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For those of you that aren't in points leagues you are either in the middle of your playoffs or you are just getting into them this week. Now is the time when championships are won and lost, when our nemesis captain hindsight makes his annual appearance sometime from Sunday afternoon through Monday night. I can't see the future, but I can certainly give you a light to follow as you make your own critical lineup choices going into the weekend. This week ThePrep is in list form to change things up abit. This may be the week you want to hit us up on the facebook page(showfantasysports), or email us( or at least follow us on twitter at westheshow so that you get all the info. possible to help you make your decisions. I will be on the facebook chat from 9am through the first gametime this Sunday or if you email me or Tweet me I will get back to you as quickly as I can...I suggest email for fastest response before Sunday and Twitter or facebook on Sunday Morning.

Marcus Colston WR Saints - has been on fire in the 2nd half of the season.
Ray Rice - 3 td's all year is disturbing but there is a good chance he will score this week.
A.Boldin - D.Mason is getting heavy looks from Flacco, but Boldin's big physical style will be on display at home this week.
D.Mason - this guy just keeps doing it and is a must start in ppr's.
Joe Flacco and Drew Brees - I like both of these guys to hit 200 with 2 scores this week and that's good enough for me.
J.Stewart RB Panthers - getting the Lions..well Panthers share of the carries now and is looking good. Mike Goodson is not a great play this week, but could be considered as a deeper league flex play.
Matt Ryan - Matt and Roddy are pretty much every week starts now and Michael Turner!!! this kid is making everyone (me included) that were afraid to draft him look like he is just rolling and is a top 5 RB play this week.
Tony Gonzalez TE theATL - Showing signs of late as being a late season red zone threat...and the matchup is tasty vs Carolina.
Peyton Hillis is again a great play...the guy does it all.
Carson Palmer and T.O - like them both this week vs the Browns
Jon Kitna - man, going into this year didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell I would be writing this.
Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Felix Jones(like him as a no.2 back this week) vs theSkins
Santana Moss(abit risky, but i'd play him vs a weak Cowboys secondary - Chris Cooley as well.
Ryan Torain - looked great last week and should have at least 80 yds and a TD this week.
Peyton Manning and Co. vs a weak Jags defense that let the Raiders have one big play after another. Big question is this week is Collie back...if so start him...if not start Blair White as a no.3, Garcon as a top rated no.2 and of course Reggie as a low end no.1. Tamme - oh rejoice this week...he comes back with a vengence.
David Garrard - gaining more confidence in him as the week's pass and of course
MJD = Cash Money. I like Mike Sims Walker who has been hampered by an ankle injury as a no.3 WR this week.
Mercedes Lewis (this guy is almost a fringe start...very all or nothing, but look for Garrard to rely on him early in this game to move the chains...cross your fingers for a TD)
Brandon Marshall - yep Mr. 2 td's all season could be a nice end of the year play.
Ronnie Brown vs Buffalo - no.3/Flex RB.
D.Bess vs Buffalo
M.Vick is rolling your squad into the playoffs vs the Vikes this week who will be a tough matchup but you still have to play the guy unless you have Peyton Manning vs the Jags as well.
Desean Jackson and Maclin and good plays this week along with my favorite Eagle, Shady McCoy all sure fire starts regardless of who they are playing.
Cautious Starts - B.Jacobs and A.Bradshaw - Philly shut them both down last game...I don't see that happening this week, but be aware of this when choosing between these guys and your other RB options.
Eli Manning - must win for the Giants so if you have gone with Eli so far this year ...keep it going unless you find another great matchup like my next start.
Hakeem Nicks - good to have you back!
Josh Freeman vs the Lions
Mike Williams (Tampa Bay) and L.Blount
K.Winslow - coming alive here lately...match up is sweet.
Sam Bradford and S.Jackson vs KC - I'd rather start Sam than alot of other QB's out there this week.
Jamal Charles - sparse TD numbers have irritated owners this year, but this is the week he breaks off a long one.
D.Bowe - get's off the snide this week vs. the Rams smaller corners.
Matt Schaub, Andre 3000 and Foster are gold this week vs. Tennessee
Kerry Collins is a good play this week along with CJ2K and WR K.Britt
Jason Campbell, Darren McFadden, Louis Murphy and Jacoby Ford vs a Bronco team that's struggling right now...must win for Raiders in the division.
B.Lloyd - to a lesser extent if Timmy Ballgame takes alot of snaps.
Knowshon Moreno - this guy has came back from early season struggles like a house of fire! play across the board.
Rashard Mendenhall - like him to bounce back after a weak showing last week at Cincy.
Big Ben - Should be serviceable but look at other options if you have him...he was not that great vs Cincy and the Jets will be a much tougher test (just be cautious here)
Hines Ward - Expect the veteran WR to step it up this week...just a hunch. Mike Wallace has been good all year but has been down of late...I see him more of a no.3 this week.
Santonio Holmes - again, not a great play but I'd play him as a low end no.2 this week.
B.Edwards is more of a #3 guy this week....he's not done much of late.
Brady - Mr.MVP Branch(check injury status) Welker and Ben Jarvus Green Ellis.
Rodgers if he plays
Greg Jennings - a no.1 with rodgers..a low end no.2 without.
Ben Watson - you could do worse at TE this week.
Marshawn Lynch - should be good for 85 and a score this week.

