Sunday, June 26, 2011


Time to Make Your Move

by Deadhead Bill

Whether it's due to injury, slump or plain necessity, a time will come when you will need to make a move to improve your fantasy team. But the nagging questions always linger--"Should I give this guy more time to get going?", "Am I just making this move for the sake of making a move or will it really help my team over the long haul" & "Will this guy start coming around the moment I cut him" etc.....I'll be looking at some players worth staying the course with, others that have overstayed their welcome and the few who are good temporary band aids to cover for an injured stud--which is a good place to start.......

If you are like me and see a #1 overall pick as a no-brainer, you obviously are gonna be bummed by the news that Phat Albert has left an equally PHAT hole in your lineup to the tune of a four to seven week absence. Those of you in leagues deeper then twelve teams might have a tough time finding a replacement that's worthy of carrying Pujols' cup, but you still have to try--here are a few solid replacement options:

Carlos Pena: More then likely Pena was drafted in your league, but a less astute owner might of released him after his molasses-slow start to the 2011 season. But those of us who've owned Pena in the past realize that slow periods are par for the course, and in many cases worth gutting out in order to take advantage of his hot streaks--one of which started w/HRs in back to back games May 3rd and 4th and has continued pretty much through this posting--if he is available in your league and you need CI help Pena has hit 9 bombs, scored 16 runs and driven in 19, all in the last month.

Mark Trumbo: Many owners would rather see Kendrys Morales' name here, but considering he's a rookie, Trumbo has done a commendable job filling in for the injured star. Looking more like a power hitter then a high batting average guy, Trumbo has socked a dozen dingers while snatching a half dozen bases making him useful in deeper leagues. He's also improved his plate discipline of late, striking out only 12 times over his last 97 at bats while connecting for 10 extra base hits, scoring nine runs and driving in ten--Trumbo looks like a solid fill in with the possibility to develop into more in time.

Casey Kotchman: If you play in roto leagues or use batting average as a category, Casey Kotchman might be a good fit for any Pujols owner looking for a fill-in. Kotchman, one of the bigger surprises of the 2011 season was more less an afterthought in the wake of the Manny Ramirez & Johnny Damon signings in Tampa Bay. But that hasnt stopped him from hitting .337 over his first 60 games--though he only starts around 4-5 games per week, if he can keep up his first half pace Joe Madden will be hard pressed not to play him almost everyday down the stretch. (end of part 1)


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