Monday, June 27, 2011


Time to Make Your Move pt2

By Deadhead Bill

Sometimes there's an even tougher situation then replacing an injured star(at least with an injury you KNOW what to expect over the next 15 days or more)which is knowing when to cut bait on a slumping player and go in another direction before it gets any worse. In part two of this article I will address a few such players & let you know whether you should stay the course or if it's time to make your move!!

Those Chicago White Sox underachievers: Alex Rios, Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham in particular have given owners fits so far this season and all three have been shown the bench by Ozzie Guillen over the last month. Now in a deep keeper format you really are locked into keeping all three unless a trade presents itself, but in seasonal leagues I can honestly say it's about time to make your move w/Beckham. Rios and Dunn on the other hand are worth staying the course--Rios has begun to show signs of life & while Dunn has been quite an enigma so far you cant overlook track record and despite some dismal batting averages Dunn has been money in the power categories--I still see HRs in the upper 20's or low 30's and 90+ RBIs when all is said and DUNN--just keep the faith and hope that the correction will come and reward those of us who didn't blink.......

Delmon Young, Sin Soo Choo & Justin Morneau: Back in April you probably felt pretty good seeing these names on your roster--well what a difference a couple months can make!! I'm pretty much on the edge of cutting Young in all formats unless his MRI goes VERY well--either way you just cant hold onto him outside of the deepest leagues with ample DL/bench spots. Choo and Morneau on the other hand probably were so costly that as long as you have a DL spot you really have to stash them away--if you do not have that luxury I could see cutting both in seasonal formats considering it will be mid-late August before we see either of them.

Dan Uggla and Casey McGehee: Another pair of sluggers too young to be over the hill yet they have both looked lost at times. I've liked what I've seen from Uggla the last two weeks---he seems to have shortened his stroke a bit and is chasing less so he's looking primed to turn it around. And let's face it, the guy who holds the record for HRs in June*(20)could easily put together one heck of a July. Stay the course with Uggla, you (hopefully) wont regret it!

As for McGehee, I've been tempted to drop him for guys like Moustakas and Izturis but I really feel confident a correction is coming. Since he obviously doesn't have a ton of ML experience, I'm basing this more on what I've seen from him in recent weeks, and he is squaring up better and making productive outs as opposed to strikeouts and pop ups--that being said I'm more confident in the track record of Uggla, but I'm gonna stay the course with both and unless a top option is available in free agency, so should you!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

USA SOCCER - A Casual Fan's Opinion

Watching USA soccer is a frustrating experience. In this article I want to address my many frustrations with a team that tries to hard to be accepted as a world power, yet they seem to get so many things wrong as a sport here in the U.S.

First things first...why in the hell are we playing our most meaningful games in stadiums filled by the other team's fans. This recent Gold Cup match was a huge game for the USA on the national and world scene yet the governing body of US soccer thought it best to play this game at the Rose Bowl conveniently located so that 90+ thousand Mexican fans could attend the game????... guaranteeing a sell out and a huge gate for the venue and for USA soccer in general. Is there any other sport that we play in this country where our fans would put up with that kind of insanity. Why not have the game in the new Nationals stadium in our nations capital and bill it as us vs. the world....locals, tourists, people could make the trip to Washington DC and be able to see all the museums, and local monuments and be able to see our nations finest players represent our country. Would having an actual home field advantage be so bad for a team that needs all the help they can get vs. the world's elite. Do you think Texas Longhorn fans would settle for having their home game moved to Norman Oklahoma just so they could sell out a game? you think that the fans of Boston would put up with moving all their games vs. the Yankees to Yankee stadium just so they could play in a newer venue? No way in hell, you would have an uprising, death threats...people rioting in the street. The Mexican fans must think we are a joke for hosting that game at the Rose Bowl...I know do.

