Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Night Throwdown - Week 14

How the AFC South was won (well it’s more likely this is where it might be lost than won).  That’s right it is more than mathematically possible that only 1 Manning will make the playoffs and it won’t be Peyton?  Seriously?  Well if you have watched the elder Manning brother for the past 3 weeks, he has looked more like Brett Favre trying to squeeze bad throws into double and triple coverage than his normal efficient self.  Yes, I know, his team has been decimated by injuries (RB, 2nd RB, 3rd WR, #1 TE), but guess what he is still cashing that $1,000,000 paycheck every week so he better start producing.  The forecast for Tennessee is supposed to be cold and windy.  What does cold weather mean in the NFL – time to run the ball.  Who is playing in this game?  Chris Johnson.  This season has been marked more about his loud mouth at the start of the year saying he would reach 2500 yards (any fantasy owner drafting him #1 might be looking at those 2 extra TDs AP has right now wondering if it could have helped them out this year).  Johnson hasn’t rec’d the carries he has become accustomed to last season (he would have to average 30 carries a game to match that total and his yards per game is down a whopping 40 yards). 

Smart plays :::

Peyton Manning – I can’t sit this guy, especially not in the fantasy playoffs.  He is still a Top 5 QB even with the chance for 2 more picks tonight.  I expect the Indy offense to be tamed slightly by the weather and by the fact that the Titans will take a Jacksonville Jaguar approach early in the game by running the ball, running the ball and running the ball some more to bleed clock time and keep Manning on the bench in the cold temps.  271 Yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs

Chris Johnson – I said it and I’ll say it again.  If the Titans want any chance at the playoffs they have to win out and to do that you have to use your playmakers.  CJ is THE playmaker on this team.  Give him the ball 25+ times a game from here on out and see what your horse can do.  Indy has given up CHUNKS of rushing yards in multiple games - 28 Carries for 128 yards and 2 TDs with 1 Fumble.

Playable but better options out there :::

Pierre Garcon – With Collie out, Garcon is the #2 WR.  He needs to step up tonight and work with Tamme to take some pressure off of Reggie Wayne.  5 Catchs – 72 yards

Kerry Collins – Look he isn’t Manning or Brady but he is a serviceable option.  Especially if the Colts do come out fast and get ahead.  He’ll play smart and not give the game away.  If you are one of the fortunate owners that have been riding the Matt Cassell train all year and now in Week 1 of the playoffs you need a QB, look for Collins on the free agent market, I am sure he is available in more than a few leagues.  219 Passing yards and 2 TDs

I want to play them, but I can’t convince myself :::

Randy Moss – Plain and simple.  He is too talented to be wasting away in TN.  Yes he doesn’t always give 100% but he still has the ability to be a lower end #1 or high end #2.  Kenny Britt is coming off the injury report and the thought of having Britt and Moss out there has to be a nice one for TN fans.  4 Catches - 53 yards – 1 TD.

Best of luck if your playoffs start this week.  I know I was lucky enough to get that week 1 bye in 4 of my leagues so I know for a fact that my players will play lights out this week and set a scoring record for the league because obviously I don’t need them to.

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