Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking Back - Part 1

We here at Show Fantasy Sports are sad to see the 2010 fantasy football season go. It seems like just yesterday when I typed up our first blog article called Kicking Down the Door and I was gearing up for our first FFB season here at SFS. I wanted to take this time to look back at some of the things we said early on ...some right, some not so right...but here are some quotes and comments on some of the earlier hits and misses I wrote about in the preseason.

In August I wrote an article called 2010 Draft Don'ts...here are some excerpts.

My first Don't was a good one it said "Don't draft Brett Farve without a good backup plan" In other articles I wrote that Brett could no way repeat his 2009 stats and that his TD and INT ratio would only be around 2 to 1. no comments needed here.

With the 2nd Don't I urged readers not to take LT, early on mistake..later on...well no one won a fantasy league using LT this year (as for me I traded him about mid year realizing the fantasy stat lines couldn't continue) and in the 2nd part of that Don't called New Faces in New Places I warned against drafting D.McNabb...He was in such a good situation in Philly...the thing in Washington wasn't going to work out.

In another article I wrote just days latter called What If ...well this one is money in the bank, remember this one from August?

"What if
Ryan Matthews is not the stud the experts say he'll be? How many times have we all seen a rookie RB look mediocre or bust all together. Sure the learning curve is alot less for a running back, but this guy is going in the top 10 in almost every draft I have been in. This guy maybe God in cleats for all I know...but what I do know is if the cornerstone of my teams RB's is a rookie...that's an uneasy feeling. I consider myself a man of faith, but if you take this guy that early then you have more faith than I do."
*** Note - Ryan Matthews will be a ton better next year...he will come in more physically and mentally prepared, Over all I warned you guys about taking rookie running backs. In this years draft you could have completely ignored rookies and won your league with no problem. I did not always take my own advice. In many leagues I was sucked in by CJ Spiller's stellar preseason and I also reached on Jahvid Best in alot of leagues. I like Best and Matthews alot for 2011...Spiller...well I am not sure what kind of opportunities he will have if FreddyJax remains the feature there in Buffalo.

In early league polls we saw Ryan Matthews chosen as the best rookie RB and Mike Williams Tampa chosen as the best rookie WR(nicely done) and our SB picks via the poll was Dallas vs the Colts...with the Saints and Chargers also receiving a fair amount of votes.

I made an early bad call on Devin Thomas saying he would be a breakout guy for Washington only to end up in Shanny's giant, mansion sized doghouse then later be cut from the team...ahhh can't hit on them all.

In our next article we will be looking back at some drafts I reviewed in the preseason and we will point out some of the nicer picks that we saw along with some of the duds that killed us all year long. In more upcoming articles get your chilled glass ready for a cold, smooth and frothy look back at our fantasy award winners for 2010 and a look forward to draft rankings for 2011.


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