Another thing that drives me nuts about American soccer is that we seem to have a bad defense every year. How can we play vs. teams like Spain and Mexico and Brazil that have such creativity and imagination in their offensive schemes with our current batch of defenders. Our team needs a new coach that values defense over all other. We are the U,S-freakin-A and we should have the most physical, yellow card getting, bullying defense in the entire world. American is known for having the biggest strongest athletes in the world...let's get these guys playing soccer and put them on the field and then see if a 130 pd Mexican offensive player slash into our 3rd of the field and deal with getting hit over and over with ferocity. Every stud athlete cannot play basketball, baseball or football...we have the kids now playing soccer in the US that is going to bring a large crop of players over the next decade or two...let's train them to be the team that no one wants to play...everyone thinks we are bullies to the world since soccer is the main international sport across the world...let's put a team out there that displays the brute force of this nation. Because right now we are a top 20 world power, but we are also a team that has virtually no chance at ever winning a world championship and that is sad. Alexei Lalas is a former USA defender that played with that all out level with a whole lot of skill mixed into his game and you can tell when he does the commentary on our games that he loves USA soccer but also how frustrated he is at the state of our game...he will use terms like appalling and disgusting and pathetic when referring to the way we pressure and mark opposing teams offenses...when a guy like that who bleeds USA soccer is sitting there looking for words to describe our effort...then you know that all these years of guys talking about "potential" is starting to fall on deaf ears. Change the coach, go defensive with a vengeance, schedule games in the heart of America and this will build pride with even the most casual soccer fan.


Time to Make Your Move

by Deadhead Bill

Whether it's due to injury, slump or plain necessity, a time will come when you will need to make a move to improve your fantasy team. But the nagging questions always linger--"Should I give this guy more time to get going?", "Am I just making this move for the sake of making a move or will it really help my team over the long haul" & "Will this guy start coming around the moment I cut him" etc.....I'll be looking at some players worth staying the course with, others that have overstayed their welcome and the few who are good temporary band aids to cover for an injured stud--which is a good place to start.......

If you are like me and see a #1 overall pick as a no-brainer, you obviously are gonna be bummed by the news that Phat Albert has left an equally PHAT hole in your lineup to the tune of a four to seven week absence. Those of you in leagues deeper then twelve teams might have a tough time finding a replacement that's worthy of carrying Pujols' cup, but you still have to try--here are a few solid replacement options:

Carlos Pena: More then likely Pena was drafted in your league, but a less astute owner might of released him after his molasses-slow start to the 2011 season. But those of us who've owned Pena in the past realize that slow periods are par for the course, and in many cases worth gutting out in order to take advantage of his hot streaks--one of which started w/HRs in back to back games May 3rd and 4th and has continued pretty much through this posting--if he is available in your league and you need CI help Pena has hit 9 bombs, scored 16 runs and driven in 19, all in the last month.

Mark Trumbo: Many owners would rather see Kendrys Morales' name here, but considering he's a rookie, Trumbo has done a commendable job filling in for the injured star. Looking more like a power hitter then a high batting average guy, Trumbo has socked a dozen dingers while snatching a half dozen bases making him useful in deeper leagues. He's also improved his plate discipline of late, striking out only 12 times over his last 97 at bats while connecting for 10 extra base hits, scoring nine runs and driving in ten--Trumbo looks like a solid fill in with the possibility to develop into more in time.

Casey Kotchman: If you play in roto leagues or use batting average as a category, Casey Kotchman might be a good fit for any Pujols owner looking for a fill-in. Kotchman, one of the bigger surprises of the 2011 season was more less an afterthought in the wake of the Manny Ramirez & Johnny Damon signings in Tampa Bay. But that hasnt stopped him from hitting .337 over his first 60 games--though he only starts around 4-5 games per week, if he can keep up his first half pace Joe Madden will be hard pressed not to play him almost everyday down the stretch. (end of part 1)


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Wash. State




JIMMER goes to the Kings at 10

The Tim Tebow of the NBA...Jimmer Fredette may not be able to guard worth a lick...maybe he will be able to...what he will be able to do is score and that is all I need to know as a fantasy owner. If you need three's and FG% and FT%...Jimmer is your guy. I can see him going abit earlier than he should...maybe as early as round 4-6 in fantasy drafts, but why not...he will be a fun player to own playing for a Kings team that will be playing from behind alot and shooting alot of three's. He also has a good PG in Tyreke Evans to get him the rock and a new big man down low in Demarcus Cousins for a good looking young team there in SacTown. I think he will have a much bigger impact than JJ Reddick did early on...we only hope that he has JJ's work ethic and is still around the league years from now.

