Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pick 9 of the 2011 NBA Draft

Michael Jordan knows his players people!!!! Kemba Walker, PG from Uconn is now playing for the Charlotte Bobcats playing for the greatest player ever. Many times potential rules the day...these players teams look for that can help them 2-3 players down the road. Kemba is the man in my opinion. He will contribute right away...he will have a huge influence on his team mates right away...he will put butts in the seat...and rating on the tube. Sure he is was Allen Iverson. Kemba now starts his journey to make everyone that passed on him..wish they didn't. He has won and improved at every level he has played...can't wait to see him prove everyone wrong on this level. The Bobcats have to rebuild now...this is a good place to start. Go Kemba.

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