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New Orleans vs St Louis
The Rams travel to New Orleans this week where the Saints are getting healthy and ready to defend their NFL championship. The Saints have been able to maintain a good record this year through all the injuries due to having a week schedule. Now the Saints have got together a little running game with Chris Ivory while Reggie Bush is getting back into shape and PT Cruiser is doing God knows what rehabbing now for weeks. PT is suppose to come back this week, but no one knows how much work he will get. With Ivory cleaning up of late I don't see Pierre doing much damage.
Saints starts - Drew Brees should roll this week...the Rams had no luck stopping the short passing game of the Falcons a couple weeks back and Drew spreads the ball around so much they should move the chains at will. Start C.Ivory who is bound to get a goal line TD in this one. M.Coleston continues to get catches and is targeted too many times to sit though he is not a big TD scorer. Lance Moore is a nice no.3 WR this week.

Fringe Start - R.Meachum...Meach has been a big disappointment for fantasy owners expecting breakout city this year...this would be a good week to take a flyer on him at the W/T position if you have one in your league...a deep target or two is likely. J.Shockey is not a terrible TE start here though J.Graham is taking some of his reps.
Sit - Reggie Bush, PT Cruiser, D.Henderson, and probably Shockey as well .

Rams Starts - Stephen Jackson - won't be huge here but he is still a low level no.1 or high level no.2 RB that get's his touches every game. D.Amendola - has been quiet the last week or two, but this week the Rams will be throwing alot...expect really good ppr numbers from the Rams slot WR.
Sit - D.Alexander (still too inconsistent for me and during these playoffs and last weeks of the season, I am not running out anyone I am not sure of. Sit B.Gibson, and Rams TE.
Sam Bradford - I'd sit Sam this week...I think his yardage will be good, but I just don't like his chances to put up large TD numbers this week(I hope I am wrong cause as you guys know the Rams are my team!).

Thursday Night Football
Ryan is covering Indy at Tenn this week in a separate article, but I just want to say one thing about Peyton Manning. The media is quick to jump on someone when they are down...This guy will get it right...This week, if you sit him down you will be sorry....trust me on that. Also put your fantasy antenna up and see if you can find the recently signed Dominic Rhodes in a Colts uniform...yes that Dominic Rhodes...fresh off his UFL season with the Orlando Tuskers(yeah I know that is an awful mascot name, some Orlando exec. musta been drunk when they came up with that). It's not unthinkable that the guy could play with Hart questionable and J.Addai out.

Tampa at Washington
Albert Haynesworth has been suspended by the disfunctional DeadSkins this week for the remainder of the season. Without Albert this past week the Giants ran roughshod over the Skins with Bradshaw and Jacobs getting 2 TDs each. That makes L.Blount a bigtime start this week and in TD leagues E.Graham could be in line for some goal line work after Blount was stopped a few times in short ydge vs theATL last weekend. I also really like Freeman this week and Mike Williams.
Fringe Start - A.Benn - not sure if anyone is noticing but Benn is starting to get this offense and Freeman is looking to him more and more. I really like the direction that this young WR corp is taking. Their DST took a big hit this past week losing Aquib Talib...maybe their best defensive player.

Skins starts - uhhhhhhmmm??? McNabb may exploit the banged up Tampa Secondary and be serviceable this week...with Tampa's starting safety and best corner now done for the year...it's possible McNabb will hit S.Moss and maybe even Cooley for a TD, but outside of Cooley I don't trust this offense at all. James Davis got the bulk of the rush load this past week, but that could change again with Torain now possibly on his way back. If you gotta go with one, use Davis, but that's only if you are down to your last RB options or you are rollin' in a deep league.

