Friday, November 5, 2010

Time to Get Fired Up - Week 9

We dredge forward through another week of misery and despair, at least for a few NFL franchises that is.  Obviously, my little pep talk worked for a few teams last week as the Jags came out playing like a team possessed, New Orleans came out and beat what many believe are the best team in the AFC and the ‘Phins outkicked the Bengals.  This week I’ll focus on a few more struggling teams, though 2 of them I am not sure any kind of pep talk is going to help them get out of the hole they are in. 

#1 – DAAAAA BEARS – So how good or how bad is this team?  With a 4-3 record most people would say they are an average team.  But let’s look at the 4 wins.  Detroit, who the refs screwed out of a win on that Calvin Johnson TD but not a TD call, Dallas, who we’ll read about later in this article, Carolina and Green Bay.  The only one of these teams that will even finish close to an above .500 record is the Packers and that was a highly contested matchup that if GB didn’t have a costly fumble down the stretch on a WR trying to make a play when it wasn’t needed and a whopping 18 penalties would have had a much different outcome.  Which Jay Cutler shows up this week?  Buffalo may be 0-7, but Ryan Fitzpatrick has come on this season showing a small glimpse of something (which is more than Buffalo has seen out of a QB in years!).  Can the Chicago defense return to the dominant squad they have been in years past, or are they finally past their prime?  This could come down to a battle of the explosive special teams guys, Hester and Spiller.

#2 – How Bout them Cow…….boys? – I should really emphasize boys a little more.  This is the NFL, a league filled with MEN.  However this season thus far, Dallas has played like a bunch of spoiled kids who thought because they were the Cowboys that other teams should just fall over and play dead for them.  Cause what fellas, there is one thing Jerry Jones’ money can’t buy…. WINS.  Do they get off the schneid this weekend against a battered and bruised Green Bay defense?  Probably not because as beat up as the defense is, Aaron Rodgers should carve up this Dallas secondary that allowed David Garrard to throw for 250+ yards and 4 TDs.

#3 – Hey hey we’re the Bungles! – Who dey, Who dey, Who dey say is gonna beat those Bengals.  Well lately, it’s pretty much everyone.  The beat Baltimore and then Carolina.  Since then, they have lost 4 straight by 8 pts or less, so it’s not that they are getting blown out, but let’s look at the numbers.  T.O. and OchoCinco are both having solid seasons and should both come close to if not break the 1000 yard mark before seasons end.  This week they get the Steelers.  Let’s be honest, it’s not the offense costing them games, its time for the defense to step up and play like men.  More about this game in my Monday Night write up.

That’s it for me this week, I’ll be back with my Monday Night article and next week I’ll start a new piece for the rest of the year highlighting the Thursday Night matchups.

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