Wednesday, January 12, 2011


1. Peyton Hillis RB Cleveland Browns - (1177 yds rushing, 61 receptions for 477yds , 11 rush TDs, 2 rec. TDs)
In 2010 drafts owners went sleeper in the middle to later middle rounds with Jerome Harrison and others would take Monterio Hardesty before Harrison basically over thinking the situation and believing everything they read from yahoo. Out of no where came the great white hope armed with massive guns and a nasty running attitude that allowed him to rack up stunning numbers in an offense that was putrid for most of the season. The Ravens problem, Peyton "Run to the" HillIs (my favorite Show nick name this year) ran for over 100 yards on them making believers out of everyone including me. I was shocked by Peyton's ability to contribute in the running and passing game...from Bronco vulture back to my fantasy wire add of the year...overnight. I have to add that Peyton did us no favors in the fantasy playoffs as he wore down from an entire season as the feature in Cleveland. I have no idea what to think of Hillis going into 2011...It is doubtful he catches as many balls in 2011, but should be the go to TD back in Cleveland going forward....Hardesty will be back from injury and thrown into the mix and Colt McCoy has already shown he is more willing to check down to the TE than he is Hillis (note Hillis' catches down the stretch too a major hit). So this may have been a one hit wonder, but count yourselves as a wire hawk supreme if you snagged Peyton Hillis in 2010. You probably will have to pay a heavy price for Hillis in 2011...just tread lightly.

2. Mike Vick, QB - Eagles -Was there a more exciting player in real or fantasy football this year? A large percentage of the teams that finished in the money in fantasy leagues had Mike Vick on their squad. I had Mike in alot of leagues and in every league I found him on the wire and added him after the Gbay game as a wait and see player. Along the way I found myself benching such early season favorites as Kyle Orton, A.Rodgers and others in favor of the monster that was Mike Vick. The 6 TD game I was down 53 points in one match up going into MNF and got over 60 from Mike making the add worth it just for that one fantasy game. Going into 2011 Vick is going to be highly valued because he is such a duel threat. I think he will probably be drafted higher than I am willing to take him in most leagues. I can see Mike going from anywhere around pick 5 of the first round to middle of the 2nd round depending on the league. One bit of advice, if you draft Vick get a good backup a few rounds later, someone you can run with for a few games because with all the excitement comes risk of injury...a very likely risk.

3. Mike Williams WR Tampa - 36 yds short of 1,000 and 11 TD's for this rook. I put him on this list because though many of us drafted this guy in the later rounds of late summer drafts just as many of the early leagues saw A.Benn and others go with Mike Will going completely undrafted. This guy was picked up early in most leagues where he wasn't drafted and man was he worth it. A real life number one receiver gave us a solid number 2 fantasy guy that played consistently all year long. In 2011 I like Mike Williams alot as a 3rd round pick which could actually be a steal considering he should grow in talent along with his up and coming QB Josh Freeman. Speaking of Freeman he has a claim to this list as well when many owners jumped off the Mark Sanchez weekly roller coaster and found a guy in Freeman that may not have been spectacular but rarely left you empty handed as a fantasy owner. Freeman is a solid keeper heading forward.

4. Kenny Britt - WR - Tenn. Titans - going into this year there were questions of health and work ethic with this guy and all he did was bust out like a monster on a team that had QB instability all year long. Britt had some huge games in 2010 and was one of my favorite adds this season. Going into the season the 2nd year pro had minimal value and only resided on a small amount of deeper fantasy rosters. Britt has man sized upside going into 2011 regardless of what QB is in Tennessee. I expect Kenny to be a late 2nd round ppr pick to possibly an early 4th round steal in many leagues...don't let this guy fall in your league or you will be sorry.

5. Continuing the trent at WR....1, 375 yards and 10 TD's - These stats worthy of Reggie Wayne or Randy Moss going into this season were actually put up by Brandon Lloyd WR Denver Broncos - Lloyd started out like a house of fire and just blew up on the fantasy scene as the week's passed by. PPR owners struck gold on the former 49er whose career had reached the point of being a bust in many scouts eyes. Bust no more Lloyd was a pass catching fool and a TD maker this season that should also be a nice pick going into 2011. Sure, if Tebow is under center the yards may not be as heavy but Lloyd is the man at WR in Denver and should be benefited greatly by a healthy Demaryius Thomas playing and improving at the opposite WR position. Alot of owners will steer away from Lloyd next season so I believe he could still be had much later than you'd think. Tebow and the new staff in Denver will scare some off...but not me..I will take Lloyd as my number 2 later than that alot of bigger WR names that won't have B.Lloyd's numbers.

My honorable mention list is loaded with plenty of great grabs as well: Jacob Tamme(was Dallas Clark incarnate), BenJarvus Green Ellis(in TD leagues BJE was the ticket) did his best Patriots Corey Dillon imitation and scored a ton of TD's for owners who snagged him early on this year. Stevie Johnson WR Bills was a frustrating player to own, but he rewarded those who got him early with a few monster games. This guy has alot of young Ocho-Cinco in him...ya gotta stick with him cause ya know the big game is coming...but he will also give ya some clunkers. LeGarrette Blount is a bruising back for the Bucs after falling out of favor in Tennessee. Blount is going to be a hammer in 2011. Owners could not drop Kareem Huggins fast enough to snatch up the future star RB of the young Buccaneers.


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