Pick 9 of the 2011 NBA Draft

Michael Jordan knows his players people!!!! Kemba Walker, PG from Uconn is now playing for the Charlotte Bobcats playing for the greatest player ever. Many times potential rules the day...these players teams look for that can help them 2-3 players down the road. Kemba is the man in my opinion. He will contribute right away...he will have a huge influence on his team mates right away...he will put butts in the seat...and rating on the tube. Sure he is was Allen Iverson. Kemba now starts his journey to make everyone that passed on him..wish they didn't. He has won and improved at every level he has played...can't wait to see him prove everyone wrong on this level. The Bobcats have to rebuild now...this is a good place to start. Go Kemba.

NBA DRAFT PICK 8 - Brandon Knight

Love it!!! Knight can do it all when it comes to putting the ball in the hole. Knight will be groomed to be dominant PG for the Pistons. Great pick here for a great basketball city. It may take him a few years to hone his NBA game but there is no doubt that this kid will be a flat our scorer that will also be a leader on his team. Grade A fantasy keeper in leagues where you can keep a deeper roster...I think he is a can't miss player and I would have taken him no later than #3 in this draft. Piston ready to see alot of B.Knight Jerseys walking around Detroit in the next couple years.

Now someone please draft my boy Kemba!!!!

7th pick, Charlotte will get the Kings pick...

Charlotte gets this pick after sending Stephen Jackson to the Bucks in a three way deal that also sent John Salmons back to the Kings

Bismack Biyombo

Kid is a 6'9" freak with a 7'7" wingspan!

Age: 18

Birth date: Aug 28, 1992

Birthplace: Lubumbashi, Katanga, Congo

has massive block and steal potential as a fantasy player...again big men are hard to find.

with the 6th pick...the Wiz takes...

Jan Vesely s/f

Age: 21

Birth date: Apr 24, 1990

Birthplace: Moravska Ostrava, Czech Republic

Looking for some size...the Wizards take Vesely...don't know much about this kid but I read that he is smooth and will get PT right away.

5th pick of the 2011 NBA Draft...

Jonas Valanciunas goes to the Raptors at 5.

Position: Center

Age: 19 with a 7'4" wingspan!

Birth date: May 6, 1992

Birthplace: Utena, Lithuania

Come on man where is Kemba...this guy is not even going to see the league this year!!!

Tristan Thompson, Texas heads to the Cavs at 4.

With a Kevin Durant like 7 foot plus wingspan the Cavs grab the big man out of Texas looking for the athletic play in the middle that he displayed on the college level. I like this kid, but I do not like this pick. This is such a young team...why not package this pick and Baron Davis for a big man that can make you a better team right away. I think the Cavs missed a big opportunity to get a whole lot better quickly. Thompson will bring blocked shots and energy to this team right downside is he is a terrible FT shooter. Time will tell with this pick...he will be no fantasy factor outside of very deep leagues where players need a block shot specialist.

Enes Kanter goes No.3 to the Jazz

This guy is a beast...he will fit right in and be a starter in fantasy leagues across the board...a big man with some big talent. A very nice pick for the Utah Jazz. Big men are hard to find so this guy was not going to fall down the board very far. I look forward to seeing how well he plays right away...I know I will be targeting him late in fantasy drafts.

T-Wolves get Zona's Derrick Williams No.2

Minnesota felt like they had to take this pick because he was the best available pick if you listen to the experts. Now the T-wolves have an embarrassment of riches at the 3 and 4 spots...they need to make a deal and get a veteran presence on this team. This is a terrible squad that is bordering on being the joke franchise in the league with the Clippers ever improving. Get on the phone T-wolves!

As a Fantasy player Derrick will contribute right away because he is a long kid that can flat out score. I look for him to be listed as a SF/PF.

