the hand-cuff for Jones for now. I wish the Rams would have drafted Murray, he'd have been the perfect spell for Stephen Jackson...rather than Kenneth "don't call me Terrence Trent" Darby.

8. Jordan Todman Chargers(5'9" 203lbs) Uconn is a run first system that has done well vs a less than stellar big east conference the past few seasons. Todman is another back very similar to his fellow RB out of Uconn Donald Brown (Colts). Brown is turning out to be a bust considering where he was drafted. I can see Todman having a short shelf life in the league ...I could be wrong, but I just can't see this kid being more than a 4th string back or possibly even a practice squad player by next season. Wait and see before you roster him. He is going to be WAY down the depth chart in San Diego.

9. Delone Carter - Colts(5'9" 222lbs) This pick by Indy puzzles me. If you are going to take a running back why not take someone like a Demarco Murray, a versatile player that can play many roles in your dynamic offensive scheme? Instead they draft Carter who has hands of stone (20 career catches at Syracuse) and is mostly a one dimensional player. We have seen other stiffs get PT for Indy in the past and feast on short yardage TD's so maybe that is where the value is here. Carter is a load that can smash into the line and get you tough yards so he is a vulture in the making if he gets any playing time at all. I imagine he will see the field...after all didn't Indy actually play Dominic Rhodes a few times last year? Good luck with that Indy. Worth a very late look in TD leagues, but is mostly wait and see prospect and a possible handcuff to Joseph Addai.

There were other RB's drafted this season that could make their mark in the league...Rookie RB's are a tough's all about taking the opportunities given to you. Many times the better RB's in a class are not given the same opportunities that a lesser back may get on a team with a shorter depth chart. It's our job as fantasy owners to dissect all this and get the right player...not always the best player. Good luck gentlemen.


Interesting Quote - Ahmad Bradshaw Free Agent

Free agent Ahmad Bradshaw sent out mixed message in a Miami area radio interview Thursday, suggesting he would be happy with the Giants or the Dolphins.

Bradshaw said there is a "75-85 percent" chance he will re-sign with the Giants one minute, only to suggest he'd look good in a Dolphins uniform the next. "You could almost hear him trying increase the Giants' offer through the airwaves," writes Jeff Roberts of the Bergen Record. Bradshaw did make it clear that the Giants have the "upper hand" and that he won't sign for less money elsewhere. It's also clear that Bradshaw will make a "business" decision, so the Giants' offer must be competitive.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rookie WR Low Down

