Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deadhead Bill's 2011 MLB Crystal Ball

With the season starting tomorrow it's a perfect time to throw out my 2011 predictions. I do expect to see some of the usual suspects, however, there will be blood--NEW blood that is!!

In the National League we will still see the Giants finish on top in the NL West & the Phils should be able to hold off the Braves in the east. My question is can the Reds repeat in the Central even with the much improved Brewers and always dangerous Cards nipping at their heals? Now, a month ago it would of been a tougher call, but the injury to perennial Cy-Young contender Adam Wainwright has pushed the Cards off my playoff bubble. So I basically have five teams vying for four spots(Phils, Giants, Reds, Braves and Brewers). I think the Reds CAN do it again, so it will come down the a wild card between the Brew crew and the Braves--Atlanta's addition of Uggla aside, I think the Brewers do have what it takes.

In the American League we have an unprecedented upheaval in the East--for the 1st time in a long time it isn't just the Yanks, and everyone else. The Red Sox have made great strides and the Rays are still very much in the discussion--I do believe the AL wild card will come out of this division. The Central is all about the White Sox and Twins--this could be THE best divisional rivalry in 2011, as it has all the ingredients of a battle to the final weekend of the season. The West is still gonna come through Arlington as the Rangers need only hold off the Angels and A's to repeat as division champs. I think Oakland is an up and coming team, but offensive issues(why, oh why would you trade Carlos Gonzalez just to rent Matt Holiday for a season??)will hold them back from being the Giants of the AL--as good as the staff is the offense is almost as poor. The Angels are an interesting case, but issue's with depth could derail them like last season, where one key injury changes the entire outlook of the team--that being said they do have enough bullets to contend with Texas, but they certainly cant afford too many misfires!! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Texas will hold on in the West again, but the White Sox will have just enough to stay ahead of a very talented Twins ball club.


NL EAST: Phils
NL WEST: Giants

AL EAST: Red Sox
AL WEST: Texas


Phillies vs Red Sox



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