Cleveland at Buffalo
The Browns are a hard team to figure out...they go to New Orleans and dominate the Saints, then they will go out and lose a game they should win...they seem to play the level of their competition which make me think this will be another low scoring tight game in Buffalo. Their defense can be really good at times taking the ball away. They made Henne look terrible last week (well he kinda does that to himself). This week they face an underrated Buffalo offense that sporadically can put pts up in bunches. This is a tough one to call as far as starts other than Peyton Hillis. I think for the Browns Hillis and maybe Watson are about the only guys I would consider(sleeper this week is Josh Cribbs). For Buffalo I am kinda worried about Stevie Johnson who has cooled off after a bunch of TDs early this year. I like Johnson in this match up more than I do Evans but they are both getting plenty of targets of late so it's a tough call... I rate Johnson over Evans in this one. Fitzpatrick is iffy here because the Browns do such a good job of taking the ball away and the weather in Buffalo is always a concern. You'd be wise to check the forecast this time of year, especially the wind. Fred Jackson will do better this week than he did at Minnesota, don't be afraid to use F.jax as a low end #2 RB.
Fringe Start - Lee Evans - not sure he can be counted on in any situation, I would consider him in leagues 14 and larger.
Sit - D.Nelson, D.Jones, Fitzpatrick, CJ Spiller

theATL at Carolina(in Paul's Place Your Bets article he said this one was going to be a blowout..but it has that trap game feel to me)
ATL Starts - Look for a nice day outta Matty Ice and company. Turner and White are must starts and Tony Gonzalez should do ok, though I don't like him to score in this one.
Panther starts- J.Stewart has ran well two games straight now and with Goodson nursing a shoulder injury this should be Stew's show this week.
Sits for this game - Snelling, Jenkins, Goodson, Gettis, Lafell
Fringe Start - Jimmy Clausen is still terrible, but he has to throw to someone...I'd rather run out S.Smith than Randy Moss at this point...Steve is a lower end #3 WR this week.

Green Bay at Detroit
The Pack invade Dtown this week looking stronger than they have in week's as they eye the playoffs and a possible overtaking of the Bears down the stretch (with the Bears schedule this could happen easier than you think and they'd win the division)
Packers plays include the red hot G.Jennings and of course Rodgers.
James Jones got less looks this past week because Driver looked abit better on that Quad making a great catch and run vs the Niners. I like Driver and Jones this week in a great matchup vs a weak tackling secondary. Play them both as No.3 WR's this week...Jones is more of a W/T no.4 Flex WR but is useable at the 3.
Sit Brandon Jackson, Gbay TE's, and J.Nelson
Sleeper play - There is a reason why James Starks has been on the cover of Yahoo FFB online twice already this week(mon & wed) Starks is a big back who could give Gbay a running game going into the playoffs...the kid will get the chance as the Packers have to be frustrated with Bjax inability to take over the reigns of the running attack. Look for Starks to split carries this week...he's a nice Flex play in all formats this week.
Detroit Starts - This offense is a mess outside of Calvin Johnson and the dependable B.Pettigrew. Drew Stanton is mobile but not a guy you can start this time of year. J.Best is hurt, but not enough to not play so he takes up carries and occasionally shows signs of his speed but his mobility is not there due to the toe problem that will last til the offseason. M.Morris is still the RB I would play if I had to roll out a Lion RB ...he showed that last week getting the teams only goal line carries.
Sits - Stanton, J.Best, N.Burleson

NE at Chi-town
New England is looking like a SB favorite right now, at least in the AFC. Tom Brady is so hot he can do nothing wrong other than his hair. This week they get a nice road test in the windy city. Stay with Brady of course but I can't see the Pats running at will vs this run defense the way they have ran roughshod over everyone of late. Expect Brady to chuck it around the yard making Welker and Branch a must play this week. Benjarvus Green-Ellis is the favorite goal line guy so you have to run him out too but don't expect big ydge. I'd sit Woodhead, Tate and Gronkowski...I think Hernandez is the TE you want most weeks.
On the Chicago side Cutler is going to have a decent game here throwing short to E.Bennett and Olsen ...J.Knox is an all or nothing type of start and is very risky at this point...consider him a low end 3 or high end 4 this week. Start Forte...he isn't always fantastic but he gets a ton of reps on the ground and through the air. Sit D.Hester and Chester Taylor and be careful with Knox.