  1. Julio Jones – Falcons- Jones is in a great situation with what many are calling the sheik pick to win the NFC. I don't think Julio is the most talented WR in this draft, but you cannot argue the fact that he looks to be the one in this class to show up early and often courtesy of Falcons QB Matty Ice. Michael Jenkins has had plenty of opportunities to make his mark as the Falcons number 2 guy...I look for Jenkins to be pushed into a 4th receiver role in 2011. Look for Julio anytime after round 5 in your draft and maybe in round 8-10 in standard leagues. Expect 1000 yds and 5-7 td's year one.
  2. A.J Green – Bengals - AJ Green is the cream of the 2011 WR crop. He is big, has incredible hands and makes the kind of jaw dropping plays that we saw out of Randy Moss and T.O. in their younger days. The only thing keeping AJ from instant NFL stardom may be having someone that can throw him the ball. I don't like the fact that Andy Dalton could be slinging it in Cincy this least not for AJ's early numbers. If you are building a keeper squad Green is the guy you want...if you have a contender and need some immediate production you may want to look elsewhere though no one would blame you for picking Green as the first rookie WR off the board. Overall I can see him going in the 6th round in keeper drafts and later in seasonal leagues. If for some reason Carson Palmer or another established veteran QB lands in Cincy I would take AJ as early as round 4...get him the ball and watch what happens!
  3. Leonard Hankerson – Redskins - Hankerson is an interesting prospect...he has good size and good hands and comes from The U which in the past has been a WR factory. This kid seems like the type of player to me that could have a better NFL career than a college career. If Santana Moss goes looking for the coin in free agency Hankerson could literally slip right in to the number one WR position which would instantly put him on the fantasy map alla the Bucs Mike Williams last season...keep an eye on the Skins WR situation this off season and adjust your rankings accordingly. If Moss stays in Washington I could see Hankerson being drafted somewhere around the 15th round depending on league smaller default yahoo leagues he will probably be undrafted.
  4. Torrey Smith – Ravens - Smith is just what the doctor ordered for the Ravens...a WR that can stretch the field. Problem is the Ravens have never been much on letting their rookies do their thing...see Ed Dickson (who go rare PT last year though he is clearly a better player than Todd Heap right now) Torrey will take time to catch on, but the Ravens would be wise to get this kid in the mix. Will go undrafted in all but very very large keepers, but if they get him PT get your mouse ready because he will be a hot pickup.
  5. Randall Cobb – GB - Cobb played QB at Kentucky and is an athlete supreme...hard to predict what McCarthy will do with him, but you can bet there will be a few plays in the book for this kid. Will go undrafted...can't see any reason to roster him unless the Pack have another rash of injuries this season. I thought this was an interesting pick on draft night...I hope McCarthy has some tricks in the bag for Cobb.
  6. Jonathan Baldwin – Chiefs - The Chiefs need a good No.2 WR and if Jon can keep his attitude in check and come to work every day KC will have found itself another WR in the same athletic mold as their No.1 Dwayne Bowe.
  7. Greg Little – Browns - North Carolina has put out some good pro WR's in recent years and Little seems to be another pro ready guy. The Browns are an up and coming team in need of toughness at the WR position and someone that can take the short west coast routes and turn them into big plays...YAC baby! Little is great at this and could certainly be the best WR on the team this season. Brain Robiskie is a big disappointment and M.Massaquoi is a borderline starter in my book so Little's window is wide open here. Should be able to get this kid deep in drafts and off the wire in yahoo defaults.
  8. Austin Pettis – Rams - Greg Salas was actually drafted before Pettis, but Pettis (the Boise State product) looks to me to be the better fit for the NFL. The Rams have plenty of fast guys that simply can't run routes worth beans or just can't stay healthy. Pettis could roll into Rams camp and provide them with a WR that get's the team 1st downs. Pettis is a heady player with great hands and a good football IQ...Jerry Rice he is not...but a poor man's Isaac's possible. Questions abound with the Rams and often injured WRs Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton who is coming off another devastating knee injury...Pettis and Salas will get their chance. Sam Bradford is known for spreading the ball around so it's not impossible that Pettis or Salas could catch 50 plus balls with 5-6 TD's...if they win a spot in the top 4-5 WR rotation. I would wait and see before drafting either Salas or Pettis.
  9. Titus Young – Lions - Young will be down the pecking order for the resurgent Lions offense, but if he can somehow catch a Burlesson injury or slide into that 3rd WR role look out for some down field production. Young excites me as as deep deep sleeper this year...the only problem being is most of the experts don't see him getting many balls with Megatron, Best, Leshoure, Burlesson and Pettigrew all in the mix. He may only catch 35 balls but look out for him...keep an eye on him...maybe an off the wire spot start or two is in the works for him on your fantasy team this season.
There were other WR's drafted this year that could make their mark in the league, but these were 9 that caught my eye on draft day. Now that the Lockout seems to be wrapping up...we need to start looking at rookies that may or may not be drafted or those guys you may want to look for down the road when the long NFL season starts the injury carousel... know your backups people...and many of those guys are going to be rookies. Stay tuned for a look at the rookie RB's and QB's coming up here on the blog and also be looking out for a SFS radio broadcast of our fantasy rookie roundup.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get In On This...

Episode #3 of the Show Fantasy Sports radio show rolls on up tomorrow at 3pm. If you want to call into the show and ask a question about your FBB lineup or send me a question via email shoot me an email at

From your email I can get you information about how to get on the show or I will let you know when we will be reading your question on the air.

The more people involved in this endeavor the better...It's alot of fun and it is going to make us all better fantasy players.

As soon as the NFL gets the CBA done we are going to be rolling out a bunch of fantasy football programs that are going to be off the chain good.


Am I Really Watching This???

I am one of those guys that would probably rather go out and trim the hedges in my yard rather than watch any women's sporting event. I am not saying that I don't enjoy watching a couple of cute tennis players hit a few shots, but I am certainly not watching a whole match. I would not be caught dead watching women's college basketball or WNBA basketball game. Don't even get me started on women's golf ...sorry girls...wearing pink and shorter clothing has kept me from using my video game speed thumb in hitting the channel changer when I see one of your events on tv. Let's face it, on the whole women's sports on tv flat blows.

But something is indeed different about this women's world cup here in 2011. I find myself completely caught up in this women's team's quest for the world cup trophy. I had been paying attention to the scores early on and even watched abit of the matches early on in the tournament, but what got me what when I tuned into the USA vs Brazil match...all of the sudden a Rocky fight broke out...against all odds the USA won the most thrilling soccer match I have ever watched while a mostly german crowd chanted USA-USA-USA ...I found myself yelling out as if WVU had just scored a 90 yd if my Rams had just won a playoff game. I thought to myself afterwards...did I really exert this much emotion on a women's soccer match...I thought I was losing it...I thought the NFL lockout and NBA lockouts and baseball allstar break had driven me mad ...well until I talked to some guys in the gym...dude's that would never be caught watching women's sports...well that is what I thought until more than one of them broke out the, did you see that USA vs Brazil soccer game?...then I knew...what we saw was something special. A win for the ages. If you get a chance...find the match on the internet...find it on ESPN classic and watch it and be proud of this team and that effort. Let's hope the Americans find a way to beat sentimental favorite Japan on will be an uphill battle if they do so...but it won't be a surprise...These chics have mad skillz and monster hearts. Go USA.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The NBA Lockout Broken Down

This is a very good article by David Aldridge that posted recently. For those of you that do not understand what the owners and players are fighting over this is a good read.

Wes Ramsey