Monday, June 27, 2011


Time to Make Your Move pt2

By Deadhead Bill

Sometimes there's an even tougher situation then replacing an injured star(at least with an injury you KNOW what to expect over the next 15 days or more)which is knowing when to cut bait on a slumping player and go in another direction before it gets any worse. In part two of this article I will address a few such players & let you know whether you should stay the course or if it's time to make your move!!

Those Chicago White Sox underachievers: Alex Rios, Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham in particular have given owners fits so far this season and all three have been shown the bench by Ozzie Guillen over the last month. Now in a deep keeper format you really are locked into keeping all three unless a trade presents itself, but in seasonal leagues I can honestly say it's about time to make your move w/Beckham. Rios and Dunn on the other hand are worth staying the course--Rios has begun to show signs of life & while Dunn has been quite an enigma so far you cant overlook track record and despite some dismal batting averages Dunn has been money in the power categories--I still see HRs in the upper 20's or low 30's and 90+ RBIs when all is said and DUNN--just keep the faith and hope that the correction will come and reward those of us who didn't blink.......

Delmon Young, Sin Soo Choo & Justin Morneau: Back in April you probably felt pretty good seeing these names on your roster--well what a difference a couple months can make!! I'm pretty much on the edge of cutting Young in all formats unless his MRI goes VERY well--either way you just cant hold onto him outside of the deepest leagues with ample DL/bench spots. Choo and Morneau on the other hand probably were so costly that as long as you have a DL spot you really have to stash them away--if you do not have that luxury I could see cutting both in seasonal formats considering it will be mid-late August before we see either of them.

Dan Uggla and Casey McGehee: Another pair of sluggers too young to be over the hill yet they have both looked lost at times. I've liked what I've seen from Uggla the last two weeks---he seems to have shortened his stroke a bit and is chasing less so he's looking primed to turn it around. And let's face it, the guy who holds the record for HRs in June*(20)could easily put together one heck of a July. Stay the course with Uggla, you (hopefully) wont regret it!

As for McGehee, I've been tempted to drop him for guys like Moustakas and Izturis but I really feel confident a correction is coming. Since he obviously doesn't have a ton of ML experience, I'm basing this more on what I've seen from him in recent weeks, and he is squaring up better and making productive outs as opposed to strikeouts and pop ups--that being said I'm more confident in the track record of Uggla, but I'm gonna stay the course with both and unless a top option is available in free agency, so should you!!

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