Pittsburgh hosting Cincy
Pittsburgh is going to roll in this game...the offense if due to break out and I think this is the week.
Expect Wallace and H.Ward to get theirs this week and a Banged up Big Ben to get at least 2 TD's. Mendenhall will probably have 1-2 himself and a 100 yd game. Sit H.Miller and I.Redman, E.Sanders and Randle El.
Cincy - Start T.Owens...man this guy has been a beast even when his team isn't playing worth a damn...those who question this guys character need to look at the effort he is putting up this year.. he is alittle nuts, but he is a player... a sure fire hall of famer...Randy Moss needs to take some notes.
Fringe Play - 85, he plays when he wants to...be my guest if you want to play him...I am sitting him down....Gresham is an interesting play as a check down guy this week. Sit Benson and B.Scott who has looked quick and powerful in recent weeks with limited touches. No one has rushed well on Pitt all season.(just ask Adam who writes the M.A.P. he reminds us every week)

Denver at Arizona
Josh Mcdaniels was seen at a local Walmart near Denver returning a bag of unused video tapes...guess Spygate 2 is officially over...I think the problem with Josh is he didn't bring any of the really video spy guys over from New England...either that or they are all in Kansas City, which would explain why they are somehow winning that division. I wonder...just wonder down deep...if the Broncos have called Urban Meyer who stepped down today as UF coach sighting "family"...yeah whatever Urban...Meyer to the NFL? hmm who is the backup QB in Denver? EXACTLY!
Paul said in his Place Your Bets article that Denver was going to roll this week so I will take his word for it and go with Kyle Orton and Bloyd and Knowshon as must starts this week. Knowshon has been rolling since getting healthy. Probably should sit down Gaffney and Demaryius Thomas and definitely sit the other Denver RB's cause they have been rendered irrelevant.
For Arizona I am intrigued to see the big guy Skelton(QB) throw the ball around the yard...this guy is huge and has a cannon for an arm but is very raw. I'd love to see him hurl a few deep one's to Larry Fitzgerald cause poor Larry has fallen off the elite fantasy map. I think they shoulda given Skelton a shot over Max Hall, but I guess Max does have the cooler name and Arizona didn't want to admit they had a Skelton in their closet...ok ok , that was awful, but it had to be said.
Cards Starts - Timmy Hightower hasn't been the worst back in the NFL of late so he could be used as a lower end Flex Play. Of course you start Larry no matter who is tossing him the rock...everybody else in this offense, SIT. And tell Beanie that the UFL's Tuskers are looking for a replacement for Dominic Rhodes...that is if he can make the team.

Seattle at 49ers
SF - Singletary...are you serious? Alex Smith(hey Alex, how 'bout a backup gig to Timmy Ballgame in Denver, it'll be like a family reunion, give Urban a call, make it happen) is back as starting QB as big Mike trys to save his job. Troy Smith was making plays and though he didn't look good last week they were playing a superior opponent with a very good pass rush. No wonder M.Crabtree has been inconsistent...there is this thing called chemistry that QB's and No.1 WRs need to succeed. I still think Crabtree is a valid low end no.2 guy this week and very startable as as no.3 in just about any format. As for Alex he is not a terrible option vs a very bad Seattle defense...there could be a whole lotta pts scored in this one. I like Brian Westbrook as a no.3 rb or flex starter and A.Dixon is a valid sleeper option this week and should get some red zone work.
Money Play - Vernon Davis will torch Seattle...he has been alittle up and down this year but this week he is a must play.
Sit - J.Morgan
Seattle - Matt Hasselback is a start this week if you are hurting for a QB or need a solid no.2 play in a 2 QB league. M.Lynch came off the milk carton this week and was good in short yardage..expect more of the same and Start him also as a flex guy.
Seattle WRs - it's hard to start a Seattle WR cause it seems a different one steps up each week. One will this week as well, but knowing who it is gonna be is tough. In deeper leagues I like Obomanu and Deon Butler this week. I don't like the banged up Mike Williams or John Carlson who is having a terrible fantasy year. Sit Both DST's.

