Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Vikings Say "No Moss"

Tired of Randy Moss and his ridiculous rants to the media Moss is no longer a Viking. He has not been officially waived, but that is expected to happen soon. Where do you think he will go? Where should he go to play out the season?

For fantasy purposes a reunion with the Pats makes the most sense as he would be playing with a team that needs a deep threat. This would also make Wes Welker a more viable fantasy option. Since Randy left Welker has been pedestrian at best and is really only an every week starter in ppr formats. I also think the Chiefs would be a good destination because then Randy could pretend he was with the Patriots having a coaching staff made up of former Pats. The Chiefs are now a contender in that division and need another WR option.

Lastly, I am so excited about going to the wire and getting Bernard Berrian now that Randy is out of Minnesota. No one can disappoint an owner quite like B squared.

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