Ravens TE's - T.Heap is not healthy and Ed Dickson is still too raw.
TJ Houshmanzadeh and Willis McGahee both too inconsistent.
C.Ivory is banged up...don't like him this week at all. And it's hard to feel confident about any Saints RB's this week. I would not play any of them...too many, what if's.
Steve Smith WR(Panthers) When is the last time you saw a Rook QB squash a WR's value like's just gotten ugly for Smith who will be on the first bus out of Carolina this offseason along with DeAngelo Williams. Thanks again Jimmy Clausen (more like J.Fox for playing him) and of course sit Jimmy, which goes unsaid...kinda like don't spit into the wind....
Chad Ocho-Cinco - so can you play him with your playoff life on the line?
Rex Grossman - nice one Shanny - if you think Mcnabb is your problem...take a step back and look in the mirror.
Redskins - D.McNabb(Benched) A.Armstrong and K.Williams and James Davis vs Dallas
Sit all Colts RB's except for J.James who is likely to get 1-2 goalline td's this week. I know the Jags run defense can be had (see Darren McFadden's numbers last week, but I have no confidence in what the Colts are doing on the ground right least not when it comes to my playoff teams.
Mike Thomas and Z.Miller(Jags) vs Colts
Sit A.Fasano
Sit - Brent Celek - Can't trust him with Vick at QB.
Sit Steve Smith - out for the year
Mario Manningham - low targets and no scores of late make him bench material.
Caddy Williams - don't let the match up fool ya - park him
E.Graham - sure he may vulture a td now and then, you gonna trust this guy in a playoff week?(I didn't think so)
Matt Cassell vs theRams (yeah that's right, even if he plays, the Rams shut him down, expect under 200 yds and 1 td.
T.Moeki - man this guy has disappeared hasn't he?
Randy Moss - Earth to you receive???
K.Walter WR Texans - not really an option at this point.
Sit Tebow and Orton - who knows what's going on there in's like they are high.
Jabar Gaffney and Eddie Royal - no fantasy relevance right now.
H.Miller back at practice, but don't love him vs the Jets off the concussion.
Bench A.Randle El and E.Sanders vs the Jets
Mark Sanchez- it's playoff, run away!
Shonn Greene - massive disappointment this year...what a waste of talent.
LT - no way, not vs Pittsburgh.
J.Cotchery - 3-4 catches for 45 yds, not what you need at this time of the year.
Brandon Jackson RB Pack - James Starks as well on the road vs the Pats
Donald Driver - if Rodgers plays upgrade to no.3 WR.
Green Bay TE's
Matt Hasselback - not gonna have the numbers vs theATL unless they get behind quick and he'd gotta start chuckin' it.

Colt McCoy - for some reason I like him vs the Bengals this week.
M.Massoquoi - someone's gotta catch passes from Colt and this week MM could make some noise and Robiskie could be heard from as well, but he is deep sleeper material.
Robert Meachum can go into the sleeper category cause he rarely show's up so you have to play him on hunches almost. Two week's ago he had a big game ten the next game vs the Rams, in a great matchup he didn't catch a ball...this guy is hard to figure, but I like him this week.
M.Jenkins - more often than not this big target doesn't come through, but this week he is gonna get 50-60 yds...and possibly a score..not a bad play in larger leagues as a no.4(flex WR)
Jermaine Gresham TE Bengals vs the Browns
Roy Williams vs theSkins
Marion Barber or T.Choice - whoever is this week's primary backup is a sleeper pick to get a goal line td - check the injury reports for Barber's status.
J.James(Colts RB) goal line guru vs the Jags this week.
Rashard Jennings vs Colts (three straight games with a TD)
Ricky Williams and Chad Henne(whos' been awful, but let's face it, Buffalo at home is a peach of a match up.
Kevin Boss TE Gmen - getting great red zone looks.
A.Benn - WR Tampa Bay - the kid has got some great athletic ability and is beginning to get a grip on the NFL game...I am playing him as a no.4 in a couple leagues.
Thomas Jones - not sure this guy is a considered a sleeper but that is how I view him cause he is never more than a Flex play in deeper leagues - not a terrible option this week 50-60 yds and a possible score is likely.
Brandon Gibson WR Rams - one of Sam's favorite targets will shine this week vs. the Chiefs...good ppr sleeper start or no.4 deep league play.
Bo Scaife - TE Tenn and Jacoby Jones vs a horrible Texans defense.
Michael Bush RB Raiders and Z.Miller who is coming around abit vs Broncos
D.Keller - could be a viable ppr TE with Sanchize using him to check down vs Blitzburg this week.
Pats TE's and Woodhead(just not seeing him as a great play this week, but with Brady running the show he is at least a sleeper special)
Seattle WR B.Obomanu - back from a hand injury and is the most explosive WR they have right now.

Stay tuned for Ryan's Monday Night Article coming your way over the weekend previewing Chicago at Minnesota in the frozen north.


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