Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zona's Derrick Williams To Turn Pro

Pac 10 player of the year Derrick Williams has decided to take his talents to the NBA. After dominating during the first few rounds of the NCAA tournament the next D.Will is coming out after his junior season. Williams goes a cool 6'8" with great hops and can shoot the 3. If I was an NBA executive this is the type of player that I would be willing to take number 1 over all because his game has so much upside. If you watched the tournament game vs. Duke he put half that team in a poster with an array of monster dunks while also stepping out and stroking from distance. 6'8" is not huge on the NBA level but with his springs and shooting ability he can be a great shooting forward. The sky is the limit. Williams will be chosen in the top 5 I can guarantee that. From a fantasy perspective...keeper league managers need to take note and grab this guy in the 7-10 round range. He won't get the press that Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving get but if he goes to a team where he can play heavy minutes he will have an immediate impact. I see him as a shorter version of Chris Bosh with a whole lot more aggressiveness finishing at the rim. I am a big believer in what this kid could do and you should be as well.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kyrie Irving Leaves for the NBA

Getting big time recruits is nothing new for Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils, but getting them and having them go one and done is something the program is not used to. The 6' 2" guard announced today that he will enter the NBA draft after playing just a portion of his freshman year at Duke due to a foot injury. Irving was electric when he was on the court for Duke. He came back after the injury and played some in the NCAA tournament, but he was not the dominant player he was to begin the year. He knew he wasn't coming back so he obviously wanted to show case his skills in the biggest tournament college ball had to offer before he left. That move didn't hurt his stock with the NBA scouts. Many project him be the top overall draft pick in the 2011 Draft. I think he can be a good NBA player, but I am not sure the kid will be great. He certainly could be the second coming of CP3, and that is what NBA execs are hoping for . I think if you are the Cleveland Cavs you could take a player like Kyrie and it's not a bad pick at all. The Cavs are a bad team without a franchise PG. They would also be very patient with the young PG as they build their team post Lebron James. There are alot of other good players that could go number one, but Kyrie Irving is certainly in the discussion. The fantasy success of Irving year one will depend on who ends up taking him, but if it is the Cavs he should be drafted somewhere around the 4th-6th round much the way John Wall was in 2010, because the minutes will be there and so will the shots. Cleveland you are on the clock.