Duke's Kyrie Irving Goes No.1 Overall to the Cavs

They had to make this pick...can't pass on a guy that can run the show and shoot as well as this guy. Now will Baron Davis be dealt...he should be. Good fantasy keeper option here.

NBA Draft Tonight

Hanging at work tonight wondering if this storm is gonna pass so the stupid Direct TV signal will straighten up so I can get back to figuring out which direction Stuart Scott is looking. This is why I don't have Direct TV at home...In Florida...too many bad storms...too many chances that those storms will happen during an important sporting event!

Lots of draft thoughts coming at you soon as well as fantasy impact....and not very many of mine agree with the experts.


ps. If my posts stop here...guess that means the storms took my internet as well.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Sports Luv'n Dads!

To all the dad's out there, Happy Father's Day from Show Fantasy Sports. No matter how old your kids are (if you have them) find a way to talk to them or spend some time with them today or even this week. Every day that passes when you don't spend some time with your kids or even your dad that is a day you can't get back. If you have young kids don't under estimate the power of coaching them in a sport, setting up a fantasy team with them, or just taking them out to toss a ball around. The older they get the less time they are gonna spend with old, uncool dad. Love on those kids and tell your dad how much you appreciate him, even if they drive you crazy about half the time. Fantasy sports or real sports, is there a better way to bond with your kids or father?...I say no way! I remember so many moments with my dad that involved sports and can bet your kids will remember as fact you can count on it. Happy Father's Day.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deshawn Stevenson Role Model

Deshawn Stevenson (pictured above) was reportedly arrested for public intoxication just days after he called the Miami Heat "classless" after the Mavs beat the Heat in 6 games for the NBA title. Way to prove what a classy guy you are Deshawn...maybe you should request a trade to Miami so you can mentor LBJ and the boys in South Beach. Loser.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mavericks are Champs

Everybody knew they were the better team going into these 2011 NBA Finals and that ended up being the story as the Dallas Mavericks closed out the Miami Heat in 6 games Sunday night. As much as the media loves to pen stories about the failures of Lebron James and the much maligned trio of Wade, James and Bosh the simple fact is their team team was just not good enough. The Mavericks are loaded with veterans and specialists and team guys that have been waiting for this moment for years and were not going to be denied. As great as Dirk was playing the closer role and putting on a clinic from the ft stripe, Jason Terry had to be my favorite player in these finals. Shut down in games one and two and three by Lebron Jet defiantly told the media "let's see if he can do it for 7 games", a bold statement considering he seems like small potatoes next to the bigger than life James. JT went on to torch the Heat shooting the lights out for the remainder of the series...talking alittle trash...breaking out the jet wings and smiling all the way to the championship. Jason Kidd did a great job playing against the Heats much better athletes. Tyson Chandler was a key pickup for this team as saw how much it hurt the Heat not having anyone at the center position that could contribute in a consistent way...Chandler had his way all series long. Let's not forget Shawn Marion...the Matrix...who starred for years in phoenix took his talents to Dallas and showed off his scoring, defense and timely scoring throughout this series all while taking on the task of trying to guard LBJ on many occasions. Stevenson brought his 3 ball and his attitude, Brian Cardinal brought his heart and hustle and his hard playoff fouls. Funny how those fouls used to be the norm and now every time a guy makes a good hard foul the discussion goes to whether or not it should be a flagrant guys need to watch some old finals game from just 10-15 years ago and you will see those type of fouls 5-10 times per game. Last but not least we get JJ Barea...the undrafted fire plug ran rampant through defenses all playoffs long and continued his breaking down of defenses in the finals scurrying through the larger Heat guards and making plays. This Mavericks team was a delight to watch...they are what NBA champions are suppose to be...the hardened vets that have paid their dues...the star player that finally get's his recognition. The Heat will have their day...they will build around their trinity of stars and they will win. But they won't win unless they take some notes from this Mavs team that did it the right way. Dirk, Jet, Matrix, J.Kidd and company are your much deserving NBA champions.