Miami at NYJ
This is my lock of the week - Jets are going to shut down and embarrass the dolphins...expect a 27-9 type of game. Henne was brutal last week vs. Cleveland so you can expect the Jets to do what the Browns did, but only better...Henne is stuggling right now so if the Dolphins can't get Ricky and Ronnie going it's gonna get ugly quick! Sit the Dolphins offense...seriously, Sit them all. Check on B.Marsh's health just for kicks and if he plays you can run him out in deep leagues just because he owes you and he may get some garbage action. Also in deep leagues don't be afraid to play D.Bess especially if Bmarsh does not play, he is a dependable target Henne can get the ball to in space and pray for some RAC.
Jets Starts - I like Sanchez to be serviceable this week (200yds and 2 td's) and I also like LT and Shonn Greene to have decent games on the ground. Miami's defense has been ok this season so don't expect huge games by any Jets players, but there will be pts to be had in this offense this week as they try to get over the Boston Massacre.

KC at SD
The San Diego Super Chargers laid a monster egg last week at home vs the Raiders. This week they look to bounce back as they face the division leading and video tape enhanced Chiefs. This game is tough to call, but this one should also have plenty of pts to go around.
KC Starts - Jamal Charles ran for over 100 yds last week...of course he didn't score again! But ya can't sit this guy down...use in all formats as a strong no.2 back. T.Jones is more of a Fringe/Flex guy at this point. Also start Dwayne Bowe who had a terrible week last week, but should rebound nicely this week. Cassell is questionable this week after having an appendectomy on Wednesday. Stay tuned to the injury report regarding his status for Sunday...he may play.
San Diego - Look for Phillip Rivers to throw and throw often in this one. M.Floyd, VJack(if he is healthy) and Gates should all do damage in this one...check out the health of the SD WRs going into Sunday as they have been banged up all year.
SD RB's. Tolbert had his first off game in a long time vs the Raiders but he is still the guy to own in this backfield. Ryan Matthews didn't get a carry last week and he won't get many going forward. D.Sproles is nothing more than a change of pace back at this point. Start Tolbert, tell yourself it was just one game. Sit: Crayton, McMicheal and Naanee, Ryan Matthews and D.Sroles.

Raiders at Jags
Raiders Starts - Jason Campbell, Jacoby Ford, D.McFadden
Deeper leagues...M.Bush and L.Murphy are nice plays.
Sit - Z.Miller, Hayward-Bey, J.Lee-Higgins, M.Reece
Jags Starts
David Garrard, MJD(killing it of late and is a gem to have right now as he is rolling into the fantasy playoffs)
Fringe Start - Mike Thomas
Injury Note - Mike Sims Walker is battling an ankle injury..he sat out last week and I have no information on him so far this week..my gut says he won't play...I will have this and all injury information, actives and inactives to you via twitter (westheshow) and available to you via chat if you friend us at www.facebook.com/showfantasysports
Keep an eye on - Two weeks running now Rashard Jennings has gotten red zone looks and cashed in with nice TD runs...Could be viable in TD leagues now and maybe more going forward.
Sit Mercedes Lewis...after a nice early run this guy has gone off the grid.

Some of you will be using this as a guide when setting your lineups for week 1 of the FFB playoffs. Others have one more week to get the job done and lock up a spot. If you have any specific questions not answered here or an important lineup decision email me directly at wes@showfantasysports.com and I will get back to you asap. Good luck to you...but i'd like to think if you use THE PREP, you will need alot less "luck" to beat your opponent.

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