Monday, June 13, 2011

Mavericks are Champs

Everybody knew they were the better team going into these 2011 NBA Finals and that ended up being the story as the Dallas Mavericks closed out the Miami Heat in 6 games Sunday night. As much as the media loves to pen stories about the failures of Lebron James and the much maligned trio of Wade, James and Bosh the simple fact is their team team was just not good enough. The Mavericks are loaded with veterans and specialists and team guys that have been waiting for this moment for years and were not going to be denied. As great as Dirk was playing the closer role and putting on a clinic from the ft stripe, Jason Terry had to be my favorite player in these finals. Shut down in games one and two and three by Lebron Jet defiantly told the media "let's see if he can do it for 7 games", a bold statement considering he seems like small potatoes next to the bigger than life James. JT went on to torch the Heat shooting the lights out for the remainder of the series...talking alittle trash...breaking out the jet wings and smiling all the way to the championship. Jason Kidd did a great job playing against the Heats much better athletes. Tyson Chandler was a key pickup for this team as saw how much it hurt the Heat not having anyone at the center position that could contribute in a consistent way...Chandler had his way all series long. Let's not forget Shawn Marion...the Matrix...who starred for years in phoenix took his talents to Dallas and showed off his scoring, defense and timely scoring throughout this series all while taking on the task of trying to guard LBJ on many occasions. Stevenson brought his 3 ball and his attitude, Brian Cardinal brought his heart and hustle and his hard playoff fouls. Funny how those fouls used to be the norm and now every time a guy makes a good hard foul the discussion goes to whether or not it should be a flagrant guys need to watch some old finals game from just 10-15 years ago and you will see those type of fouls 5-10 times per game. Last but not least we get JJ Barea...the undrafted fire plug ran rampant through defenses all playoffs long and continued his breaking down of defenses in the finals scurrying through the larger Heat guards and making plays. This Mavericks team was a delight to watch...they are what NBA champions are suppose to be...the hardened vets that have paid their dues...the star player that finally get's his recognition. The Heat will have their day...they will build around their trinity of stars and they will win. But they won't win unless they take some notes from this Mavs team that did it the right way. Dirk, Jet, Matrix, J.Kidd and company are your much deserving NBA champions.

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